Donut Haven Inc

1362 Naamans Creek Rd, Garnet Valley
(610) 485-5238

Recent Reviews

Carrie G.

The best donuts I've found in the area so far. I'm glad they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays or I would eat donuts too often.

Mike S.

Have only had the sticky buns! But they are just how I like them! With walnuts and raisins! I am in heaven! So fresh and so good! I highly recommend! Cash only!!

Colleen Elizabeth Dorrin

Yummy ? Donuts afe amazing.

Michele O

By far the best sticky buns I have ever had!! Nothing compares.

Louis S.

Went to the market to look around on a Saturday. We decided to pick up 6 sticky buns. The lady that helped us was great. The problem we have is that we ask for 6 but we ended up with 3 full ones and 3 half ones. So check what you get before you leave. Overall the sticky buns were pretty good.

Christine C.

If I were reviewing the sticky buns alone, they'd get 5 stars. The sticky buns are excellent. However, I'd give the service 1 star. We were there on Christmas eve and the staff was poorly behaved. They were hostile and told us to "shut up." I understand that you're tired and overworked, but the hostility was unnecessary and unpleasant.

bill frelkie

Still fabulous after all these years. Whenever we come back to the area, we have to stop for sticky buns. New Hampshire and even Boston can't compare to Donut Haven and the area.


Donoughts used to be very Good. The Filled Donoughts used to be loaded with Filling now very Little. Need to go back to the old way. Raise the price if you have to Dont Compromise the Priduct.

Devin Canfield

WOW! I am a pastry connoisseur. I have bene all over the country on the search for amazing donuts and this place has some of the best I have ever had! AND not to mention the staff and owners are one of a kind genuine people. Highly recommend.

Jason S.

We love their donuts. Their creme used in their creme filled donuts is delicious. I have never tired their sticky buns which they seem to be known for.

Lynne C.

Best sticky buns and donuts ever!!!! Plus, the women working there are all fabulous and the prices are too good to be true! Best kept little secret-- nothing else like it anywhere


We hadn't had anything from Donut Haven in a few years (trying to eat healthier) but while passing through Booth's Corners we got a craving for their cream donuts. They were sold out so we bought stickey buns (we always called them cinnamon buns). They definitely weren't as good as we remembered them. We went back again, early enough to buy those delicious cream donuts. Something has happened. New owners? New recipe? Both? Either way, the cream tastes more like cake icing and the donut itself is no longer the light fluffy donut we had known for years. So sad.

Ann Marie Monroe

Sticky buns are so delicious!!

Justen Garrity

There's a reason they always have a line! Great sticky buns and donuts


I’ve never been to Booths Corner and not seen a line here. But, they keep it moving quick and there is a reason that people are waiting. Sticky buns are famous here, but everything else I’ve ever gotten (donuts, apple fritters, etc) are great too.

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