1115 Sassafras St, Erie
(814) 456-9906

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DO NOT get your mobile order for curbside pickup. It will take AT LEAST 10 minutes for them to bring your COLD food to you. The WORST McDonald's in Erie!Service: 1/5

Jacob Kramer

I've never been to a slower McDonalds in my life. Not exaggerating, I put in a mobile order and came here, only to still wait about 1 HOUR for them to finish about 10 orders. What are you people doing in there?Food: 3/5

Hector Rodriguez

Well it really should be hard to botch a breakfast order but they did.. please check your food before pulling away. I paid for an extra hash brown and got duped.. tisk tisk taking peoples money and not giving them the product..

JF Mulducci

One sentence for you.Don't Go to this McDonald's unless you absolutely have to go there. I still wouldnt as I would rather starve.Sorry Mickey D'S but you just give terrible service with terrible food.Parking: There are plenty of parking spaces at this location.

Isaac Kalivoda

Walked through the drive through. Food was good. The app and the rewards are very good!!! Wish the inside stayed open till close.

Blake Comeau

It took me a hour just to get to the ordering station, i then had to wait 10 minutes just to give my order, and another 5 minutes to get my food. When i got my food the fries obviously have been sitting for a while and are not fresh at all. Fast food is supposed to be fast not take a hour and 15 minutes

Regina Sliker

Very disappointed with my food. The fries were barley warm and the chicken nuggets were cold. The young girl in the drive through taking our order rushed us before we were even done. Very disappointed with the service as well.

Marie Pastewka

McDonald's is a good choice for fast food. The food taste is consistent and comes out hot. This location offers a double lane drive thru, which expidites quickly. Both the cashier and delivery staff were friendly and efficient.

Debbie F.

why is it that the door dashers have to wait 15 minutes to pick up orders? literally 3 off your employees were standing around. then then exact same employees left whom were standing around for 10 minutes. then none of the employees acknowledge I was at their locked doors for the pickups but knew I was out here to unlock said door to let employees out. horrible time management guys. Get your stuff together

Emilio F.

Favors uber drivers over drive thru. Rude about it too. Get ready to wait forever if you come after 11.

Louise T.

Mobile order with no inside pickup. Spent an hour in line to only move up when others left. We ended up leaving and would have been there another hour with only 3 cars in front of us. Same delivery driver came and went 4 times during the time we were in line. This locations doesn't actually serve their customers, just delivery.

Rod Oteri

I bought two double Whoppers, Chicken sandwich, 2-large fries, 1-large Sprite!Nope! I shared this meal with my friend,Misty!I ate a large fries ?, Yummy!One and a half Double?? Whopper with Cheese ?! Yummy!I was stuffed like a pig ?!I haven't eaten that much in a long time!The dining area is closed! indefinitely?It's a drive-thru 24/7 365 days of the year!So if you're looking for sit down dining? you won't find it here!

A. Coffee

Excellent customer service, food was hot and fresh but the order was not 100 percent correct (small things like missing a few sauces and not light ice, nothing that really bothered me). Definitely will go back to this one when in town again!

Tim Keddie

Stopped by for breakfast, Staff was very polite and happy to provide service. We went through the drive thru and while it was busy the flow was nice. Food was hot, order was correct and tasted just as expected MMmmmm mmmm good!

Norma Taylor

In & out and food was the best Breakfast ?????

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