Pho Pasteur 3

2204 Columbia Ave, Lancaster
(717) 517-7360

Recent Reviews

Janie Wilson

When I first started going to this restaurant last year, it was great. Great food, great service. Unfortunately it has since declined - in atmosphere ( water or whatever all over the ladies bathroom floor, toilet paper all over the floor, the faucet was taped up with a dirty rag), and service. The worst is when the waitress delivered my food while she was eating, her mouth full with bulging cheeks. Today was my last visit to this restaurant.

Ginger Bell

Went twice in one week. Very authentic with more than enough. The Pho was hearty and rice and very satisfying. Service is helpful and friendly.


The food is prepared and cooked well. The Vietnamese iced and hot coffee with condensed milk is always very good. The Spring Rolls are also very good. The only negative is the restrooms need taken care of better. The spigot had a rag hanging over it and did not work. The floors were sticky and the rooms did not smell very good.

Vincent Nguyen

Have been to the restaurant many times in the last few years that they have been opened. Food is decent and the price is fair compared to the Vietnamese restaurants in the area. However, it seems like their customer service have taken a nosedive lately. Today, I called ahead to order to go. Came to the restaurant in 10-15 minutes. Paid for my bill, and then the cashier who was helping me just walked away after I signed for the payment slip. I figured the food wasn't ready, so I sat and waited. 15 minutes goes by, with staff passing on by with what it feels like they're actively trying to avoid eye contact with me. None of the staff even took the time to acknowledge me or provide any updates to me about my order. So, I walked to the counter again, and gentleman who took my payment earlier asked what I had ordered. I would've understand if they were busy, that he forgot about me and my order, but they weren't! I stated what I had ordered, and he grabbed two bags that were sitting on metal shelf next to the cashier station. The very same two bags that had been sitting on those shelves since I entered the restaurant! What's more sad is that this same EXACT situation happened before! I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first time, but to have it happen twice is just inexcusable. If you plan on eating/ordering here, just don't set your expectations too high for their customer service.

Gregory Faiola

Good stuff. Clean, efficient. Will go back.


We had a delicious meal here! Looks like a family buisiness with all friendly people. Service was great, and realy fast! And also for a good price.


My table was impressed by the variety of options! The menu is good with providing pictures of what you are getting too. I had the beef Pho and really enjoyed it. We had a large group and the staff accommodated us and were very friendly, helpful, and patient. Decent prices & portions. They have some gluten free options as well such as the Pho. Worth a try!

Edward W.

Get stomach pains whenever I eat here. The food is good but whatever they put in it doesn't agree with me or the wife.

S Lewis

Pho was ok, but yellow wings with peanut sauce were old, dry and hard. It was disgusting!!!! Brought it to owner attention, but because we both took a bite out of the 2 wings to try, he only took 50% off and since we couldn't eat it and it being old, dry and nasty, we expected a full refund. We will not be going there again. Not good customer service coming from the owner!!!

Shilea Pearson

I absolutely LOVE this place!! The Pho is perfect! I go once a month & I'm never disappointed. The only downfall is that the bathrooms are rarely clean enough. All in all a great restaurant though.

heather ritchey

The food is fantastic and is great every time. The employees sometimes have a hard time understanding special requests but they try to accommodate. Price are great

Christine L

We all know Pho is delicious but if you get the chance, get the Bun Bo Hue. EXCELLENT. Such a tasty broth. Highly recommended.

Jamie Mosher

First pho experience. It was very tasty. For future reference one small bowl is definitely more than enough for myself!

E.A. Harvey

Delicious. Great service. Decent prices. I'm a fan of the spring rolls.

Douglas Selbe

Excellent food and service. Authentic Pho with fresh toppings. Will return when in the area.

Kim Hoang N.

The Pho was okay, somedays it was good, somedays it was not good. And if Springroll is your favorite like mine, DON'T ORDER IT FROM HERE, you gonna be disappointed, trust me.(and pricy if they call that was springroll) . But the beef stew (Bo Kho) in here is the best in town. My friend told me the Bun Bo Hue was good too but I haven't tried it yet. I'm Viets

va xiong

Stopped by on a Sunday afternoon for lunch. Place was decently busy. The pho was good (7/10). Portions were average for the price paid. Servers took a long time to bring out our food.


Food is good. Servers are inexperienced. Atmosphere is fine. Family owned and friendly.

Victoria G.

Never as busy as I think they should be. I get the shrimp spring rolls and the combination pho and it is always delicious!

