Casablanca Grill

2174 W 8th St, Erie
(814) 452-4544

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Ken A.

If you are adventurous for new spice tastes Casablanca will certainly fill that Bill. The service and the food was beyond my expectations. We enjoyed a sampler platter as our appetizer for four. There was an ample amount of food for all. The gyro which wasn't the normal gyro was excellent. The eggplant dish was savory. The cardamom tea was refreshing Outside patio plus empicable service makes for a delightful evening.

David T.

Ultra authentic cuisine. Very personal service. Delicious teas. One of the few restaurants where I believe probably everything is excellent. Bring an appetite and a willingness to explore to Mediterranean flavors. Did I say the service was excellent. By the way...the service was excellent. I have to go back and try everything. You'll agree. I didn't take any pictures because I ate everything too quickly.

Nan Lin

Was just here for a quick weekend trip and so glad that we came here! The staff was super professional, congenial, and the outdoor patio definitely allowed for appropriate COVID-19 friendly guidelines. There were so many things on the menu that looked delicious that we couldn't decide what we wanted. Food came out fast and super hot and delicious. Menu has a wide variety of Syrian, Egyptian, Middle Eastern fare and if we lived closer, would come back here repeatedly. Strongly recommend this place to friends and family.

Hans Bergh

The food is excellent! The woman who owns it is kind and very friendly. I will be back again and again!

Sandra Tonti Chidester

This is my favorite restaurant in this area. The food is freshly prepared and so delicious.

Melissa Patron

Great food and service! I couldn't decide on just one thing so I had the Casablanca platter. Everything was delicious and I got to have all my favorites.

Heidi Hassett

My sister and I got takeout here on a trip to Erie. The food was amazing, I was looking to try something new and was highly satisfied! Incredibly delicious, generous portions, professional service, and fantastic flavors! Next time we’re in town we are definitely going to eat here again.

Brandon Stockdale

Literally the sweetest owner ever.... Absolutely loved this place!

OE Evans Tate

Great service and excellent food.

Scott C.

Man best hummus in Erie Pennsylvania coolest service. Always feel so welcomed and comfortable. I have yet to eat anything I didn't want more of and that leads me to the portions, bring your appetite that's for sure!!! My god it's great

Fred O.

Casablanca seems to me to be one of the most genuinely Middle Eastern restaurants outside the Mediterranean. The restaurant is smallish downstairs but quaint. Upstairs you can enjoy your meals sitting on the floor at low tables. I think the dishes are prepared when you order them. They seem home cooked. The presentation is elegant, pleasing to the eye, and truly delicious. I'm not a fan of the flavors of the Mideast, but like opera, it may not be my favorite, but I know exceptional when I experience it.

Elizabeth Arnold

One of the best places to eat in Erie! A lovely motherly woman runs this shop and makes the most amazing homemade Mediterranean food, like Egyptian and Syrian styles. Been going here for years.

Christopher Boyer

Amazing food. We've come to know the staff and they are very friendly and authentic. Highly recommend for a nice quiet dinner

Sid Vasey

Every month two of my best college friends and I grab dinner and catch up. It was my turn to pick. I've been wanting to try this place since it opened. Now I wished I hadn't waited so long. I walked in a was greeted with a warm welcome. Very friendly which really set the tone. Our waitress was fantastic. She answered all our questions and was extremely knowledgeable about the menu and flavors. My friend is a vegetarian and the waitress knew what to recommend. They also offer to make any of the dishes without meat or vegan if needed. In today's day and age an offer to modify the menu like that is outstanding. For an appetizer we shared the Faul which were fava beans (think "...fava beans with a nice chianti...") in a yogurt sauce. Delicious! I could live on this stuff. For the main course I ordered the Casablanca Platter which had almost everything I wanted dolma, falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush and a couple more items. ALL were delicious and looked healthy, double bonus! It came with a side of soup, today was lentil which was rich with flavor. I could have a bowl of just that with fresh bread...another time. Most of the dishes had the spice called sumac. We had never heard of the spice but it added an extra touch to the dishes, think if as glitter for food. As I mentioned the waitress was fantastic. She learned all if our names and checked on us with the right frequency without being annoying. It felt like personal service. She even offered to pack our leftovers, another service you find less and less these days. The prices were good for the quality and amount of food you received. They do recommend reservations. And you can order and then pick it up to go. I think there will be more dinners from here. Will definetely be going back.

Steve Jay

what an absolutely wonderful alternative dining experience if you like spice and flavor and are looking for something completely different. this is it. It's small, its intimate, it's great for a first date. it has a patio in the back for the nice weather. Definitely one of Aries well kept secrets.

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