502 State St, Erie
(814) 459-2400

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Joe G.

You are correct they did close on December 31, 2021. Which is really sad for Erie as you read the reviews below of tourist who came to this store in the past. The 4th largest city in PA no longer has a Starbucks in its city limits. The citizens of Erie now have a 20-30 minute commute to get Starbucks. If you travel to this location you will see that Erie Downtown Development, Erie Insurance Exchange, and others have been investing 100's of millions of dollars into the 5 blocks around this store. Yes, the past 24 months there has been the pandemic and construction in these 5 blocks. That is just ending the construction anyhow. Over 200 new luxury apartments are opening up starting just in December and more in the next 24 months within a block of this location. A new food hall, 5 new boutique type stores opened right before Christmas. A grocery store is opening up around the corner. Erie Insurance built a great new office building that will be going back to in person work in February. But, yet Starbucks does not see the future just the past 24 months of poor sales. The live, work Play function Erie is pushing will miss this Starbucks. There are also 100's of low income housing within 8 blocks of this of people who do not drive who now will not have Starbucks. I guess Starbucks cares more about profit and not people anymore. I used to go to this location two times a day. I have tried to go to the other locations but it ads 20-30 minutes to my commute home. So I guess the over 400 dollar budget I had on my Starbucks card does not count anymore. Too bad. I'm encouraging anyone reading this to write Starbucks and tell them about all the great things going on in this area. And encourage them to reconsider. Joe Geppert

Ben Feucht

The past three times I've tried to go to this location, it's closed. There's a sign on the door that shows their hours but no explanation why. The mall location closed, now the downtown location is hardly ever open. Starbucks, get it together. I've tried to go to West 12th and I mobile ordered 15 minutes ahead of time, then proceeded to wait another 20 minutes once I got there. You used to be my go to place for coffee, but now, Dunkin is my new go to.

Scott Stiffler

It took along time to get my drink. I order online 10 min before I got there and still waited 15 min. At less I got the right drink

Lauren Nicole Silva

Super friendly, small but really cute and clean!

Robbie Dixon

By and large this is a great location. The staff are friendly and the service is exactly as you would expect from a Starbucks. The reason for the 1 star is this increasing issue throughout the city where I go to get coffee, and they are closed. It's becoming incredibly irritating. It happened today, down town, again... The 12th St store was touch and go a few months back (renovations apparently). The Mall location allegedly let the lease lapse (I watched mall contractors throw everything from the store into a dumpster - super egregious considering Starbucks' environmental platform) The Plaza (outside the mall) is always busy but the service is super slow (what happened to 3 minutes from order to window?). The only remaining location that remains unblemished is Keystone Plaza up by AT&T and Lowes. All in all, Starbucks can't embody "The Third Place" if the place isn't open... Do better.

Big Shawn

Good Starbucks with fun employees. Only downside is the parking is difficult, but if you really want some coffee, definitely worth it.

Keep Life Simple

This Starbucks was amazingly fast. The coffee was delicious and well worth the stop on my 5 hour walk around Erie,Pa.

Diashenay Knight

First time coming here and the drinks were really good and the workers are so nice?

Nick Hannon

Great drinks and awesome staff. Very nice and friendly.

Tenise Monterio

The baristas are AMAZING. Always helpful, friendly and smiling. And inclusive. The State Street Starbucks is my favorite in Erie!

Thomas Parker

As always Starbucks is a good place for a coffee or other drink. This Starbucks was clean and everyone was nice.

Mindy Loomis

Very friendly and informative staff.

Stasha Mellott

Never unsatisfied when I come here.

Ralph Tyler

Coffee is strong which is the way I like and all baristas rememberwho I am. 5th and State st. Erie.

Jessica Golab

Love this location. So cute, and the staff is always friendly.

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