Gordon B

An exceptional Vietnamese Restaurant has risen from the ruins of the old Denny’s on Columbia Avenue. I am from Falls Church, Virginia where there are more Vietnamese restaurants per capital than anywhere in the USA. We even have Little Saigon, which is an entire shopping center consisting of no less than 32 Vietnamese restaurants. I will inform you this is an authentic restaurant down to the smallest detail. There are about 20 varieties of Pho, the classic rice noodle soup and they are excellent served with all the fresh trimmings. Not over-seasoned with anise to cover up inexperience. Appetizers, Banh mi hoagies, rice dishes, and the rice vermicelli dished are what really makes the place shine. Try the V10 Bun Dac Biet, which is the House Special. Sugar Cane Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Pork, Grilled Pork Patties, and Egg Roll all on a bed of vermicelli, lettuce, bean sprouts, and carrots. It is suitable for sharing because one person will find it hard to finish. Trust me. If you don’t like this place, you don’t like Vietnamese food.

Michelle A.

Very good Pho and Spring rolls. They also have a Limeade drink that I love. Only downfall, it could be cleaner. I feel like the table smell like they were wiped with a dirty dish cloth, so I always bring my own hand sanitizer and wipe down the table myself.

Roger R. Casado

My new favorite Vietnamese place in the area! The host is so friendly! I recommend you ask him for the Chef specialty. Make sure to mix whatever comes in your noodle bowl for the ultimate experience! I will be coming to this place every other weekend now.


Quickly becoming my favorite Vietnamese spot. It took over the old Denny’s so I love the fact every table is a booth. I like to get the house special with the pork chop and broken rice. It’s fabulous. Service overall is decent. The servers tend to ignore you if you don’t know what you want right away, so come prepared. Smoothies and limeade are also delicious.

Alexa Smith

We got a grilled pork vermicelli, a grilled pork and egg roll vermicelli, and grilled pork over rice for my son. Overall the food was perfectly fine. The grilled pork was bland and soggy, the egg roll was very very chewy, and the fish sauce had red pepper flakes in it that gave it a flavor we weren't used to, not necessarily bad, just strange. We probably won't be back because it wasn't our taste.

Ray Antonelli

The food here is outstanding, even if the service is a bit curt. We got the P3 (pho with brisket and tendon) and V11. The vegetables were very fresh and the tendon and brisket were perfectly tender. The broth itself was rich enough to practically be a meal unto itself. The portions are HUGE. Definitely pay the extra dollar for the large pho and you should have enough for two meals.

Austin Douglas

Have been here a couple of times now and always get pho. Try p11 or p19 the seafood pho. Food usually comes out quickly.Service is okay but the food is worth it!

Eric Faber

Excellent Vietnamese food! Eat in a get it fast & hot. Friendly staff. We will be back.

Charles Welsh

Solid Pho and excellent spring rolls. We also tried one of the hoagies. Also excellent. Service was great and the price is very reasonable. Definitely recommend this place!

Khal F.

Best pho in Lancaster hands down. Ignore any bad reviews. First off, pho isn't meant to be a take-out item unless you want to go home to your lonely existence with rapidly cooling soup in melted plastic containers. This place is always DELICIOUS and HOT just like it's supposed to be. The broth is savory and full of flavor, perhaps better than any I've had in lancaster. Maybe the people have a hard time understanding English but I believe a little patience is due considering the cultural differences. So definitely eat here if you enjoy Vietnamese flavor. You won't be disappointed!

E N.

My family was sat down and more people kept coming and were taken care of and served before us. My husband tried to get a waiters attention and the waiter just shrugged his shoulders and put his arms up. We waited a few more minutes and I had to physically call a waiter out loud to come over. I said we were sitting for about half an hour and people who came after us were already eating. We placed our order and my husband had the waiter repeat what we asked for and he missed an item. We received our food a few minutes later. My son ordered a specialty drink and the waiter put it next to my elbow as I faced my son causing me to almost spill it. We did not enjoy our time there. Good food. Cranky service.

Charles Williams

Great Vietnamese. Very authentic.... So authentic that we had a small amount of trouble communicating with our server.


I have only eaten hear once with a friend of mine and we were both quite happy with our meals. Very fresh.

Paul M.

I have only eaten hear once with a friend of mine and we were both quite happy with our meals. Very fresh.

Courtney O.

So delicious! By far the best pho I've had. Friendly service, good atmosphere, amazing prices and huge portions. Looking forward to trying more on my next visit.

Bruce C.

RUDE customer service. Ever since they got this new "manager", this place is garbage. I went in on a Thursday night at 8:30 pm. I was with a distraught family member. I asked for a corner booth for privacy. He gave me the booth next to the corner. I moved our menu to the corner booth and began to talk to my family. He had the audacity to come out and warn me that next time, I have to sit in a booth that he assigns because the longer corner booths are for big party. Well, at the time there is an empty corner booth at the other end. The restaurant had 8 customers. I would have been more understanding had it been a weekend and crowded. It was totally uncalled for. He was rude. Needless to say, we left without ordering and will never go back. This boy needs a lesson in customer service courtesy. Where did they find this punk? Must be a family member because he does not belong in this business. I manage a big restaurant and I know. Apparently his parents never taught him any manners.


