Virgil's Plate

1001 W 6th St, Erie
(814) 474-7030

Recent Reviews

Scott C.

Love love love some virgils pizza can't say enough. Every time perfect every time!!! Thank you for being so consistent.

Tyler Fisher

Some of the best pizza I've ever had and very affordable! I suggest this place to all my family and friends to take a day trip and get a good meal away from Buffalo! I will gladly drive and I have driven an hour and a half just for this pizza! The employees are extremely friendly and professional! My first time there i kind of wanted to try something different and even though i settled for just cheese pizza the employees were patient with me and suggested other slices I may want to try as well! On other trips I've taken here even when they are busy and the inside of the restaurant is packed they dont rush you to order or rush you out the door when you're finished eating!

Bobbi L.

I ordered Virgils for my office and it was fantastic! They were so very kind and even offered suggestions on what to try on my next visit.

Bobbi Thomas

Picked up a Bake-at-Home Pizza Kit for dinner tonight and it was absolutely wonderful! Plenty of toppings and their shells are just the best!! We will definitely be back again

Katy Dilling

I picked up my sausage and mushroom pizza kit today. I added some ricotta cheese and fresh spinach. It was delicious. I will definitely purchase another pizza kit in the future!!!!

Michael Williams

The pizza is really good. However, I refuse to support a business where the manager treats their employee’s terribly. I watched those workers busting their butts for every single customer who came in, only for the boss to publicly admonish them in front of me, then giggle about it. Will come back for same pizza, different owner.

Wesley P.

Not for me. The concept is really cool but I found the execution very lacking. It's neat to be able to select how many if each you want but I just didn't care for the pizza. Mainly the crust. It was gummy and chewy, not like a pizza crust should be. I personally found their various specialty selections to look a lot better than they taste. I ordered a large tray for a party with other appetizers. It wasn't a hit. Lots of pizza left over.

ben houke

Delicious pizza with a family feel . I will be going back next time I'm up there!

Josh Marks

I had to travel to Erie today for some items for a job. I searched local places to eat and found this place. Amazing! I am glad I found them. Highly recommend stopping here. Dough is amazing and the BLT pizza is to die for.

Donna Peters

The boss brought pizza in for lunch yesterday. I am not super crazy about most pizza, so I didn't think I would eat much, but WOW, this pizza is to die for!! I sampled all 4 of the varieties, and they were all equally delicious! I can see myself ordering pizza in the future from Virgil's Plate!

Jennifer Wolff

We came in tonight for the first time and it was fantastic! As with any new place it’s intimidating to figure out how it works but the nicest lady took our order and didn’t make it seem like it was our first time:) she was wonderful our whole visit even scooped the ice cream at the end. Then the pizza

Kirk Hardner

We had the Margarita Pizza; crust was extra crisp, as she asked! Toppings were fresh and delicious!.

Adam Rich

Bottom Line: when in Erie, PA, go here!


Best pizza in Erie. Don't take my word though, try it for yourself. I had the large square with 4 different types on one pie. Love it!


Very very rude and disrespectful to customer That are paying for YOUR food! I tried to call in an order and they were getting real ignorant with their words. If I don’t understand or am thinking of what else to order, you should be patient. Not hang up the phone on me! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE THE “MANAGER!”


FANTASTIC. What a great concept they have here, picking the toppings for each square. The crust is like no other too. Staff was really friendly too. Will be back next time we are in Erie.


#ThankYouVeryMuch for stopping in and for the Review! We hope to see you again when you're down our way next time ! Virgil.

Cara B.

I was here the other weekend and gave this place a try. The food was really good. So aesthetically pleasing too bad I didn't take a picture. The place was a cute little humble dining place. If I ever come back to Erie, I'll make sure to stop by and grab food from here again!

Tom M

#ThankYouVeryMuch Brendan! We truly appreciate your support and kind words. Virgil


Tom, #ThankYouVeryMuch for stopping in and for the kind words ! #TellYourFriends! Virgil.

Tony K

Marc, #ThankYouVeryMuch! Music to my ears. I really feel that the Crust is the best it's ever been! #TellYourFriends. Virgil

Tim Fuller

Delicious, Delicious, Delicious! Some of the best pizza I've ever had! Fast and friendly and reasonably priced!


