Panera Bread

2501 W 12th St, Erie
(814) 833-9101

Recent Reviews

Nichole Zavala

cafe food and the scene here is great. The service was very friendly and attentive. Prices were fair for the quality of the food.

David Grigorian

0 stars. Absolutely joke of a establishment. I ordered food they messed it all up. I drove back. They “fixed it” ... same thing. I went back got a refund. (They tried to refund me half of it) Will not be returning thats Forsure. They have no back bone and not ready to fix anything the messed up. Just doing a “job”. I never write reviews unless it’s over the top or absolutely trash, don’t bother. I won’t.


I tried their coffee subscription. Turns out it's actually pretty good. All summer it's been free. So I've been able to get my coffee once every 2 hours and not pay a dime for it. I will say they make a better cup of coffee than I could at home. So I'm thinking about hanging on to it when it comes due sometime late in September.

Reyna Marie Steiner

Nice place. Honestly love the location bc it’s very unique and convenient. Service is a little slow on busy days but you’ll get that anywhere.

Lisa Newell

Food was great, service was good. Always more expensive than I think is necessary, but you know what you're getting into when you go.

Theresa Mitchell

Good food. I only wish their app worked better. Great when it works!

Sharon Roemer

Good food that was quickly servied. Good and clean establishment.

Jim K

Service was fast and food was good. Ate inside and maintained the 6 foot distanced.

Chelsea H.

Quick service and friendly staff. Couldn't be better!

C. B.

Quick service and friendly staff. Couldn't be better!

Will Eaton

Because there food is always good!

Peter Burian

Three of us had lunch here on go to the counter and order your meal... when it's ready you go to pick it up. That worked well because it was not a busy day. Might be a bit of a wait if there were a lot of people ahead of you.

Vern Rice

Always good food and great service .

Ally Greene

For $15 you kinda hope your half sandwich is more meat than lettuce, or in my case more chicken salad than lettuce. Soup portion is really small for what you're spending. The food is always decent, but portion for cost is lacking, at least in this region

Mark Badaracco

Takes a significant amount of time to get your food here. Not a good "quick bite" place.

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