Pho Pasteur 3

2204 Columbia Ave, Lancaster
(717) 517-7360

Recent Reviews

V L.

Ordered the v10 bun dac biet take out. I get home and the shrimp is uncooked and they left some entrails behind. Everything else was pretty average. Shrimp isnt hard to cook thorough.

Heather Trovinger

Food was delicious. It would be helpful if there were more pictures on the menu so you would know what you're getting.

Chantha C.

I was at the restaurant today with my hubs and I decided to get the bun bo hue with flat noodles and my hubby got the combination pho number P7. Anyways I was enjoying the noodles until I felt something weird in my mouth on my tongue. I pulled out what looked like hair and I was for sure it was white strand of hair. I gave it to the old man that was serving us. He ask if I wanted another one so I said yes. Once he came back to me he said that it was lemongrass but I knew that was a HUGE lie. So anyways as I was eating I had no more appetite and I wasn't enjoying it as much as I did in beginning.

Elizabeth Harvey

Authentic menu with a good variety of selections. Ample portions. (DO NOT order a large pho unless you want leftovers for several days! ?) Unique beverages. Decent prices. Good location with large parking lot and easy in/out at traffic light. Casual and attentive wait staff.

Juan Pagan

By far my favorite Pho restaurant. I’ve been to others even ones close by where I live in Hershey and none have topped the genuine flavor here. The servings are great, food is always fresh and plentiful, and the staff are friendly and prompt. Try this place!

Darian McDonald

Excellent quality ingredients, friendly Service. Lots of food for th Price. A better option to some (if not all) of the down town places

Bev C.

We have a vegetarian and a pescaterian in our group so we had to search to find a restaurant that would fit our desires. Pho is so close to perfect. The stir fried rice with added soy sauce was tasty, though if the tails on the shrimp had been removed it would have been easier to eat. The stir fried vegetables and noodles looked to be tHe dish of choice. That would be my next option! The LARGE bowl of soup was like a cauldron! There had to have been a quart of liquid in it! It was well loved by the person that ordered it. Our main problem with the meal was the fact that the soup was brought out about 10 minutes after everything else. We wondered if perchance the waitress didn't put the order in. Ordering an appetizer for that person woUld have been a smart idea. Each meal was $10 or less. Can't beat the price! For 5 people the bill came to $64 which includes tax and a healthy tip. Service was friendly and the inside comfortable.

jesse holloway

Good pho! We dined here on a Friday night around 6pm. There were 4 of us, but we were seated quickly.

Dylan Z.

One of my go to places to get pho. Great food, nice restaurant and great waitstaff. I usually get a large P17 (Pho), and the B1 (Bahn mi). They definitely have one of the better Vietnamese hoagies around, I just wish they still made the bread for the rolls in house. The only downside to this place is the wait at times, and the cleanliness. But other than that it's a great place to eat, and I highly recommend!

Sim Cappabianca

Good food with incredibly fast service. We go here all the time.

Timothy Hood

The best Vietnamese Pho that I have had in a long time!! The service is very good, and the price is very good, plus the servings are huge!! I will be frequenting this establishment quite often!!

Roxanne Bachman

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! I hsve become a "regular" and they treat me that way. Delicious, clean and friendly!

Alexia Ahmed

Clean n fresh food. Nice service

Jennifer L.

My husband and I absolutely love this place. We eat here about five times a week so you could say we are regulars ;) We come here for the PHO. We used to go to Saigon Cafe but they are more expensive and the portions aren't as generous as Pho Pasteur . One thing I have noticed is, they seem to have a ton of regular customers. Implementing a stamp card with a free PHO after so many purchases would be nice ;) I heard someone ask about it the other day and I agree. With that being said, they are fast, efficient, friendly and the food taste sooo good. It's a real addiction for us! Haha

N Su

Feeling under the weather so off to get Chicken Pho. Purchased a large Pho to go. Broth was in a separate container and noodles, hot peppers, bean sprouts, sliced chicken, raw onions, and additional sauces in another. If you're looking to try a new type of cuisine, go Vietnamese. Simple dishes with a variety of flavors.


Very very good. And very clean . I’m so picky eat but I try over 20 restaurant Asian and finally I stopped at PASTEUR

David B.

Flavorful pho! A friend advised against it but my wife and I decided to give it shot after realising Saigon closes at 8. We were not disappointed at all!

Mike Johnstone

I love this place. I usually wait until fall/winter to get pho. I get so excited knowing that the weather will soon change and I can enjoy the delicious soup once again. Their Banh Mi are also ridiculously tasty. I order them just for the pickle vegetables. Never had a bad meal here.

Patrick Rooney

Great place. Very good food. If Pho is your thing this a must stop.

Ruth Di Sipio

Tasty authentic food, prompt service, well priced! The menu is brief, but the portion sizes are appropriate to the price.

Angelica Zink

The food and service is fantastic, the best pho in Lancaster in my opinion.

