Virgil's Plate

1001 W 6th St, Erie
(814) 474-7030

Recent Reviews

Tim Fuller

Delicious, Delicious, Delicious! Some of the best pizza I've ever had! Fast and friendly and reasonably priced!

Alex Moldovan

Great pizza. Good price. When can pick what is on each slice, it is a fun place to go for everyone to get whatever toppings they want.

Barbara Israelson

Great pizza, great prices, great atmosphere. Must stop if you like good food and good pizza. 10/10

Allison Jackson

This is hands down the best pizza in Erie. The service is awesome and I have no complaints. Pricing is reasonable as well. Try the Chicken bacon ranch pizza, it is superb!

jasmine vasanth

Right inthe middle of a residential area, this place offers tasty pizza. The best part though was that you can have a variety of toppings on any number of cuts you want so you van enjoy multiple tastes on a single order

Larry Spencer

Excellent all the way around. Dough quality on every level from there thin, slice, Detroit style, and don't forget those calzones. Sauce in on point, toppings are fresh and every pizza in made with care. The homemade ranch is delicious. ð??ð??ð??ð??ð??ð??ð??ð??ð??ð???

Eliza K.

Great pizza crust, perfect thickness and crispy on the edges. The guy taking our order was very helpful even with him being the only one working the pizzas and the register. The pizza took a while to make but considering that all 16 pieces were essentially individually topped with all the different things we asked for, i have no complaints and all of it was delicious. My favorite of the specialty cuts were the Margherita and Happy wife. This may become a weekly regular!

Maggie D.

This place has good pizza!! I like that you're able to mix & match, I got 2 squares of pepperoni & 2 buffalo chicken and they were both really good and decently priced. I'll definitely be coming here again!

Lynne Canigiani-Hefner Daniels

best pizza in pa. unique. fresh flavors

Jim Theisen

Great food, Very nice people. While I was waiting for my order two little boys came in by themselves to buy ice cream. They both wanted a small cone and they didn't quite have enough money but the young man taking the order told them that he would cover the extra money himself. It was just something that made me feel good about giving them my business.

Stephen Corey

The people are fantastic very friendly. Excellent pizza very nice atmosphere.

Nichole Murphy

I love this pizza. Up visiting from Pittsburgh and we've ordered two nights in a row. The square pizza is delicious crispy this with the perfect amount of sauce and not overbearing with cheese. Just how i like it. Yum.

Daren McCurdy

Pretty good pizza. There are a lot of options, and the prices are reasonable. Ordering is a bit confusing, though, so ask for an explanation if you've never been here before.

Matthew Hrinko

Simply amazing pizza! I thought I would never find a pizzeria with standards in Erie. I can tell with one bite that they care about and enjoy their product and customers. I had a simple Roman style pie, half cheese, half pepperoni. An absolute perfect crust! The proper tomatoes, subtle but bursting with flavor. My only small complaint is that I wish they had offered fresh basil as a topping on the app. I ordered delivery so I added a few shreds from my own garden.

Tammy Reed

Awesome pizza, super friendly staff, visit every time I'm in town. Love the quaint small town atmosphere! And did I mention awesome pizza.

Teresa Borowy

The best pizza ever. Crust is amazing. Love the curled up pepperoni! Great vibe there too!!

Casey Meyer

I love this place. The concept for whatever you want on each slice of your pizza is such a cool idea, and it's executed perfectly. I still think it's debatable as to if this is the best pizza in Erie, but it's no doubt top 3. Service here is always super nice, and the place is quaint, small, and well kept.

Jennifer Mook

Great pizza and friendly staff with a Chill atmosphere.

Karen Dedionisio

Ordered the happy wife pizza. First timer. The crust was delicious. The pizza itself was good but not great. I really enjoyed this pizza. But not my favorite of all time.not enough ingredients on the pizza. Kinda skimpy.

Ben Kaap

A long way from home we stopped by for a tasty treat and we're not disappointed. Their friendly staff served up some delicious slices. A family friendly experience and full tummies, exactly what we needed.

LeeAnna S.

Not bad for a small town. We stopped here while driving back to Ohio from a roadtrip to Buffalo. This place looks like it is in a questionable part of town. Since we aren't actually from the area, whether it truly is sketchy or not - i can't say. The concept here is that you can create your own square slices anyway you want them. You can also order whole pizzas the same way as well or get a personal size "detroit" style pizza. Sounds like a great way to try lot of different options in one sitting! We each got a couple squares done different ways then we got a personal detroit style to share. We are big fans of detroit style pizza! I personally was pretty dissapointed with the crusts of both pizzas. The squares seemed like they were from a frozen dough and the edges were kind of tough. The detroit style was the better of the 2 options that we had but even then it was sort of flavorless and underdone. The bottom of the detroit was pale and not buttery and golden like I expected and the middle was underdone and there were no big airpockets like i expect from a detroit. Overall I didn't hate boyfriend actually really liked the detroit style here but there are much better places to get pizza out in the world

Danielle Randall

This is the pizza I've been waiting for! Super flavorful and great crust. They offer specialty pizza or BYO but you can do all by the square, even mixing and matching the specialty pizzas. I'm a fan of the Happy Wife (go figure) and my husband likes the Buffalo Chicken. I'm hoping they'll offer more specialty selections as they put together some bomb flavors. Long shot-would love vegetarian protein options, like veggie sausage. Highly recommend to anyone looking for amazing pizza!

