Blaze Pizza

1930 Douglas Pkwy, Erie
(814) 924-0550

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Sarah Veith

Since it’s opening in Erie, Blaze has become my go to pizza place! Their app makes it so easy to order ahead of time if I don’t have a lot of time to hang out. And I love being able to create my own pizza from the sauce on up to the finishing!I always get a build my own pizza, so that I can pick and choose whatever toppings I want at no extra charge! And feel free to load it on, you can ask for two or three times the amount that they normally put on for no extra charge! But it’s a variety of toppings that I thoroughly love. It is very difficult to find a pizza joint that actually offers roasted broccoli for the top of my pizza!!! And while it may be a seasonal topping I know that I can get it at blaze!If you’ve never been there the staff is very helpful and walking you through the process, so don’t be afraid to order exactly what you want and exactly how you want it!When I try to explain the concept to people I always call it the Subway of pizza!


Great place for custom pizza. The staff were really friendly and the place is great. The pizza was a good deal too. They even have keto crust which is only 6 net carbs. There is plenty of parking too.

Eleanor Cole

Went here Saturday the 3rd after a bad experience at another restaurant. The staff here was kind, pleasant, fast, and helpful. At the register the cashier working told me I had enough points to take $5 off the meal which I used. The person boxing the pizzas instead of just putting them on the counter was handing them to the customers as they came out. The food was good and was a nice experience.

Tasha Ann

If I could I would give them more stars. They are fast and great! Customer service is phenomenal. The only pizza place that caters to my allergies! Well done BLAZE ?


Great place for custom pizza. The staff were really friendly and the place is great. The pizza was a good deal too. They even have keto crust which is only 6 net carbs. There is plenty of parking too.

Mel B.

I had the white pizza with the balsamic drizzled over the top. It was really delicious and really sweet. Almost like a dessert pizza. Loved it.

Melissa M

The girl at the counter taking orders was very rude and the manager was right there and when I brought it up he said he apologized but they were busy. It frustrated me further the manager made and excuse and basically said her attitude was acceptable as they were busy. When I brought to that to his attention he got loud and argued that he didn't make excuses when he clearly did. So I decided if they were too busy to take my money and couldn't handle a lunch rush I would take my business elsewhere. I don't like attitude and gaslighting with my pizza. By the way I had 3 hungry boys with me and would have bought at least 4 if not more pizzas if boys were still hungry after one and 4 drinks and it was gonna be at least around $50 on lunch. That's not the treatment you expect anywhere but especially when you go in somewhere and plan to drop $50 or more on lunch. I will never go back. There are too many other awesome spots in Erie with better service. I very rarely do reviews so when I do it's a statement.

Denis Grove

Amazing service and friendly staff. All Vegan pizza was amazing!

chris m.

pizza is very good. sometimes though it can be a bit 'wet' if it takes too long to get it home. the thin crust is the best of the menu.

Ankita S.

I stopped by Blaze Pizza on the way back to Pittsburgh from Niagara. I ordered Pesto garlic bread and veggie pizza. I enjoyed the garlic bread more than the pizza. The pizza was thin crust. It's not the best I've had but not the worse either. If you're hungry and can't find a spot anywhere, Blaze could be a good option! What I liked about the restaurant is that it allows you to make your own pizza- very few restaurants lets you do that.


Staff very nice and quick. Build your pizza the way you want it. Food was excellent ??prices were good ??

Brett Mansdorf

Pickup via App order. The good - simple ordering in App. Friendly staff. The bad- app adds 15% tip - don't mind tipping - but doing it automatically with out asking - irritation. Worse - I requested red pepper, parm, and utensils - got NONE for 15%. Pizza & Salad... Pizza (keto) toppings and spicy sauce gooooood - however crust was not crispy (a must)... Will try again. Was only two minutes from hotel, so the travel wasn't the problem.

Megan Louise

The pizza was great and so were the employees. Only negative was it said ready in 10 minutes on the website and took almost an hour. Definitely seemed like they were prioritizing in store customers rather than online orders. Next time I'll just be prepared to wait longer.

Adam Amann

It's the subway of pizza and oh boy is it good. I had my doubts. What could they possibly do to have an artisan make-your-own pizza experience and have combinations that won't taste putrid, I thought. Well, it turns out most things taste good on pizza crust. I had garlic pesto on a barbecue base, light cheese, and chicken topping and it was maybe one of the best pizzas I've had in my life.You can still get basic pizza builds with pizza sauce, plain cheese etc, no pressure, obviously, but you can do that anywhere else! The beauty of Blaze is being able to experiment and craft your experience, and, in some cases, make your own Frankenstiens Monster and push the flavors on your pizza to the limit.Highly recommend. It's a great place to go when you want to eat outside the box when it comes to pizza.

Austin No. 1

A simple review for a large chain. I love going to blaze pizza. I don't know how they do it but they manage to make thin crust personal pizzas very filling for the price you pay. You're not gouged for toppings and the quality of the ingredients is pretty high. It's cheaper to get food here than many other "build your dish" style restaurants. High quality, fast food. You really can't beat it.I love their white top pizzas with fresh arugula. Recently I've started going for the barbeque chicken style pizzas. Their red onion is sweet and not bitter, makes for a great addition.All in all, its a good place to go for American style fired pizza. Highly recommend.

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