King's Country Store

1362 Naamans Creek Rd, Garnet Valley
(610) 859-0190

Recent Reviews

Paul Seale

Was very impressed with the quality of food. Veggies crisp and meat tender. Quite delicious. Very friendly staff also a charming decor inside. Plan on going often.

John Smith

Old man working the counter refuses to wear a mask and sells orange juice for like $20 a gallon. Don't support these people.

Adrienne M.

This store has the best fresh pressed OJ, Strawberry lemonade and grapefruit juice on the planet. Me and my fiancé love their products. The prices are fair for the quality of their products.

Karen Ramos

All I can say is go and check it out for yourself.I love this place.

Frank Gray

Love the food. Extremely tasty. The owners are wonderful people.

Lisa L.

Friday, Dec. 9 2016: Psycho owner went off on an old, disabled woman today. Apparently, she was asking about a product she had bought that seemed off, and he screamed about how she had caught him on a product before. Maybe I was raised differently than this guy, but I was taught to be ashamed of being caught doing something fishy/immoral/fraudulent/illegal, not draw attention to it.

Valerie S.

This a a great little store in the Booths Corner Farmer's market that has been open for many years. They are probably most popular for their freshly squeezed orange juice - it always smells so good when we walk by there. They also have milk products and lemonade and other juices/drinks, candy, butter, etc. Prices aren't bad either.

Marie D

one of my favorite stops while I'm at Booth's Corner. Love their granolas and specialty items. Can always find what I'm looking for and usually in the quantity I need it. The only thing that would make it better is nutritional information on the packaging. That's challenging for me. They tried to look up information for me, but don't really have a system to keep information in.

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