4403 N Front St, Harrisburg
(717) 238-1048

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Becky S.

This McDonalds is terrible! Do not stop here! We ordered our food at the drive thru and waited for several minutes for the lady in front of us who drove away with one iced coffee. Then we pull up to the food window and the woman at the window bluntly and rudely asks us to pull around the other side for our order to be brought out. Overall we spent about 30 minutes here when my husband finally went inside and asked what was taking so long. The employees were literally standing around talking, when asked about our food they couldn't tell is how much longer it would take or what the hold up was. We asked for a refund and left. To top everything off, while we waited the manager parked in the handicap space and strode into the building. She was clearly not physically disabled.

ayoub oulamzabi

Will not order from this macdonald again . They gave me a bigmac with a missing layer .

Cory Snyder

Every time I come to pick up my mobile order at this location the employees tell me the transaction didn’t go through. They’ll keep insisting I need to pay until I show them on my phone that the transaction did in fact go through and I was charged. Be careful when ordering online at this location, the employees are thieves.

Jane A

Average late night stop. Go to spot instead of NJ Turnpike rest area. Off of exit 4 of NJTP. Short trip south on 37, across from WaWa, so you can also get less expensive fuel when flipping around to get back to TP. Usually busy but they have two drive thru lanes and fast service.

John Smith

People who work there don't care about their jobs or their customers.. they are not educated and don't understand plain English when you order.. they're too busy trying to maintain their ghetto lingo

Lily Dutra

This McDonalds is very hit and miss, I don’t go to McDonald’s often but when I do, I always use the mobile order feature to skip the drive thru. About a year ago the service would be quick as expected, even with the coronavirus pandemic and the great resignation. Now, this McDonald’s looks to be fully staffed, as there are always a TON of employees standing around. I’ve waited over an hour on three separate occasions for my mobile order. Beware if you’re looking for FAST food, this isn’t it.

Brian Zimmerman

Pleasantly surprised this McDonald's doesn't cut off breakfast at 10:30 like so many do. I think 11 is the cutoff. I'd eat egg McMuffins at night if they still offered them. Who really wants a QPC at 10:30 anyway? Very friendly service too, whoever was on drive-thru June 11 around 10:45 am.

Jay G

Its McDonald's. They hire the laziest, incompetent personnel, and expect good outcomes. Find people willing to take responsibility, and have some work ethic!


I mean they updated the outside. And it’s nice looking but man some of their staff has the worst attitude problem. They got my order wrong a few times at this location.

Karena Kell

We went through the drive thru and they didn't seem busy, it was around 10 am. My husband wanted 2 saugage egg and cheese McGriddes, a hashbrown and Orange juice. All I wanted was a Bacon, egg and cheese Bagel. We paid and pulled to the next window and got the drink and was asked to pull to the side door and someone would bring us our food. Went to pull into one of the spots at the door and they were already taken so i pulled as close as i could as to not block the drive thru. When it was our turn to get our food, they forgot my husband's hash brown but caught it before we pulled away. We then pulled into a parking spot so I could eat my breakfast and my bagel was not correct, it was made with sausage not bacon. I did not go in and make it right, i pulled the sausage off and gave it to my husband checked my receipt to make sure it said bacon (it did) then ate the bagel with egg and what was left of the cheese and grease from the sausage. If you can't get an order right when you're not busy, I'd hate to see when you are busy.

Raamond Dowdell

these employees are friendly


sometimes the food tastes normal and sometimes it was obviously sitting out for 2 hours. this is the second time recently that they dumped a gallon of salt onto my burger for no reason.

Ashley Sampsell

Wish there were more sugar free drinks available they only offer diet coke or unsweetened tea

Jason Quaid

More than your modern meet fast food expectations. Friendly drive thru service and a relaxing dining room area to boot! Just stop by this location and take a ?

Anthony M.

A burger with NO ONION means a burger with NO ONION, NOT EXTRA ONION. This is why we need to pay you minimum wage. Chik fil a has never gotten my order even the least bit wrong.

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