1116 Parade St, Erie
(814) 454-4467

Recent Reviews

Erin McAninch

The cashier was wonderfully friendly. However there was an employee in the back who was preoccupied with some girls in the dining area while the place got busier and busier. When i finally did get out of there I arrived home with the wrong order. Won't be going back to this location.

Carl X

Horrible experience. Got 4 things wrong in one order and was rude when brought to their attention.

Larry Lee May Jr

Great food but pricy for fast food

Musolff Acker

I got the 5 meal deal 1 breast meal. Asked for a bigger breast piece so it would be all white meal. I got it home and it was dark meat not even a breast. It was gross. This has happen to me a couple times. Will not be going back there.

Dependable Skeleton

It's kfc dog. It ain't gourmet. It's better than popeyes in every way. Especially the service. Ok, maybe not the biscuits tho. But nashville hot is my jam.

Matt Ahlbrandt

There was only 1 family in the entire restaurant, and I had to wait about 10 minutes before the cashier decided to stop talking to them and acknowledge me. She was asking about how this person and that person is doing so obviously they knew each other. It’s a miracle I made it back to work from my lunch break on time. There’s a time to talk to your friends, and that’s not while you’re on the clock.

oldies goodies

My food was fresh the service was great

Nick Kloszewski

Location not so great but it's the colonel and you have to love the colonel

Shar Phillips

Good condition's! Food made hot and fresh!

Janina Lee

Was some confusion about my order but they straightened it out. Bummed that they went to the tiny little cookie in cellophane wrap - looked forward to my nice warm cookie from the oven. Lemonade was bitter. My mashed potato bowl was good as ever though!

Victor McAdoo

Friendly and newly remodeled good food

Elisha Rodriguez

OMG they have the best chicken my option

Lucy Lozano

today I went with my daughter in west 12th and my chicken had so much hair in it like wrapped around with hair I use to love KFC with never eat there again

Sissy Fleming

Nice hot everything, except never give dipping sauce even when they ask what kind u want lol

Cindy Luczkowiak

Very good pot pie and the service at this KFC was on point.

Roland Chandler

Kfc has the best chicken around

Mark A

This location always has their food fresh and ready. They are very accommodating for special requests. The servers are very friendly and chatty.. which is so nice

Arthur Straub

Better than Popeyes around here unfortunately

Lori Hoffman

Food was fine but the restaurant and lot were a disastrous mess. There was only 1 other person in the place and every table was a mess, restrooms where disgusting mess, smell, garbage in the lot. We had to wipe down our own table and the staff just watched as we did it.

Thelma Petri

They are great at kfc. The one on 12th and parade It was great with friendly people and very good service

matthew wade

Good staff. Quick service and fresh food. Not something very many fast food places in Erie share.


In the past 2 week I have be to this KFC 3 time. The first time a coworker and I went through the drive through and they forgot 2 of the side orders 1 mashed potatoes and 1 coslaw. The second time a few days later again a coworker and I went and this time the coworker order 3 piece tender meal and I order a pot pie and coslaw. Got back to the office and the coworker got 3 piece chicken meal and my pot pie wasn't in the bag. The final time I order chicken tender meal and never got my side. I realize places get busy especially at lunch time but come on guys....I only get a half hour for lunch so i couldn't even go back to correct the order. I guess i should of checked the bags before I left the parking lot.

Michael T.

WORST RESTAURANT experience in my almost 2 score years. Featuring a predominantly ghetto all-star cast that frequents the parking lot shuffling around as if lost or barks at patrons attempting to get a rewarding fast- food experience! Some employees that were offended at my light banter when I said(after witnessing the majority of the employees(3) amongst the rubbish and cracked pavement of the drive-thru area) " If everyone is out here who's cooking?" When a JOB employee snapped back nobody and then suggested that I "Go to Popeyes!" So Rather than SIT around the precarious DRIVE- thru I left but not for Popeyes, but merely a more professional and respectful crew! Harborcreek KFC had me and the vehicle wait for fresh food but it was well worth not having to be ridiculed for paying a few folks bills! This is my second negative experience with this poor attempt at the Colonel's Cluckers on 1116 Parade Street. EATERS BEWARE!!!

Sue Plater

I LOVED this KFC!! The employees were so nice, polite, and engaging. The chicken was fresh and crispy.

Annette Mccoy

Great place for chicken. food was super flavorful. nothing but enjoyable experiences here. it has a great atmosphere. menu is like a place in san francisco i loved.

Rod Showers

Great food and good service

Ermelinda Reyes

Good food yummy 👍😼

Kate Kramer

The food here is never consistent. Some days it's amazing and some days I wouldn't feed it To my dogs. Staff is always rude and they act like you are bothering them when you come to this establishment.

Mark Badaracco

Here's the thing typically I have a good experience at KFC. This particular day they really didn't have it together And it was very slow and it seemed like there was only two or three people working in the whole place. On top of that when I finally did get my order they were confused about my order and didn't know what sides to put in. I told them what sides that I would like and the lady seemed frustrated. Once you put my bag up on the counter she then reached in and grabbed a huge handful of honey and threw it in my bag. I said oh I'm okay you don't have to give me any honey. You go and handed it back to her but during the whole time she's very upset and she just said hey I put it in everyone's bag. The words that were spoken where one thing but her mannerisms we're strong irritation.

Chris Stepp

Chicken tenders taste like greased tenders, whenever they bring them to you fresh they taste like they've been sitting in Crisco oil.

Hope Vision Ministries

It's KFC you can't go wrong with KFC.

Tori Olson

Food was all fresh. The size of the chicken pieces could have been a little bigger. Quick friendly service.

Margaret Fuller

We miss the KFC which used to be closer, now we don't get there often . But we love KFC

Tammy Osborne

Good eatings! As always- the food is Great! Nothing like taking a bucket of chicken to the beach!

Duane Perkins

Wasn't impressed at all with this particular KFC. Kind of dingy. Food was cold and less than fresh even though there were only a few people there. Staff was busy doing something other than giving us service. Never THIS location again.

jerry suchar

Stpoed cuz it was close by. Can't wait until Popeyes opens in Erie.

Beth Bohun

Always great food. Ok service. Clean bathrooms. I would recommend checking it out

Lee Simmons

The food was fresh, and the staff were simply amazing! While I had one just ridiculous customer ahead of me, and since she was in line I wonder WHO was running hell. Swearing and screaming that the order she didn't ask for yet, is going to be wrong ! You notice I said she hadn't ordered yet. Just said GET YOUR @$$#! MANAGER YOU @&,[email protected]$# PIECE OF [email protected]#$%&*'"@:@:》●°□°□°□•■•■•}~â– ~8€€●8•£~£~¥£●8▪■▪》•¿♡☆♡;♤! I interrupted her tirade, and walked told amazing to my ears where to go with colorful metaphors yer unheard of. When the counter girl, who never stopped smiling, asked if she would like to see the manager. Who at this time walked over, for she had been watching and was smiling also. After another torrent of verbal abuse issued from belials throat, managed to calm IT down enough to get her out with food. Then we all had a laugh, and I got the best bucket of chicken yet, and oven fresh biscuits and sides. Best dinner and a show combo yet! So In closing, go try something new Erie, and have a great day!

Angel Lamp

I had just walked in to KFC and turned in a application. A very nice man helped me. I don't remember his name but I am pretty sure it was Anthony ....I just wanted to say you guys have a great team of people and amazing service ...thank you to the very nice worker who helped me today