Dutch Wonderland

2249 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster
(866) 386-2839

Recent Reviews

Jared Fizer

Fantastic park for kids also there's a cartoon Network hotel directly beside

Donald Lewis

Not much open but it's very quiet and relaxing.

Zapp Rowsdower

Tacky and they really don't do much to update anything, its exactly like it was when I was a kid and i remember actually wondering why we came all that way when we could've just gone to six flags or kings Dominion. The campground is right awful as well, too close to lincoln highway so you hear the traffic all night and the amusement park lights keep it so bright at night you better hope you're a heavy sleeper.

Eric Snyder

Great and safe place to bring kids. So close to lancaster city. Gets packed on weekends so plan accordingly

C K.

Everything is closed here because of COVID. My husband and I were having a nice time taking photos out front bc that's literally all you can do and we're sick of being in the house during a rainy week. But security ran us off, killing the fun. Based on this, I would imagine the inside is not very fun. Dutch Wonderland is not interested in your fun if you are not paying to be inside. It's the little things in a lockdown.

Kristina Backes

My son loved it! Was definitely cool to be able to do all the stuff he wanted because it's a theme park geared toward little kids!

Nicholas Stendardo

Great place to bring the kids. Extremely fun rides for the little ones.

Erla Martin

It’s a great place for kids under 10, the rides are fun and the show is neat to watch! Go in the summertime for the water park and cool off riding the roller coasters.

Jon L.

Our favorite place to hang with our daughter on our days off. She loves this place so much and it's great for families

Destiny Murdock

Always a good time! Kids love it. I took them over the summer which can be very busy but still a good time. We also went during winter wonderland and they loved it!

Von Purnell

Been going there since 1980 two to four times a summer great place for children. Not one bad time even saw Chief Halftown someone from my childhood. Can’t wait to take grandsons to pass the good times on. If you have children or feel young get tickets.

Andrew Fletcher Cole

Really good value for money, this is a must-do activity if you have young kids and are in the area. With an array of rides and quick lines, the experience is very enjoyable, augmented by friendly staff. The ‘big’ roller coaster is not available during the winter months but there are lots of lights. Many classics to be enjoyed: bumper cars, giant swinging space ship, spinning cups etc. Top it off with fries and a corn/hot dog!

My Hanitizer

Amazing in every sense, we always fun ourselves going during the winter holidays and the place does not disappoint the little ones, also the price is fantastic and the rides are many. Plus the area offers lots of shops and food. Hal a dozen hotels are in the area and their staff are helpful and make the experience enjoyable. W hope to visit it in the summer soon and see more of it.

Cody Hostler

Good and enjoyable rides were fun

Isaya Mutombo

Very appropriate for all kids ages. Good parking arrangement

Steve Steele

That was fun. First time. We were passing through. Well worth the stop. Loved the lights. Sure was chilly that night. Spots to warm up were provided. Plenty of hot beverages.

Cindy Shumate

Amazing. We had a blast. The staff is so amazing. You have the most helpful employees. Take great care of them. We appreciated the military discount. I think this is the most fun that we ever had at an amusement park. Thank you again. We will be back.

Anita H.

Kids love it! It's an amusement park that caters to small children. It was my very first job. Great place for small kids to have fun without the worry of being around lots of big kids.

Justin K.

Something to do with the kids when visiting the Lancaster area but much of the park is very outdated with pop-up carnival style rides. Young kids (3-8) will prob enjoy but not so much older ones.

Tim Rooney

Great park for kids! Plenty for them to do. My tour year old was able to ride almost all the rides with an adult. Highly recommend. Traffic coming into the park and leaving. Other then that can't beat it

Nicole O'Neal

We have been going here for the last 5 years and it just keeps getting better. So perfect for kids aged 8 and younger, which is nice since most amusement parks are for older kids. Wish the price would stop increasing yearly.

Jennifer S.

Their kid rides and playground are a lot of fun. The line wait times were very reasonable. The staff was helpful with answering questions. The rides were fun and the food was typical theme park fare, but not terrible. Such a fun day!


Had a great time with our adult children and our young granddaughters. Personally I’d say it’s best for younger kids

Julie W

Had a wonderful time with our 5 year old and almost 2 year old. They were able to get on all of the rides they wanted together. The youngest was free admission which was a nice surprise when we got there. This is a great family park for young children. Highly recommend!!!

Emily Kubat

Great family amusement park! We stayed from open until close and it had enough rides to keep my 3 kids (ages 3, 5, and 7) having fun all day. The lines were not excessively long, and there is no fast pass for people to cut to the beginning of the line if they pay more (like at a lot of other places). The food was better than most other amusement parks that we have been to for a similar price. Highly recommend this place for young families!

Lisa Abate

Tons of fun. Everyone was helpful. The process for a special needs child was very easy and made the day so much less stressful. There's so much to do that it is almost impossible to get it all done in one day!

Christine R.

I just called to find out how much it was to go to Dutch Wonderland and the lady hung the phone up on me for no reason


Just the right amount of rides. The park has a pleasant feel to it. Best to bring food to the park in a cooler or just leave and hit one of the many restaurants in the area.

v r

Thank you for your kind words and review! We are excited to hear you enjoyed your visit with us! Duke and his royal friends hope to see you in the kingdom again soon!


