2820 Paxton St, Harrisburg
(717) 564-2009

Recent Reviews

O Mrtnz

This place can get busy during those busy times. They will take care of you if you remain courteous and respectful. They will even make donuts they run out of, fresh, if you are willing to wait and if its not too busy. That's something you dont see anymore. That's excellent service! Thank you!Vegetarian options: Advocado toast with sundried tomatoes is the best.Parking: It's a drive-through only, at least for now.


No complaints.. just donuts!They have good food and I love the employees there. I tend to come late because of work but when I do, they are always still pleasant. They have good donuts, I have nothing else to say! :)

Debbie Hill

Horrible, coffee ☕ lid and cup looked used. I did not drink the coffee. Did not call because I paid with cash and did not retain receiptFood: 1/5

Samantha Tregea

I used to love doing the mobile order; they were quick and got my order correct but recently it seems like my order is only correct half the time :/

Kay Jay

Ordered here multiple times via door dash and half the time my order is missing stuff, never leave reviews but my recent order was missing 60% of the food. Will not buy from them ever again.

Susie Singer Realtor

Great coffee but I'm not real fond of the food .. needs something? But the sweets Now that's what I'm talking about ??Food: 3/5

Linda Duncan

Incredibly friendly and great Halloween decorations. They saved me money by suggesting a six pack of donuts instead of individual. They were incredibly friendly to my grandchildren the two girls working are wonderful. Store was incredibly cleanFood: 5/5

Necee Cintrón

Twice orders were placed thru Doordash on seperate occasions and both times there was a dozen donuts missing and a coffee. Attempted to contact the store but they never answered the phone after multiple attempts. Terrible service.

stacey lane

This place is always busy but they get you in and out with no problem I love going here Saturday mornings and having my coffee

Kent Marsh

Easily the rudest staffed Dunkin I've ever been to. Drive a couple miles to the next location and avoid this one.

Heather is ALL-IN

I need to find out when this exact Dunkin Donuts was opened… We have a Bet going on in my family….

Cameron Gilbert

Always busy no matter what time of day. Wrong order all the time. Staff is slow and extremely rude. Go to a different location, trust me.

Chay Vazquez

Ordered the most simplest things. Just two items. Was waited on for almost 20 mins before I got my items. 3 customers were in the store. The staff did nothing but stand around on their phones instead of making orders when received. Highly unprofessional staff. Don’t waste your time!

Melinda Mufalli

Rude as hell . Food burnt first time being there staff Is going to make a comment I love how the poor think they are rich because of the order that was made . Then going to precede to say oh that’s how we joke around not professional at all ..

Charles Bolden

One of the best customer service I ever had in a long time very professional people there

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