Kabob and Mandi

1202 French St, Erie
(814) 920-4442

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Geoffrey P.

Really great food. The taste is excellent and there is plenty of food for the price. Good service and friendly accommodating.

Daniel M.

Decent place. Prices are reasonable and a good option in Erie PA. Hummus was WAYYY TOO salty. Over the top and overwhelmed the overall flavor of the hummus. They also didn't have the baba ganoush that I ordered and just replaced it with more salty hummus. Roasted Chicken was good and probably the best thing they had. Good flavor on that. The shish kabobs lacked flavor somewhat not impressed. French fries were incredible. Probably the best thing they did and super unique.

Katie T.

Visiting Erie for the weekend. Wanted to try something out of the ordinary. And this place did not disappoint!! We got the chicken mandi and the chick shish kabob and both dishes were FANTASTIC. it came with a side of rice and soup (lentil) and salad. Huge portions. Great prices. Delicious,flavorful. Family environment. Will definitely make a point to come back when in town.

Jay J.

Excited to see a new Mediterranean place in town. Some workers were nice, some were a little curt. Place itself isn't in a great area and easy to miss. Big drain type hole in floor when you first walk in is a tripping hazard. Food: serving sizes are huge!! Not terribly priced. Tasty for sure. I liked the kebabs and grilled veggies. Rice was good. I didn't care for the salad that comes with the meals, the dressing needs improved. Overall fair experience. Hesitant to try again.

Scott N.

For Erie, Shish Kabob stands above and apart as a great take-out experience. Not a big fan of actually eating there, however. Just not a great decor, and do not expect a traditional I-am-there-for-your-every-need from your serving staff. You won't get it. It's a cultural divide here a bit...as the spot is clearly run by wonderful Middle Eastern immigrants. What you will get is great grilled, marinated chicked, minced chicken, minced beef and for those who love it, lamb. My go-to dish is Swish Tawook, a couple of skewers of white meat chicken, grilled veggies, a heaping plate of rice, soup and even salad. Order a side of hummus, and, well, they have such large portions you have a meal for two with all of one dish. I always give them plenty of time for the order...this is NOT fast food. Everything I've ever had here....other than the soup, hummus, salad, pita...is made to order. It's real made-to-order...in other words, they don't start until you do. So I'd normally give a 4.5 rating here, but for Erie, which struggles with good restaurant food and doesn't even know it struggles.....this spot is a clear 5 star standout.

Ryan K.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very bland, and looks a little run down, but the quality of the food makes up for it. The kabobs are cooked wonderfully, with each type having their own unique flavor. The humus has a variety of spices, and to my surprise, the French fries are some of the best I have every eaten. And finally, the portions are massive, definitely a bang for your buck. Only major downside was that it takes a long time to receive your food

Ellen M.

This place is soooo worth the short drive off Interstate 90! Late on a Sunday night, after having driven 2,500 miles from San Francisco, we definitely didn't want to "dine" at Arby's or some other nameless chain at the "Rest Stops." We found our way to this tiny place in the middle of the post-industrial landscape of downtown Erie, PA. The chicken, falafel, pita, fattoush salad, rice, hummus, and baba ghanoush was absolutely delicious, made fresh while we waited (call ahead if you want it more quickly) and super generous servings. After a week on the road of peanut butter sandwiches, we were so appreciative of this home style food lovingly prepared by the young man from Jordan. Don't miss this place!

Sami C.

Stopped by the place last weekend when I visited Erie,PA. Outstanding in one word. Kebabs were the freshest. I am a big fan of Mediterranean food. I tried so many Mediterranean restaurant. This was one of top three. The portions were huge. We New Yorkers are not used to it. Service was very good. I would say it's a hidden gem.

Jenn J.

I wanted to like this place -the photos I saw here look delicious and the reviews are good. After eating there just now, I wonder if the health department has ever been there and if they have - it's obviously been awhile. The men's bathroom had no way to wash hands as the faucet was broken. The cook used the toilet right before he prepared our food. As you walk in you pass over an open drain and the place smells like sewage. There were really dirty mops visible in kitchen and the sinks looked gross too. The garbage cans, the walls, light switches and floor were all visibly dirty. The lentil soup was kept in a steam table but it was luke warm when it was served even after it was microwaved. It wasn't good. The place was a mess as supplies were everywhere from Sams Club and there is no ambiance at all. A sign says you have to wear a mask but the two people working weren't. I will be relieved if I don't end up sick tonight. This place could be so much better as the food does have hope. As it stands now- I will never go back. Avoid it. It's gross.

Sallie R.

Delicious and bountiful meal served by super friendly staff! More food than I could ever eat in one sitting for a very low price. I will definitely be back to try more items on the menu! This meal also came with a salad and lentil soup--which was extra tasty with fresh squeezed lemon.

Gabby B.

Loved the chicken biryani AND the portion was huge so I got to enjoy it for lunch again the next day. The mutabal hummus was incredible and I would honestly go back just to have it again.

Gail S.

I decided to try this place for takeout dinner based on the positive reviews and am so happy (and full) that i did! The food here is absolutely delicious. Seriously large portions (the reviews are spot on about this) for very reasonable prices. The chicken shish kebab was tender and perfectly seasoned and the hummus was creamy and ridiculously good. Go eat here. Like now. So good.

Shannon Bolla

Fantastic Middle Eastern food! I ordered the family meal for 3, Babba Ghanouj, and the Lamb Tikka. It was enough for 2 meals for all. The flavors are outstanding. The baba and hummus are superlative! I highly recommend this restaurant. Great , great portions, friendly ,& helpful staff.

Akib Shahriyar

Great place for authentic middle-eastern cousines. We were a group of 7 and the place was a perfect choice for our lunch. The food was delicious and the service was pretty great. Specially, the Lamb Kabab, Chicken Kabab, Baba ganoush was excellent.N.B: Kabob and Mandi management has taken over the "Shish Kabob" restaurant that is just beside the current store. So, if you can't find the store, just enter through the Shish Kabob store.

Tracie Lynn Scranton

This middle eastern restaurant is Excellent!!!! If you you leave here hungry there is something ccx wrong. We left with leftovers enough to have ccx a meal again today at home!! I can't say enough about this place !!! We really really recommend this restaurant!

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