Five Guys

2090 E Lincoln Hwy, Lancaster
(717) 299-4470

Recent Reviews

Misty Wintsch

I know the prices of everything have gone up, but wowzer! $16.67 + tax for a single burger no cheese, fries and a small coke... Oh and a handful of "free" peanuts. I came here to work but no wifi for customers. Really? Good food but I'll think twice over the price next time and will keep on driving if I need wifi for a working lunch.

RobiKo & Associates, LLC

Of all the Five Guys we've been to in the world, this location has THE best burger. I totally enjoyed my visit.If you like potato salad, try mayonnaise on your hot fries. You'll be amazed.

Brandon Mayer de Rothschild

Always good and a few dollars more then McDonald's or burger king's not so legit ingredients.

Denny V.

Terrible management and customer service, so please be advised. Quentin, the Gm, literally argued with me for 15 minutes over their milkshake machine being defective & even his own employees noticed it before handing me the machine and the best they can do is "make another one". I didn't even want a refund just wanted fries instead but he refused. Sh*tty workplace and management. Never going there again.

Joyce Warwick

Burgers were good. But the fries were TERRIBLE. Old and hard to chew, not fresh at all. Service was not real good.

Ashe Lewis

The staff is always very friendly, and the restaurant is clean both inside and out in the parking lot. The food is better than the average fast food place, but not good enough to justify the insane price.

Tracey J.

Great burgers and always hot, fresh and made to order !! Love the Cajun fries with their spicy kick !

Bean Galloway

Not a bad place to eat at Five Guys it was hot and fresh and the order was pretty fast but a lot of people said that Five Guys was real good it was good but it was not the best burger I have ever ate but still keep up the good work let's go

tim himes

Best burgers you could get and very fast at making them. ?

Kathy Zgleszewski

Food was very good. I didn't need three pieces of cheese on the 2 burgers. One slice of cheese would be enough.

JP Miller

Great hamburger joint but be careful for this location.Ordered online and arrived on time. They make my shake while I waited but handed me something I would never call a shake. Milk water. Then told me the machine was running low on mix. What happen to good service and good product and adding more mix. It will be a while before I go back to this location. Lazy employees.

Amanda Rasp

Friendly staff!! Great made to order burgers and fries... worth the wait!

Konrad Fritz

Great burgers with a myriad of toppings available. Fresh cut fries are good and they give you a ton of them. A small order easily serves three to four people. Be aware that the regular burgers actually two patties. If you want just one then order the small burger, which is plenty. Pro tip, all the toppings are free of charge except for cheese and bacon. However, if you get bacon or cheese you can get extra bacon and extra cheese for no extra charge! I have not had their milkshakes but I would like to try one. I understand not all stores have a milkshake machine. They serve hot dogs too, but I've never had one - it's called Five Guys burgers and fries for a reason.

James Ivey

Good food best burgers yummmmmmy lol shakes and fries really good

Beth Nuse

Usually excellent burgers and fries. 12/11 stopped by on my way home, around 930. Apparently onions and pickles look exactly alike. ? Not too much but definitely not the taste platform Im expected. ? Definitely not worth the $16 either.

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