The food, portions and prices at Pho Pasteur 3 were all excellent. Service was quick, polite and efficient. We love Vietnamese food and this restaurant met all of our desires for that food. I only have one warning. I don't know for certain but the chef may use MSG. I am terribly sensitive to MSG and get violent migraines when I consume it. My reaction is very distinct and recognizable, so I have to say that our meal had MSG in it, since I got a terrible, day-long migraine shortly after eating.One thing I have learned from eating at Asian restaurants, is that the honest ones will tell you if they add MSG, but not all are so honest. HOWEVER, I have also found that many Asian restaurants which I consider honest about MSG cannot control its use in their offerings, because even if they don't *add* MSG, it is contained in many of the sauces they use and that is mostly beyond their control.The food at Pho was excellent and both my wife and myself really enjoyed it. However, I got a MSG migraine and either the chef uses it or the sauces they buy and use in their food preparation has MSG in them.Otherwise, if you are not sensitive to MSG, please do try the restaurant - the food is excellent.

Cyn M.

I have gotten takeout from this place about a half-dozen times. I'd hoped it would be a great place, as I love Vietnamese food... but it's steadily gone downhill. I note fewer and fewer cars in their parking lot each time I pass by; obviously, the bloom is off this rose. Atmosphere: Lousy, which is why I have only gotten take out. Old Denny's, bright lights, no music--i.e. no atmosphere. Staff: I called in my order on my last visit, and arrived about 15 minutes later. The young guy that "greeted" me was befuddled when I noted there was a mistake with my order: he had me down for 5 orders of fried eggrolls. (I think he misheard my request for "fried" as "five" somehow.) He then acted like it was my fault. He scribbled on his little note pad, crossed things off, recalculated--a couple of times! I suggested he might use a fresh page in his pad as he continued scribbling... Finally, he got it right, put through the charge, and I signed the slip. I did not leave a tip--why would I???? The kicker for me was, after the order was fixed, I stood at the counter waiting. And waited. And waited. Having called 15 minutes earlier, I waited at the counter for nearly 1/2 hour. I was given NO indication that I'd have a long wait for my simple order. Had I been placed in the "penalty box?," I wondered. Ridiculous. As I waited, a young women came in who had also called in an order. She was given her receipt, and added a tip. The surly young man suddenly mustered his customer service skills, and thanked her profusely. He then, with fawning deference, directed her to take a seat and be comfortable while her order was being prepared. So much for being respectful to one's elders--courtesy will cost you $5 in this situation. I won't be back. Food: The broth in their signature Pho is flavorful but too GREASY. It is very HOT and melts its plastic take-out containers, which then leak into their cheap plastic takeout bags. What has totally grossed me out recently is their mushy shrimp in their Shrimp Pho. I don't know WHAT they do... My imagination paints a picture of a big awful tub of waterlogged shrimp and unsafe food handling. It was truly revolting and was promptly transferred into my kitchen trashcan. Another peeve, they are tight with their "peanut sauce" for spring rolls. I've certainly had better than this odd, watery/grainy concoction, unlike what is served at other Vietnamese restaurants. I'm convinced they mix the "good stuff' with water and/or other mystery ingredients. But just TRY to get an extra to go with your order of two spring rolls-- it will NEVER be included unless you ask again at pick-up. When I asked last time, I was told when I checked that, "If you asked for it, I'm sure it is there." Guess what? It wasn't. Overall: Sometimes their phone does not work (happened twice) and you will not be able to call. And sometimes is cash only (happened once). Are they paying their bills? I suggest scrutinizing your receipt carefully (I have a nagging feeling I should have more diligent about this.) If they intend to stay in business, I recommend they hire a mature, non-family member who is skilled in restaurant management and customer service, and is fluent in English.

Michael K.

This was my 2nd visit. Unlike the first time, I was left to look at the menu when I would have normally been asked if I wanted to order something to drink. I had to get the wait staff's attention in order to order coffee. Once ordered, he acted surprised that I'd ordered coffee. The pork chop was cooked well (tender) and was delicious. The portion was satisfactory. I wasn't as pleased with the overall taste as I was the first time.

Karine Hernandez

My Favorite (Item #V7) Soooo good and satisfying. Sorry forgot to take a picture before devouring it.

Philip Gerace

Amazing food, large portions, great prices, fast service, and a very friendly atmosphere. My girlfriend and I love eating here!!! You definitely get your moneys worth!