Koy Restaurant

391 Wilmington Pike Suite 5&6, Glen Mills
(484) 800-4986

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michelle Ma

It’s a hidden gem restaurant in Glen Mills. You don’t need to make a reservation to enjoy delicious meals. I had a Vietnamese black coffee which was amazing smooth taste even though it’s a simple black coffee. The owner says they mixed Vietnamese beans with French coffee beans. Please try spicy lobster roll!! This delicious dish was decorated with a beautiful flower.

Alla Osypenko

First time I was there this Monday. Was very pleased. Ordered a noodle soup as main dish. Liked it ( and the service) so much that 3 days later stopped by again. Ordered the same noodle soup. Awful service ( it was another person) , too salty broth, only a half of noodles of what I got on Monday. Rotten salad leaves and rotten, already black gross bean sprouts, I didn't touch them at all. This restaurant definitely didn't become my regular.

Roshni T.

Wish there were more vegan dishes or even the option to substitute. The flat noodle tofu dish was delicious. The menu, however, should state which items are vegan, especially for those with a dairy allergy.

Mott U D’Potyou

I don’t get this place either. I’ve been there four or five times for lunch and it’s always empty. I know restaurant traffic is still poor; but, a restaurant rated this highly ought to have traffic. No?Maybe it’s the prices. I don’t think I’ve seen a Vietnamese restaurant with prices like these. I paid $20 for a beef stir fry with bell pepper and onion today. It came with white rice. Extremely average with a modest portion. I have had a similar dish at Yi Palace which included a bowl of their delicious hot and sour soup for less than $10. That’s right, less than $10 for soup and entree and it’s good.The hostess at Koy is very nice. Charming in fact. But is good food at a fair price that keeps my interest. No longer interested in Koy.


It's one of my favorite restaurants. Everytime we try different food. We had Kushiyaki, rice vermicelli bowl with grilled chicken, and spicy lobster roll.My all time favorite here is dynamite roll, dumplings (both steam and fried), and special noodle soup. The broth is very tasty. Shrimp paste on sugar cane is also good.Try this restaurant for delicious japanese and vietnamese food.

Kiernan C.

The food was incredible and I highly recommend going to Koy! The waitress's were very lovely and the owners are so sweet.

Kathy T.

This is our go to restaurant for a healthy meal at any time of week. We go here at least once a week or get take out from here. The staff is kind. My son is special needs, so they always look out for us. The sushi is fresh and they have impressive specials like monk fish liver (Ankimo) and live Uni. The pho noodles (never too soft) and broth are on point. I always save the side dish of Asian veggies they give with the pho to prepare another meal at home. They give plenty. The charbroiled pork and BBQ pork chop are other go to favorites of our's. The decor is modern and there is outdoor seating on nice days. I would recommend this restaurant 100%!

Brice S.

Have been wanting to try Koy since they opened based on the great early reviews. Finally got here today and wow I wished it would have been sooner. Had a couple pieces of sushi and the Pho. All were fantastic . The pho was super fresh and flavorful. Meat and noodles were perfectly cooked. Looks like this byob is in the process of getting their liquor license, can't wait to come back and try with some Sake or Tiger beer

Jenna S.

Amazing sushi! Great customer service every time I go! Also the Pho and calamari are great my sister and I always split. Plus BYOB. Great vibes all around!

Shannon Fay

Great food and great service!!


Koy has a great selection of delicious Vietnamese food. BYOB. Their avocado smoothie was so tasty. Service staffs were friendly and attentive.

Robert Pavlak

Overall we enjoyed this place. We had some items from the Vietnamese and Japanese menus. Ingredients were fresh, but I think the Vietnamese offerings were maybe not what we were expecting from a flavor standpoint (specifically some of the grilled meats). We would certainly go back - maybe our standards are too high. The place was also quite pleasant, as was the service.

Elisa Goldman

I think they're pho is very good and I enjoy it. However, this last visit, I had several issues. While waiting for my food, I used the bathroom marked "woman". The seat was up and toilet filled with urine. Paper towel dispenser was empty. This was about 1.5hrs after opening. I told the host/waiter. Said he'd talk to the chef. No one spoke to me.The sushi rolls prices have been hiked up. $10 for salmon roll. 6 pieces, not 8 as usual. I almost order an iced Thai tea with jelly. Charged me $7 + $2. So $9. Tasty, but not worth $9. Still mad about my 2 missing salmon rolls.

Dieu N.

Koy used to be our/my favorite Vietnamese restaurant because the dishes there USED to taste like in the old country, what with the herbs and other condiments. We used to eat in, take our friends there, and order every week even after the steep price hikes. But lately? We noticed a deterioration in quality for in-house dishes (the small pancakes, mushy, mushy; the phở bouillon not strongly phở) and for take-outs. The last straw? Today, we ordered no. 131 (Udon with pork feet). Once picked up, verified, we noticed the pig feet disappeared, nowhere to be found. Not first time. When calling, a gravely voice upon listening to my English-spoken remarks, turned me over to another person, commenting that "some Vietnamese woman is complaining about an order." What? Did I complain in Vietnamese and he did not understand? Or the fact that I was an Asian/VN did not merit his attention. Short story? I was promised that it would not happen again, that next time we order, they would do better, blabla. No refund (at $17.00!), no "we will cook it again and you can pick it up, etc." NEVER AGAIN. So for those of you addicted to VN Beef soup (phở), I can say, one can find better deals (prices and quality) elsewhere with friendlier service over the phone (VPho?) . ND

Victoriya H.

4.5 Great selection of sushi, Vietnamese options. Very fresh sushi. Service is friendly and prompt. Spacious and clean restaurant, casual, not much of ambiance. We enjoyed lotus roll and rice vermicelli bowl with BBQ chicken. I am looking forward to explore the menu (especially sushi).

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