Canton Restaurant

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160 N Gulph Rd #1021, King of Prussia

Canton Restaurant Reviews

Good prices for the portions they serve. Chicken is really good, but the cuts could be smaller so you can easily slurp it with your soup instead of having to stab at it with your fork.My main complaint is how hot the soup is when you get it. Hot soup is great, but not when it takes about ~20 minutes or more to feel safe to eat. Maybe that's just me thiugh

We love to go out. Yesterday we arrived in this superb place which friends recommended to us. We spent a beautiful time there with delicious food and an efficient team and a great cook. We put this restaurant in our list and we will certainly come back soon. We highly recommend.

My kings and queens of cheep Chinese food. The portions are large and the prices are just as good, the food tastes great and you get a lot of options. The staff may come off as aggressive at first, but if they get to know you and your face they treat you like family.

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