Five Guys

2090 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster
(717) 299-4470

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Gemma Bryant

I haven't been to this location. I've been to the one on Fruitville and it was not impressive. My husband and I spent over $40 for a mediocre burger, fries and small milkshakes. For the price we paid, the meal should've blown me away and have a taste like no other. For instance, having truffle fries would've made it worth it. The mere addition of a special ingredient that would make the burger really pop would've made it worth it but instead we got a burger that tasted like every other burger and fries that you can get from anywhere. I haven't been to the chain since and never will. It left us longing for something more.

Meghan Stewart

They originally messed up my order. I guess the cashier was new. They made good by it. I had ordered a single burger with just mayo and pickles. They made good by upgrading to a double burger. Their food is always amazing.

Cade Master Cade

Are the cooks supposed to wear their masks over their mouths and nose, or under the chin is fine?

Carlton Allen

It's been awhile since I've visited this location of Five Guys food was tremendous and I've never seen the reason to buy more than one small fry cuz they give you so many for us freshly cooked hot out the grease Burger was good plenty of bacon no complaints I have noticed that the prices are going up or maybe it's just this location idk but that food was good

Sandra Coates

5guys i will never eat at again...i go to grab tge fries and its close to close time they ran and locked door and was making like real dumb faces when all they had to do is say maam we are now closed...just ignorant...i will .another tho...LOVE THEM FRIES W.VINEGAR?

Cheri Rhoades

Excellent customer service AND burgers!

Billie Tinley

I’m not one for burgers and would normally choose anything else on the menu, but today I tried five guys burgers for the first time and I absolutely loved it. My burger was made exactly how I asked (extra well done) and no mistakes. And I loved that they tell you where the potatoes come from and the farm and farmer too! Very generous with the fries too. Service was normal speed for a made to order burger place. Staff was super amazing and friendly. I would definitely eat here again.


Stopped here for a late dinner. Got a basic burger (came with 2 patties) and all toppings were free. Added lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and mushrooms, and ketchup. Loved that you could customize your burger at no extra charge. Hubby got a cheeseburger with his choice of toppings. Burgers came out fast and were delish. You can munch on free peanuts while waiting. Lots of restaurants seem to close early in this area so I’m glad this was still open after a long car ride to get to the area.

Thomas Moses

As always the food feels way to expensive, but I knew what I was getting into going there. The thing that got me upset is this is the first five guys I’ve gone to where I got such little fries. I excepted to see my bad full of fries like always when I buy a large but I got what would have been excitable as a medium. Pulse they hand no onions which was a huge bummer. Food tasted good as always and the service was fine and the dinning room was clean. Never going to this five guys unless things change

Craig Scott

Service here is always great and the food is delicious as you’d expect.

Bill Stout

Very good food first and for most service very good but if ur looking to save some cash let's just say not likely pricy menu but like I said excellently prepared love their Oreo shake and fries made to order very fresh I got a hotdog with bacon and hot peppers a double burger and fries wit that awsome shake and it was close to 30 dollars but it is a good amount of food but can hurt the wallet will go back for sure untill next time live love and eat lots keeping it ? always ????

Pjeter Elezovic

Great burgers!!!! Fresh veggies

Kara Mundy

This is my favorite Five Guys in Lanc. It can have a wait sometimes, and I miss the peanuts in the lobby, but still my go to.

Troy Bell

The food is costly but also good.

Will Taylor

Best fries ever! Dip them in the milk shakes. Burgers over priced, and just ok.

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