2300 N 3rd St, Harrisburg
(717) 909-6600

Recent Reviews

Nuemi Nazario

Chicken taste like real chicken. Love it!

Robert Nelson

They were good with the with the service and preparedness of the food.

Brooke Giebel

The food was pretty good, and the prices were awesome. We ordered stuff we otherwise probably wouldn't have because the online menu wasn't complete, but overall pretty good.

Kathy Maduke

Used to like them. Very disappointing this time particularly the gravy in the egg foo young. Nasty. Wings were way too hard.

David Arnold

Friendly and good food. No ambiance to speak of but reasonably priced. Shrimp with garlic sauce is particularly good!


I love their wings and scallops.

Hakiem McCauley

Try their Half a chicken it's delicious

Debbie Doyle

The shrimp was old, I never had shrimp that disintegrated before. Another one bites the dust. Bye

marreese gamble

It's good. But if the prices stay. Or maybe even go down it would be great

Danielle Mccollum

Love their General Tso. Best around!

Michael Tuckey

Best place to go for chinease food! Never disappoints. Easily 5/5

Jahmere Belcher

They dont uae gloves for there noodles

Michael Fulton

They use more vegetables and the sauce is not so heavy as other places. Feels a little healthier than other Chinese food

John spencer

I like their food and services they provide I will go back 4 more thank you I was very satisfied.

Gloria Mccready

Prices are reasonable and their food isn't very salty!!

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