Chipotle Mexican Grill

2204 W 12th St, Erie
(814) 454-3464

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Jim Winger

I love chipotle! Love the salad dressing over my burrito bowl, but you can’t order it online, you have to call store, and ask them to add it, but last 2 times I ordered from this store on west 12th st. In Erie Pa, They have forgotten the dressing both times, and I called them and asked them nicely to include it and they tell me sure, no problem, then my food comes and no salad dressing, I don’t like it without the dressing, so it ruins my meal. This same thing happened last month when I ordered food from same place, I also called and complained both times, they told me that I needed to call grub hub for a refund, passing the buck off, when it is their fault. I wasn’t looking for a refund, just don’t understand why they can’t remember!!

Andre Roth

I feel like everytime I go here something changes without warning. Food is spectacular, if you can get it. Usually it's not worth the hassel.

Jasko Manjic

Love the pickup your order option. Order online pick a time and once you arrive your food is waiting for you on the table. The food is also awsome as well.

Katherine P

You can dine in, but can't accept in person orders...? You used to do this when you couldn't dine in. Credit cards still work. Change your signage.

David Grigorian

Lucky that I had to give them one star. They would get non. For the past few months the store has took a turn for the worst. No one cares and when you ask them to go heavy or light it’s like pulling teeth. I’m over it. Now all digital? Get bent. I’m never going back.

Mark Haywood

Nice people, food was good, fast service. Responsible prices.

Amanda Brodie

There was an incident at the other chipotle location in Erie so there was only one location open. People's orders got pushed from one location to the other. In result, I waited over an hour for my food. The workers were amazing. They reacted perfectly to every loud customer who screamed with the impatience of a child with apologies and politeness. As someone who has worked in the fast food industry, I wanted to commend those workers for doing the very best they could in their

Linda B.

Doordash cancelled our order. We called the restaurant at 9:40 to re-order. They wouldn't take order - too close to closing time - they close at 10:00. Two burrito bowls - not that difficult.

Brittany Belcher

The tacos and barbacoa salad were insanely SALTY. I love a good amount of salt but this was disgusting! The meat was saturated in hardened fat globs that was clearly never drained off. The salad had only one thin layer of lettuce with large stems still attached to them. AVOID THIS LOCATION

Adrianna Lonzi

service was great just left, food taste really good! they knew it was my first time so they were patient with me and explained all of my questions, very friendly people and even got a free drink!! definitely going back thanks!

Xavier Jimenez

Got an order to go. The order was ready at the right time, on top of a table by the front door. No utensils or napkins were in the bag, and they didn't have them around the table or in the usual spot next to the fountain drinks. We took our food to a state park and had no utensils to eat. Either put the utensils on every order or have them ready on those tables. Buy sealed utensils and there is no need to worry about Covid19.

Ariel Estep

Great quality food and great staff. Definitely not a diet place though lol.

Kimberly George

My new favorite fast food! Great portion sized. Great food. Fast service.

brianna l

Was just there, wasn't terribly busy but but still managed to have my order messed up. Got a rice bowl and asked for green salsa and guacamole. I repeated green salsa 3 times and got spricy... Wouldn't have been too bad if there was guac to help cut the spicy taste but my nasal passages are now extra clear.

Ryan Munson

Hyped up and not worth it. Expensive for what you get.

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