Golden Corral

2291 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster
(717) 208-3984

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Jamie Godino

This was the worst Golden corral I have ever been to.Stood at cash register for over 5 minutes waiting to pay and go get lunch. Girl who was tending to it seem more interested in chatting with the other employees and joking around even when she did come she had no hurry and not welcoming at all.The food choices were very limited not at all what I am used to seeing at a Golden corral. Most of the food was not very good just a couple of the dishes were okay.We travel across the country often and stop at Golden Corral's so it is very easy to tell the difference between a good one and a bad one.Saw many employees who were all joking around and not tending to work I would blame the employees but it's always the management not training and doing their job.Save yourself the trouble and eat it one of the other restaurants on this strip.

Diana Graham

Good place to eat one of our go to places to people are nice and friendly food is good

Timothy Brock

Great food. Just don't go there when they are changing over from lunch to dinner. We waited in line for over an hour. Also. You can get Chocolate milk. You have to ask your server for it after you find your seat.

Nancy Lleras

Great food for a great price!

Ronald Singer

The staff were polite and pleasant and for being understaffed the food was fresh hot and very good high quality food and the waitresses were great the crew they have were hard working and clean as soon as possible quite efficient I am always pleased with the Lancaster Golden corral

Lawrence Young

Food was great. Gloves for handling tongs, social distance between tables.Our's closed from covid, so this was a treat.

Amanda Dobbs

I was pleased that I was actually able to eat the food at this location. Usually, in other locations I have visited, I am restricted to one plate and one plate only. If I attempt to eat more the food usually makes me run for the restrooms. I thought it was a bonus the we got there close to the end of breakfast and the beginning of lunch so we had far more food choices available to us. It was a good way to begin our long car ride home.

Bill Dale Jarrett

good food great service only problem desserts pies were frozen told manager she took care of it took them all off


Pot Roast is amazing! Classic chain buffet and very much inline with the chains standards. You know what you can expect. They do offer gloves for those who wish to use them and hand sanitizer but they also dont force their use. Clean establishment and caters to large groups easily.

Yukisha Hudson

The food is always so good. I had the best waitress,3stars for her I always have a pleasant experience when I go to eat at Golden Corral, loved it ❤️

Mariela G

Food was AWESOME. There's a nice variety of foods. All delicious and staff was great as well.

Laurie Foulk

Very dirty. Grandson spilled food on the floor. We told him to clean it up. Servers and employees walked by him or over him. Being a former server, I would have told an 8 year old boy, don't worry about it, we got this. Half of the dining room was closed. During covid. They sat us very close. We were a party of 5, my mother is 86 and uses a walker. We were sent to the far wide of the restaurant. NOT IMPRESSED!!!! I wish that there was a negative star. Our server, Val, was super impressive.

Scott Pettersen

We love Golden Corral but unfortunately some are better than others and many locations are closing.This particular Golden Corral was fantastic.Staff is very friendly and food was really really fresh and delicious.The place was very busy which is always a good sign of consistent quality.We will return.

Lisa Winger

I took my son here today to celebrate his 36th was me, my boyfriend and both of my sons. We have been here before to celebrate father's day. I must say that after today we will not be going back. The food did not impress us at all.

Jay Biggs

kids running around playing with the food. Bathrooms were disgusting. service was okay though

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