Taylor Grant

i love it here, came to millersville for school and it rains a lot here and this pho spot is perfect for the rainy tuesdays

Scott V.

This place is awesome. I eat here a couple times a week. The Pho Tai Nam is my normal go to. But the fried rice is awesome. And the pork chops are knock your socks off. The only thing I would recommend improving is the fresh spring rolls. They are made ahead of time and are sometimes dried out a bit. Give it a chance even if you aren't familiar with Vietnamese food.

Janie Wilson

When I first started going to this restaurant last year, it was great. Great food, great service. Unfortunately it has since declined - in atmosphere ( water or whatever all over the ladies bathroom floor, toilet paper all over the floor, the faucet was taped up with a dirty rag), and service. The worst is when the waitress delivered my food while she was eating, her mouth full with bulging cheeks. Today was my last visit to this restaurant.

Ginger Bell

Went twice in one week. Very authentic with more than enough. The Pho was hearty and rice and very satisfying. Service is helpful and friendly.

La La B.

Ordered pho tai sach (steak and tripe) with the beef on the side (to prevent the beef being too well done). Charge $1 for having the beef on the side (no where on the menu was this listed). $1 DOLLAR! also came with 4 pieces of thinly sliced tripe. Ordered Bun Bo Hue, asked for shrimp sauce to enhance the flavor. The waiter asked the cook, the cook asked "why?" The waiter explained that the customer had requested it. Didn't get the shrimp sauce until after the table was cleaned and delivered with the check. Spring rolls lacked pork.

Melissa B.

My husband and I are obsessed with pho. After we moved to a different state our top priority was to find a pho place. This one was so close - and so delicious! Amazingly delicious broth, and the meat is tender and flavorful. Hands down the best pho place we've been to, we like it even more than our regular place back in Michigan. Can't wait to come back and try the bahn mi!


The food is prepared and cooked well. The Vietnamese iced and hot coffee with condensed milk is always very good. The Spring Rolls are also very good. The only negative is the restrooms need taken care of better. The spigot had a rag hanging over it and did not work. The floors were sticky and the rooms did not smell very good.

Vincent Nguyen

Have been to the restaurant many times in the last few years that they have been opened. Food is decent and the price is fair compared to the Vietnamese restaurants in the area. However, it seems like their customer service have taken a nosedive lately. Today, I called ahead to order to go. Came to the restaurant in 10-15 minutes. Paid for my bill, and then the cashier who was helping me just walked away after I signed for the payment slip. I figured the food wasn't ready, so I sat and waited. 15 minutes goes by, with staff passing on by with what it feels like they're actively trying to avoid eye contact with me. None of the staff even took the time to acknowledge me or provide any updates to me about my order. So, I walked to the counter again, and gentleman who took my payment earlier asked what I had ordered. I would've understand if they were busy, that he forgot about me and my order, but they weren't! I stated what I had ordered, and he grabbed two bags that were sitting on metal shelf next to the cashier station. The very same two bags that had been sitting on those shelves since I entered the restaurant! What's more sad is that this same EXACT situation happened before! I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first time, but to have it happen twice is just inexcusable. If you plan on eating/ordering here, just don't set your expectations too high for their customer service.

Gregory Faiola

Good stuff. Clean, efficient. Will go back.


We had a delicious meal here! Looks like a family buisiness with all friendly people. Service was great, and realy fast! And also for a good price.


My table was impressed by the variety of options! The menu is good with providing pictures of what you are getting too. I had the beef Pho and really enjoyed it. We had a large group and the staff accommodated us and were very friendly, helpful, and patient. Decent prices & portions. They have some gluten free options as well such as the Pho. Worth a try!

Edward W.

Get stomach pains whenever I eat here. The food is good but whatever they put in it doesn't agree with me or the wife.

S Lewis

Pho was ok, but yellow wings with peanut sauce were old, dry and hard. It was disgusting!!!! Brought it to owner attention, but because we both took a bite out of the 2 wings to try, he only took 50% off and since we couldn't eat it and it being old, dry and nasty, we expected a full refund. We will not be going there again. Not good customer service coming from the owner!!!

Shilea Pearson

I absolutely LOVE this place!! The Pho is perfect! I go once a month & I'm never disappointed. The only downfall is that the bathrooms are rarely clean enough. All in all a great restaurant though.

heather ritchey

The food is fantastic and is great every time. The employees sometimes have a hard time understanding special requests but they try to accommodate. Price are great

Christine L

We all know Pho is delicious but if you get the chance, get the Bun Bo Hue. EXCELLENT. Such a tasty broth. Highly recommended.

Jamie Mosher

First pho experience. It was very tasty. For future reference one small bowl is definitely more than enough for myself!

E.A. Harvey

Delicious. Great service. Decent prices. I'm a fan of the spring rolls.

Douglas Selbe

Excellent food and service. Authentic Pho with fresh toppings. Will return when in the area.