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Ami H.

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Suzanne M.

Fajitas were great. Salsa was good too. Fast and kind service. Wasn't too busy when I was there

Amber S

Always good people and food. Food and service are always consistent. Couldn't ask for a better place to get real authentic Mexican.This meal and two drinks (soda) was $40.Food: 5/5

Wendy Olson

Okay... there is good.. and there is great. This place is great!!! We don't know a single thing about ordering Mexican. We had 3 adults and 2 teenagers. Our server spoke excellent English and was the most patient person I have ever had as a server! The food was plentiful and VERY good! Highly recommend this location. Oh and they have fancy soda that is made with real cane and not fructose. In flavors that are different! Mango, Pineapple, and about 15 other kinds.


First off the restaurant inside is dated and dirty. Then the food came it took awhile but they were busy.The waitress had a 16 top. He put our dinners on the wrong side so we instructed them to switch plates. My wife asked if the quiesadia it was coming with peppers and onions she said yes but it did not have either. The chicken was way over cooked . Tastes as rubber and shell was dry. The rice was ok. I got the Macho it was ok, Chimichanga was the star. Talalli was dry and the anchilada was ok but the beef had a funky taste . $46 is not low priced so will not be back

Tito K.

We came to Torero's after playing against in Erie team in cup soccer. My son is a Mexican restaurant efficianado. The food was all good, service was good, atmosphere is good. Complimentary chips and salsa Oh yeah the plates that the food comes out on are awesome!

Christine S.

Quick and decent food. My husband had Mucho Burrito and liked it. I had taquito rancheros which was also good.

Trina Word

Excellent service, great food, very friendly & clean !!Husband enjoyed his beef enchiladas and I loved my spinach enchiladas. Generous portions ! We also shared a HUGE slice of pistachio cheesecake !The day we came there was plenty of parking for our RV.


We were driving thru Erie and drove down Peach Street to find a place for lunch, my husband and I both love Mexican so we decided to try it. Oue server was Nicky V and she was great. When we walked in the place was pretty empty about 12;30 and within a half hour the place was packed. She was running around like crazy but she never forgot us she kept checking on us even though she has some big tables. Our food was amazing from the chips to the entrees. My husband had the Macho Burrito which hung off the plate, and I had the chicken fajita salad which was also very good. We were both full when we left and the prices were very reasonable. I think our entire bill was $27 and some change. I would fr sure stop here again. The restaurant was super clean and decorated as should a Mexican place be. We liked it alot. Thank god we didn't order drinks as we were so full just from the food.


The food is normally good at this restaurant. That is not the problem. The problem is our male server the other day obviously does not like or respect women. His treatment has bothered me so much for the last two days that I will probably report him to the owner. It didn’t matter to me the side order was screwed up 3 times. All I asked for was no sauce on my enchilada, just cheese and he apparently couldn’t understand that. Made comments that It was weird and I ordered it wrong. He went so far as to pat my husband on his back as a statement of “sorry you have to live with that” which was not appreciated by either of us. We were just trying to grab a quick bite before a movie.

Doug McIntosh

Friendly and attentive staff. We arrived soon after a group of 20+ people, but still did not wait very long for our meals to arrive, considering this group's size. Food was abundant and each of us (3 in party) was satisfied at the end of the meal (no room for dessert). The only less than positive item was the salsa and chips. We look forward to this extra when we eat at a Mexican restaurants, however these chips were much thicker than what others offer and the salsa did not have any unique flavor. Overall, we enjoyed this restaurant and food and the price for 2 adults and a child was $45.

Nicole W.

It was just ok. Wanted Mexican and this place popped up as one of the best in Erie. It was packed on a Friday night. I thought in general the food was kind of bland. Free chips and salsa was a plus. It's not a place I'd rush back to have.

Cara R.

Ahh MAZING! Will come back and totally recommend checking this place out. Kids had burritos. Husband had a stew. I had arrozz con pollo. Delicious.


We came in from out of town on vacation. Ordered 4 meals with 3 soft drinks & cheese dip. We were told lemon with our drinks would be extra. That should’ve been our first clue. The food was good, but way overpriced. The service was fair. It seemed like we were nickeled and dimed for everything we ordered. The bill was over $85. We eat Mexican on a regular basis and have never been charged this much. We won’t be coming back - not worth it. We had steak dinners the night before for close to the same price.

Jordan Garza

Best Mexican food I’ve had in PA! We ordered the Choriqueso and it came out super fast and it was delicious. I got the chicken fajita quesadilla and everything was just delicious. I haven’t been able to find delicious Mexican food up here but now I have! Highly recommend to anyone looking for some good food.

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