Dina's Authentic Dominican Kitchen

22 N Park Row, Erie
(814) 413-7777

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Maricela Lopez

Best Dominican Food in Erie, PA. Worth every bite, Food taste excellent. People are friendly very good customer service. It was Good ?!

Izzy G

Best Dominican Food in the city! I moved here to Erie almost 3 years ago and was bummed out to know that there wasn’t any Dominican restaurants here in the city. When I came across the food hall a couple months ago I immediately fell in love with their food, their great customer service, and their vibe as a family is immaculate. Coming from a fellow Dominican, this is the best you will get in the city of Erie. To Dina and her family, keep up the great work, you guys are going to make it far in this industry! -Izzy

1-800-CALL GOD

AS REAL AS i’ IT GETS.the chicken consistently falls off the bone & you can taste the authentic spices & love in every bite. i come from a big city & this is by far the best dominican food I’ve had.

Kristina Clement

The best truly the staff is so nice and the food is amazing and affordable ? the sweet plantains are my FAV ???

Carl Biggie

I came here on a random Monday, the place wasn’t really busy but the surrounding food shops were nice. The service here is good and the workers care about the food. I got a chicken bowl and it was good and fresh but no amazing flavor popped out but still good overall.

Nancy C.

We were driving up to meet friends and I heard about Erie's new food hall. Once we saw there was Dominican Food, we had to go check it out. So glad that we did. The food was amazing. It was hard to pick one thing to try. We tried the bowls. They were so good and you got a big portion. The meat was so tender and flavorful. The sweet plantains were delicious. We love them and people don't always do them right. Would love to come back on the weekend and try the empanadas. Unfortunately, they're only available then. It's a family affair and they take such pride in their food. Go check them out.

Briana Gamble

Dina’s is delicious!! The food is easily gluten free and paleo-friendly, which is hard to come by in Erie. I got a salad with half chicken / half pork and delicious sweet plantains ? My 1 year old son loved the mangú! Definitely coming back next time I’m in Erie ? Very reasonably priced for generous portions.

Phillip L.

Very good authentic Caribbean Latin food. They give you a good glimpse into that type of cuisine. I recommend giving your taste-buds something new to try. Enjoy!

James H.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find good Dominican food here in Erie, PA. It's unfortunate that they only have empanadas a couple days a week though.

Patricia S

This is INSIDE the flagship food hall. Cafeteria style. There was a lot more tender beef that I had eaten before I took the photo.

Louis Geramita

It didn't take long to get me to become a regular here! Great food and better service! I feel like this place belongs in a bigger city but I'm grateful it's in town!

Joseph Nechleba

Dina’s was delicious and flavorful. Give this spot in the flagship food court a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Christi Dahlkemper

Really appreciate having this option in Erie. We had the pork (credo guisado) over mixed rice—delicious! Also tried the empanadas, liked the beef better than the chicken, would definitely order again (only available on weekends). The side of fried plantains was dry and bland—would be better with Pikliz or some kind of sauce. Friendly staff, reasonable prices—a gem!

Chadaa F.

im scared to come buy food here. i tried this juice first of all workers gonna give me weird looks second i only bought it because there was literally nothing else to drink and they charged me 3 dollars for a iced filled nasty a** juice when i get get more for 1 dollar. when i took a sip of it my throat and tongue was parched AF! and super sour and and made my stomach hurt never again

Franklin Z.

Amazing Dominican food. This place was a hidden gem in the food hall that we had given a shot to try. It turned out to be sooo goood! Made me have a love for Dominican food. The plantains, rice, and meat/sauce over the rice made for a flavorful meal. The meat also wasn't hard or tough. (The sauce really made a difference flavoring the rice.) definitely go for the mango juice! If you get empanadas, the chicken one I thought was better than the beef one. Definitely check this place out if you're in Erie.

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Dina's Authentic Dominican Kitchen

22 N Park Row, Erie, PA 16501
(814) 413-7777