Boro Bar & Grill RiverView

4425 N Front St, Harrisburg
(717) 695-3622

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Miss Val

I’ve been here a handful of times. I found it after visiting Wildwood park over the summer. Stopped in on a Wednesday for trivia and had an enjoyable time. I liked the salad. There’s a couple other things I’d like to try i the future. Bartenders are attentive. Parking was easy.


Food was not very good at all. Had the Rachel. Not impressed. I know restaurants have server shortages and I sympathize, but I watched one couple wait for-ever to even be seen and they were looking around to see what was up with other tables. No one is manning the Hostess Station and there is a sign that says, please wait to be seated. People got tired of waiting, so they they seated themselves. Don't plan on going back any time soon.

Dom Ma

Walked in at 8:45 pm was sat by a server at a dirty table then didn't see another server until 9 pm. Wouldn't have had a problem except it wasn't busy and no one our drink order. Will not be dining here again and would suggest anyone that wants a good meal head 50 yards down to the glass lounge.

Deb Houser

Very casual atmosphere-- drinks are served in plastic cups. Server was attentive and service was prompt. Will go back as they have a decent sized menu.

Keith Fenstemaker

Nice outdoor seating. Food was good. Service was a bit slow but it was pretty busy and the people were still very nice. I'd definitely stop in again.

Dan Parkent

There isn’t anywhere in Harrisburg with better wings or a better view. Boro consistently gives me great experiences. Also I believe Jurassic park was filmed just across the way because it is a breathtaking scene. Happy this is the closest bar to my house, better than anything downtown.

Dale Short

Good food, friendly service. We got our order quickly, but the place wasn't very busy. Front porch has a nice view of the river, the inside was clean and air conditioned. Lots of parking in the back.

norm w

When we first got there, we quickly found out that the bartender favors the locals and as busy as the place was, would ignore us to chat with them. I finally would have to wave at her to get service. Then she snapped at us for that and "reminding " us that she was by herself. Frustrating to see that. Food was terrible but maybe we just didn't order the right things. We got dry rub wings and pizza and both were horrible. I didn't eat any of my food but bartender did seem very concerned about it. Our fault for picking a bad place to hang out at.

Mike Lafferty

I like coming to this place. Food is consistent and servers are nice. However, the bartender will skip your music on the Touchtunes if she doesn't like it. It's happened multiple times. Not everyone likes the same music, don't think she should be doing that. Customers pay for that. If she can just skip whatever she feels like, why have it at all?

Miles Ferguson

Very creative food selection in a beautiful setting across from the river. Inside wasn't as nice, but the variety and quality of the food would easily make up for that. Sitting in the covered outdoor area is the best.

Tim Auman

All of the wings were crispy, cooked perfectly and came out in the time if takes to enjoy a good beer.From bottom to top:Hot with habanero lime dust. Our go to here. Good heat and you can pick up a hint of lime in every bite.The Works. Sweet, tangy, delicious. Reminds me of a good Carolina BBQ sauce with a hint of heat.Mango Habanero. Sweet and spicy. I expected them to have a little more zip but they were excellent. Bump the heat up and this will be a real winner.My only gripe is a person pet peave of mine. The celery was a day old, wilted with bad ends and stringy. However the blue cheese was good with nice chunks throughout.

Stephanie Bordner

Today was our first time here. The food was good. I got the nachos supreme. Hubby got a Rachel sandwich. Service was a little slow. It's a really pretty view of the river though. Will definitely come back again.

brittany Ciccocioppo

Their wings are probably my favorite of anywhere in the area. They always make them so saucy and I love that their sauce has pepper in it. Their sauce is just delicious. Don’t be scared away by the price/market price, these wings are huge. Sometimes they don’t really have enough wait staff so it may take longer to get your drinks or for somebody to take your order, but that is typically not a big deal for us. I also love their soups and tiger shrimp.

Christina W

Not impressed. Server took 15+ minutes to get our drink order then messed up our drink order. Wings were tiny and dried out. Open faced turkey sandwich was lunch meat over a tiny piece of bread with barely any gravy. Beer was flat. Then to top it off, a party of 7 was in the dining area drunk and being extremely loud and we could barely have a relaxed discussion between the two of us. Other couples around us were literally plugging their ears. Staff seemed like they didn’t want to be there and were not very friendly.

Mike Pandolfo

Food was okay, service was extremely slow and the server only had 1 other table. She seemed very inexperienced, was too busy wrapping silverware, and mumbled her words like she was scared to talk. She got a 15% tip but I normally do 25% for good service.Would I try it again? Maybe.

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