#ThankYouVeryMuch Tony, that's music to our ears ! See you next time ! Virgil

Lennie Ganza

I love to take people here who otherwise wouldn't even give it a second glance, because as they walk back to the car they always say "damn that was some good pie, who wooda knew?" Always a home run! Keep up the great work guys.

Alex Moldovan

Great pizza. Good price. When can pick what is on each slice, it is a fun place to go for everyone to get whatever toppings they want.

Barbara Israelson

Great pizza, great prices, great atmosphere. Must stop if you like good food and good pizza. 10/10

Rich C.

While on a weekend camping trip, my family and I decided to get pizza one night. Actually it's something I force the family to do everytime we visit a new town because I am a pizza fanatic. I searched the Yelp reviews and decided this place looked the most interesting and had the best reviews. The pizza overall was a 8 out of ten. (Which is above average but not the best I've ever had but my wife liked it so that was a plus) It was nice that you could put different toppings on each slice of pizza. Never been to a place that does this. We just ordered a 30 cut pizza with mushrooms, green peppers and onions with 4 slices with added jalepenos for me. (Were vegitarians) Toppings were plentiful sauce & cheese were good and the crust was nice and crunchy. (At least around the edges, since this pizza is rectangular there are middle pieces that don't have the nice crunchy crust which is a bummer. Love me some crunchy crust) I would definitely stop by again if am ever in the area. One draw back was the dining area is small. Only about 6 tables to sit at. Luckily we were there when it wasn't busy and had no problems getting a table. The place seemed to do a lot of take out business. The interior was nice and quaint and interestingly decorated. Oh and one more thing the young lady taking our order at the counter was super nice! If you live in Erie or are just passing thru check this place out!

Anna L.

We had such a wonderful experience with the owner, Virgil tonight! After DoorDash/Virgil's computer system somehow missed our pizza order after a long wait....and the DoorDash driver left the restaurant and canceled our order. Virgil himself delivered our pizza to us, free of charge! What an amazing establishment! Thank you, Virgil for turning a bad experience into a much better one. We will definitely return for more great pizza.

Allison Jackson

This is hands down the best pizza in Erie. The service is awesome and I have no complaints. Pricing is reasonable as well. Try the Chicken bacon ranch pizza, it is superb!

jasmine vasanth

Right inthe middle of a residential area, this place offers tasty pizza. The best part though was that you can have a variety of toppings on any number of cuts you want so you van enjoy multiple tastes on a single order

Larry Spencer

Excellent all the way around. Dough quality on every level from there thin, slice, Detroit style, and don't forget those calzones. Sauce in on point, toppings are fresh and every pizza in made with care. The homemade ranch is delicious. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👎

Eliza K.

Great pizza crust, perfect thickness and crispy on the edges. The guy taking our order was very helpful even with him being the only one working the pizzas and the register. The pizza took a while to make but considering that all 16 pieces were essentially individually topped with all the different things we asked for, i have no complaints and all of it was delicious. My favorite of the specialty cuts were the Margherita and Happy wife. This may become a weekly regular!

Russ R

#ThankYouVeryMuch Ratta49!! We really appreciate your Support ! Virgil

Maggie D.

This place has good pizza!! I like that you're able to mix & match, I got 2 squares of pepperoni & 2 buffalo chicken and they were both really good and decently priced. I'll definitely be coming here again!

Lynne Canigiani-Hefner Daniels

best pizza in pa. unique. fresh flavors


I highly recommend the Detroit style bread pan pizza! The edges are cheesy and crispy with a soft center and It comes with homemade pizza sauce.

Jim Theisen

Great food, Very nice people. While I was waiting for my order two little boys came in by themselves to buy ice cream. They both wanted a small cone and they didn't quite have enough money but the young man taking the order told them that he would cover the extra money himself. It was just something that made me feel good about giving them my business.

Stephen Corey

The people are fantastic very friendly. Excellent pizza very nice atmosphere.

Nichole Murphy

I love this pizza. Up visiting from Pittsburgh and we've ordered two nights in a row. The square pizza is delicious crispy this with the perfect amount of sauce and not overbearing with cheese. Just how i like it. Yum.

Daren McCurdy

Pretty good pizza. There are a lot of options, and the prices are reasonable. Ordering is a bit confusing, though, so ask for an explanation if you've never been here before.