Ember + Forge

401 State St, Erie
(814) 651-0718

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Erin Simons

Great, independent coffee shop. Baristas are knowledgeable about their product and meticulous in their methods. Would like to see them do a single origin, but their blend is solid. Also love the fact that they have a water station. We'll definitely be back!Service: 5/5


I've quickly become a regular here. The coffee is great, staff are friendly, and offers a welcoming environment. I highly recommend!

Jillian Turner

The atmosphere was very nice, as was my drink. Definitely a great place to sit and enjoy a coffee or tea. Keep in mind the food/snack selection is limited by nature, which is fine, but they only had half of their selection of food avaliable when I went.Food: 4/5

Francis Notoro

Great cup of coffee. Calm, quiet , quaint. Friendly staff. Beautiful painting and murals. Very supportive to local authors and artists. The staff kind of gave me a wierd vibe though. I was wearing just normal clothes and I kept getting this look like I was some homeless dude...and I was assured this was the case by the cashier's response to me coming to the register...the last person she said...what may I get for you sir..when I get to the register...can I help you with something and this look of question as to why I'm here. I ordered a oat milk chai with caramel. It was very good. But again product does not bring people back as much as patronage so I will not be returning.

Alexis Belczyk

Amazing coffee! The atmosphere is super cozy. The staff is super friendly and informative. Best new coffee place in Erie. I'd go here over Starbucks any day. And you can't beat their prices in quality, environment and vibes.

Marie Pastewka

Splendid coffee selection! Perfect start to any morning ? Barista was helpful, efficient & friendly. Latte and lemon poppyseed biscotti were delicious ?Wheelchair accessibility: No steps and facility is accessibleDietary restrictions: various milk options & vegan bakery selections

Laura G

Very nice Coffee Shop ,lots of flavors to choice from and you can sit outside to enjoy your coffee. We had to park on a side road and pay a meter to park didn't care for that .

Lauren Guckert

Generous portions, nice environment, friendly staff, and plenty of outlets. Great coffee selection too! Would’ve appreciated an oat milk option but other than that no complaints!


Have been multiple times and always had a good experience , they are wheelchair Accesible , have Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor seating in the picture the second window with the cement stone underneath was there walk up window during the pandemic as the indoor area was closed . Have had various coffee , lattes and chai tea drinks all were fresh hot and expertly crafted , I had many visits during the winter months with my surgeon across the street so a hot cup of coffee was always on the menu after an appointment well waiting for the bus .

Julia Chandler

Great location and service with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The space was clean and bright but relaxed ?

A. C.

An excellent little coffee shop in downtown Erie which serves coffee just as good as I would find in my hometown of Seattle. This is not the kind of coffee shop to expect Starbucks style drinks or sweet cream topping.

Timothy Meline

Absolutely wonderful coffee shop. Great place to enjoy and relax. Sweet shop directly across the street if you want to enjoy the sweets with your coffee. Very very helpful nice baristas.

Andrew Ellis

We stopped by Ember + Forge for a quick cup of coffee on way out of town after a weekend visit. It was clean and bright and artful, and bustling with happy customers.The latte I had was great, and their care for the craft was clear, but it was all almost (is this weird to say?) overshadowed by the staff's obvious love for their regular patrons and community pride. It was a great last stop to make, and left a positive enduring impression of Erie that I will carry with me until my next visit.

Samantha Fike

Absolutely love this place! Atmosphere amazing and plenty of seats. Every barista I encounter here they're just so wonderful, great personalities, I don't even have to tell them my order they remember it. So glad I decided to stop in this is my go-to coffee shop did I mention coffee is amazing. Thanks Ember+Forge employees for being so amazing.

kasia s

Good coffee, good atmosphere, great location. Overall I would’ve given this coffee place 4 or 5 stars (especially for Erie!) but I stopped going here after they started flying a political flag in their window. It is unsavory how political agendas (LGBTQ) are thrown in our faces everywhere we go, including a little coffee shop!

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