Thank you for your kind words and review! Princess Brooke and the rest of the royal court hope to see you in the kingdom again soon!


Thank you for your kind words and review! We are so excited to hear you and your royal court enjoyed your visit with us recently! Duke and his pals hope to see you in the kingdom again soon!


Thank you for your extremely kind words and review! We are so excited to hear you stopped by the kingdom again and that your day was a Dutch Wonderful one! Duke and his royal pals hope to see you at the castle gates again soon!

Reginald Blue

Took my 3 year old son here. He had a great time. The staff/ride operators were pleasant and were very helpful and attentive. The park was clean and well maintained. The entry price was reasonable. I have mixed feelings about the "premium parking", but it was worth it for helping with our 3 year old.

Kurt Thompson

I grew up going here and have been a regular customer of Dutch Wonderland since I had children of my own. The kids love it, and beg to go back. The prices have risen drastically in the last few years, but if you have an open schedule in the summer, a season pass works out to be a decent deal. I do/have recommended this place to people with children under 12, though it is most fitting for the 3-10 year old range.

Aaron Cortright

Perfect for 1.5 year olds to maybe 10 years old. Their are a few things to do for older kids too, but that is not their focus. The lines for many of the rides were manageable. Because it's an older park, they have many full grown trees within the park creating tons of shade, making hot summer days tolerable. Can't wait to go back!

Pasquale R.

It's Great Adventure on a smaller scale...and more kid friendly. They have a couple of roller coasters, a water park (closed after Labor Day), kiddie rides, a dino walk through park (very small but cute), a monorail and a sky ride. Eating options are limited to your run of the mill burger, dogs, pizza, pretzels...etc. Very limited healthy options but seriously, who is eating healthy when they are here. We ordered some BBQ (smoker was outside) and brought it to the large indoor cafeteria. Average food...don't expect a 5 star restaurant experience. There a few hills but from what we walked, everything was accessible (stroller, wheelchair and such). Their entrance prices on a 1 time deal is a bit pricey. $40 per ticket...if you purchase a family 4 pack. We lucked out since there were 8 of us...parking will set you back $5 (or preferred for $15 but if the park isn't full, save your money). My suggestion is go right after Labor Day - crowds are significantly less. Bathrooms are spread around the park and upon entering. Staff was unenthusiastic but our interactions were limited. We missed the "diving show" but families seem to love it and it's included in the price. A couple of gift shops sprinkled in between (especially on entering and exiting)...so blindfold/distract your child if you want to save money... A great one day park - if crowds are small, you can do the entire thing in less than a day. Enjoy!


I had not been to Dutch Wonderland in over 20 years until this summer. They have expanded the park but kept the simplicity of theme and focus for younger children. I took my great niece of 9 and 2 and my sister. We had an awesome day enjoying each other’s company and sharing time together. The park has added some coasters that make the age range just a little wider to reach my 9 year old niece. There is no better time then sharing it with those you love!!


We have family in Lancaster so we buy a season pass every year. The rides are really geared toward small children however our kids enjoy them. The park has two smaller roller coasters that never really have much of a wait; my son likes both of them. The prices are reasonable, the park is clean and the staff is friendly. We always have a good time and the length of time we spend there is just right when you have toddlers.

Kelly B

My teenager and her friend spent the day. They had fun eventhough it is geered more towards younger kids.

David H.

Let me put this up front, Dutch Wonderland is not in the same league Hershey Park or Six Flags.  I mean there are only 2 half decent roller coaster rides for the grown-ups.  But it does offer a niche for families with small kids 10 and younger, with many rides that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy.  The park is not small, but at the same time not overwhelming at all.  We were able to navigate without getting lost or even stressed.   It's clean and the staff are friendly.  On a nice weather day, it's definitely worth spending half a day here if you have small kids, and spend the rest of the day in Lancaster which offers ample shopping and dining choices. Not risking the page size going out of control, I'll limit to very few mentions: + Merlin's Mayhem: This is the best ride in the whole park. Very smooth yet gives a bit of thrill.  Wish the ride is longer though. + Prehistoric Path: A nice stroll through a well shaded and groomed path with a dozen live-looking and animated dinosaurs along the way. Some of them even roar and steam.  Even the grown-ups would be amused. + Bumper Cars: I can actually say I've had my best bumper car experience here! The cars are incredibly responsive and the quantity and thus congestion well under control :) - Monorail: Not recommended. Not only are the views not as good as Sky Ride, and the ride not as fun as Wonderland Special (Train), the wait is ridiculously long.  The capacity is deceivingly small, so psychologically it made the wait seem even longer. Don't bother paying the parking. It's not worth it and you walk just about the same distance if you park at the adjacent Tanger Outlet.  No need to buy food in the park either. The park isn't too big, so you can either just spend half a day and skip food, or get your hands stamped and go somewhere nearby (e.g. Manor Buffet which is less than 1/4 miles away) and head back to the park after a nice meal.