Shawarma Station

508 State St, Erie
(814) 413-7999

Recent Reviews

Julia Bowersox

This is my most favorite restaurant!! Their food is always fresh and delicious. Their hummus is so good and I love the rice. I also love the beef shawarma wraps!! I was asked what I would want out of anything to eat while in the hospital and I said Shawarma Station!!

P Lee

Ordered chicken shawarma meal and it was awful. Bland taste and I saw him heating up the rice when I ordered a side of fries. Guy taking the order seemed like he was ready to end his day already

Man Stoner

Looks good but closed before posted hours on a Friday evening

Giuse Urbani

I just order a Chicken Shawarma wrap and it was the most lame/awful shawarma I’ve ever eaten! It only hd gyro chicken and MAYONNAISE!!!!!! Disgusting!!

Ami H.

Tamarind juice is tartastically refreshing!


The dolma (stuffed grape leaf) seasoning is off balanced with ingredient ratio, making it less appealing to the palette and microwaved is less preferable. The falafel wrap is good but it doesn't take long to pan fry versus a microwave.

Jeff Sommer

Shawarma wraps were delicious. Definitely worth a try, great change of pace from most of Erie's cuisine.

Laurie Brown

Dinner tonight at the Erie Food Hall!! Highly recommend !!! Great service and great food!!!

Bruce Arkwright, Jr.

Don't buy the baba ganoush, it has a weird taste and they only give you a misly 1/4 pita bread to eat it with!!! SOOO SAD

Jessica Spak

Excellent food! Ordered the fatteh shawarma and grape leaves. Will be back again.

Mickey Spak

Excellent food. Glad I read the previous reviews and found out it was in the erie food hall.

Matteo Petrone

We had amazing shawarma and hummus with pita. You have to try the new deep fried one with cheese!

Lesley Allen

Hospitality and delectable food makes Shawarma Station a must-try at the Erie, PA Food Hall. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu (though I highly recommend the beef shawarma wrap). Will be back for sure!

Colleen Szymczak-Gross

Welcoming and delicious - the first words to come to mind after a recent lunch visit to Shawarma Station! The Shawarma wrap and lentil soup were fantastic. I'll be back for sure to try out the many other menu options. I would highly recommend giving it a try!


The cashier man was very kind

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