Dickey's Barbecue Pit

3716 Liberty St, Erie
(814) 868-4227

Recent Reviews

Fred Y

Awesome healthy (locally grown) food, variety of dipping sauces, variety of meats, variety of sides, & some live entertainment from time to time (music). Came in with a frown & left with a smile!!

Bethany Johnson

Why doesn't this location have the turkey? Or side salads? Or creamed spinach? Or the low carb sauce. Or bacon in the green beans with bacon side? Up your sides game and this place would below-carb/keto/diabetic/sugar-free heaven...as is, it's disappointing.

Brian Mcwilliams

The lady that help me didn't know anything about the menu. Talk to me like i was dum cause asked questions. I was ok with it!!. Got the family pack to go. Turkey was ok but the burntends were like beef jerky. I should of just left..

Alyx Hosu

Amazing service from the gentleman who worked today food was delicious portions were amazing will be coming back

Steve Valenti

I got the 2 meat plate. My first impression was, for $20 I expected more than 2 skimpy ribs and 2 pieces of burnt brisket. When I tasted it, things got worse. The brisket was super dry, crumbling dry, and burnt. Awful. The ribs had a lot of gristle. Super disappointed.

Gary T

Ribs and food were good.All the help working there are very rude and not welcoming in the least and for that reason will not return ever.

Ryan Hildebrand

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I ordered dinner for a party on Friday and I gave this place hours in advance notice. The order was confirmed by the restaurant about an hour before I was to pick up the order. I got to the restaurant on time and the told me they couldn’t fulfill my order and just took the next customer in line. NOW I HAVE TO WAI FOR THEM TO RESPOND TO PAYPAL TO GET MY MONEY BACK. The people working had no social skills to properly deal with the situation.


In Erie for the night. Wanted BBQ so thought we would try this place. Placed the order from the hotel room, drove over only to find the restaurant was dark and not open for business. Supposed to be open until 9pm and it was 7;30. Not sure how I will get the charge reversed, but not happy about this outcome.

Jay Stone

I've had Dickey's from many other locations, this by far is the worst. While spending time in Erie, we decided to order take out, and to our surprise, they were closed; yet still taking orders from customers while taking the money in the process! Upon showing up to pick up the order is when we were greeted by an employee who said they were closed for "catering only" and that we would be receiving a refund, that was on Thursday September 15th. Still there has been no refund after calling corporate and this locations management, whom are very incompetent.

Mary R.

Fantastic food! Good prices and friendly service. Came into Erie hungry, first time here and the burn ends called my name. Delicious!

Nicole Bemis

Dickies did not disappoint! Our guests raved about the food. The ordering process was simple. The food came carefully packaged and ready to serve. We will definitely use them again!

Wendy Olson

Walk in tell them what you want, grab it at next counter and enjoy. Good food.

Brigitta F.

Eh is the best I can say. I was really hoping to like this place. They have been open a few years and I have been wanting to go. Finally got the chance tonight. It's very deceiving... from the outside it doesn't look like much. It's in a dead end plaza (Liberty Plaza) and looks very blah from the outside. When I walked in the door I was shocked - it was actually very cute! The decor was spot on... very professional. I wanted to order the Burnt Ends, but they said they had run out (that was the one things I wanted). So I ordered the brisket meal to go. When I opened it up I was shocked at how small my meal was!! Clearly not enough meat, and I ordered a side of Mac & cheese, and a side of coleslaw which was in ridiculously small containers. The brisket was BURNED and ridiculously dry. I will say the side of barbeque sauce (the original) was very good. Coleslaw was ok - next great, not bad - just ok. It's really too bad... I really had hoped to like it...


Love the food here it taste better compared to others around here, they offer a lot of deals once you signup to their app gotta love getting a whole other extra 3 plate meal by buying 1.

Candy Moran

So I normally really love this place, very clean and on-brand, they have amazing side dishes and very good brisket, but recently I was there and believe that I was served ribs that were not good/old. They were charred but didn’t have any meat on them either and they were kind of below temperature (which I ignored because nothing is ever hot enough to me anyways) my boyfriend bought the same thing and actually received a good rack of ribs, needless to say I became really sick.

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