Laura Campbell

The atmosphere was great and the pizza was amazing! I love the way you can order one pizza with toppings for each individual in your group. Great idea! I wish we had a Virgil's Plate back home!

Laura Campbell

Great little place to have some really good pizza! My family and I loved it! We definitely recommend it!

Cori K.

This was our first time ordering from Virgil's. What a neat concept! Using fresh dough for the crust would make it out of this world. We prefer fresh to frozen or a premade shell but may order again. We sampled the Buffalo Chicken, BLT, and Margherita. The ricotta on the Margherita was delicious! They were very timely with the order and the price is fair.

Jesi DiLuzio

Another absolutely AMAZING meal from the guys at Virgilâ??s !! Deep dish cheese and pep was so delicious.

Andrew Cousins

Very tasty! Got the breadpan pizza. Took a little while to cook but well worth the wait. Sauce for dipping was fantastic. Will definitely hit them up again when I'm back home.

Vivid Epiphany

Great mom and pop operation. Food is amazing. Prices are amazing. Owners are amazing. A must place to go.

Rick M.

The pizza here is top notch....the employees are really great and the atmosphere is very inviting..would definitely recommend this place

Joi Zoe Allenbaugh

Best pizza in town without a doubt! Great owners and friendly staff. I would give them 5 stars any day of the week! Delicious!

Brock Humes

Google brought us here... And the pizza did not disappoint! The ability to try different types on one pizza was awesome. The crust wasn't too thick... Just right... And we ended up eating it all. My only complaint is we don't have leftovers! The staff was amazing too... Friendly and fun. You can tell the pizza is.made with love!

Sheila Gonzalez

This place was great-food was delicious and atmosphere was terrific. They have individual pizza slices that you get to customize, we were with a party of eight, so everyone was able to get exactly what they wanted. Love this idea. Staff was super friendly. Great place!!!

Barbara Bartlett

This is why I love trip advisor! Weâ??ve been traveling for a week and this is one of the best meals weâ??ve had. Adults and kids all got to customize their own slices and everyone was happy. The crust was crispy and buttery and the toppings were yummy. They have good pizza and ice cream for a resonable price and had very friendly service. Great job.So glad we traveled a few miles off the highway to find Virgilâ??s.

Alyssa Elliott

This place was great-food was delicious and atmosphere was terrific. They have individual pizza slices that you get to customize, we were with a party of eight, so everyone was able to get exactly what they wanted. Love this idea. Staff was super friendly. Great place!!!

Tyler Rippel

Surprisingly excellent prices for fantastic pizza! Ordering by the square/slice took me a minute to understand because it seemed too good to be true! Delicious pizza at a great price, but also because of that fact you may have to wait at busy times. I can understand that and was happy to wait since the pizza was so good.

Bryan M.

Build your squares! I love this pizza concept and I love this place; so glad to stop in to Virgil's finally. The square specials were delicious: BLT, chicken bacon ranch, margherita, maggio (ricotta, onion, tomato, spinach), and happy wife (ricotta, sausage, spinach, onion). When I'm back in Erie Virgil's will definitely be a stop on restaurant hit list.

Samantha D.

As a Buffalo, NY native - I feel like I have some birthright authority when it comes to the judging of pizza. I have searched far and wide in the Erie, PA pizza scene to find a pie that could compare to even the worst pie that Buffalo has to offer. Virgils by far has the best pizza in the area. The dough has a great rise, the crust is perfectly crunchy, and the pizza itself is a medium thickness - closer to a "Buffalo style". The sauce has a good flavor, and the cheese also hits the spot. This pizza is sold by the slice - with 4-5 specialty pizza options and then "DIY" options with the normal stuff you'd put on a pizza. I usually go with 3 slices and thats the perfect amount for a meal. Love the restaurant too - staff is friendly, they have an ice cream counter for a dessert option, and its BYOB.

Danielle K.

Virgil's Plate provides a unique pizza experience that stands out in Erie (and anywhere else you may go). They sell customizable pizza by the square. You can get classic toppings or go for one if the house specialties. This is a local favorite that's definitely worth trying.

Leo T.

Virgil's has the BEST GLUTEN FREE PIZZA I've ever had!!! I came in last night and I was so incredibly excited to see they now offer gluten free pizza! I got the gluten free bread pan pie and I was in pizza heaven!!! I haven't been able to find a good gluten free pizza in Erie but let me tell you to anyone looking the search is over and Virgil's has the best!!! I've had good gluten free pizza in Cleveland and Philadelphia but nothing would even come close to how good Virgil's gluten free pizza truly is!!! I've been gluten free since around 2006 and it was so nice to enjoy the flavor and most importantly the right texture of their gluten free pizza!!!! It's crispy on the edges and really light and airy in the inside and it hold the toppings unlike most gluten free pizza!!! If you want the the WORLDS BEST GLUTEN FREE PIZZA look no further it's at Virgil's!!!! Thank you so much for making pizza for gluten free enjoyable and so delicious!!!!

Natalie Ditzler

Best fresh pizza and pizza sauce I ever tasted. Super low price too. I only wish they would open another store an the east side of town. Love Love Love this pizza. Absolutely my favorite. I was born Italian and have had Italian food my whole life. Everything fresh. Their pizzas compared to the homemade pizzas I grew up on. The sauce is spectacular. Do yourself a favor and try their pizza.