Red Lobster

EAST TOWN MALL, 2090 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster
(717) 291-1147

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Christian Kloppenburg

Quite expensive but at least the quality came close to the value. Got the $18 all you can eat shrimp special for lunch that only runs on certain days/times. Combined with a beer or 2, this can begin to weigh on the wallet.

Georgios Sotiriou

First things first, the service was good. Having said that, Red Lobster is Red Lobster... The food is not bad, but nothing to right home about. I got the linguini Alfredo with crab and although not bad, I could hardly taste the crab (there was enough crab meat in it, but no flavor). The locations look like they need a bit updating. The silverware for example at this one, could not be of lower quality and they looked like they needed another wash. I believe they need to do something, because I remember Red Lobster being a lot better

Ralph Caldwell

Not to bad was great last 3 times we went but our last visit we got one mushy lobster they replaced and my shrimp little over cooked rubbery will try again since we had a large party may have been bizzy


Spent $150 for 4 people for an awful experience, my appetizer was forgotten and the waitress never came back to check, I had to ask for it to be removed from the check at the end. I asked for extra biscuits and we didn't get those, also the soda was out of syrup, but couldn't switch it out because she wasn't there, and they weren't full at all. Sent my food back and when I still had an issue I was told the kitchen said they were supposed to be that way, which was hard and chewy but they could double fry them (which would have made the problem worse). I was going to order dessert but she brought the check right out, I left my food when she asked if I wanted a box, I left hungry and picked up food at a fast food place in that plaza that was made better, and cheaper. This is the first review I've left on anything because I've never have spent that much on something I couldn't eat and they could care less.

Matt Miraglia

We always get crab legs here. They know how to cook them. Our local RL stinks but this location is a good one.

opentable dinner


opentable dinner

Server was great she did a great job. The food was good. I went in expecting ok service and food and was impressed with what we experienced.

cec coll

First time there .Love the lobster tail.Scallops were very good.

Kristin Daddario

Food was great and our waitress was fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

Heather Y.

They're short staffed, shocker. We ate at the bar and the drinks and service were perfect. They got the biscuits right but all the rest of the seafood was over cooked and rubbery. Meh.

Tom Smith

The best seafood. Everything is very well prepared..from the Caesar salad to the lobster and the crabs.

Miosoti Orantes-Fitzpatrick

Today was my sister's Birthday so we went to Red Lobster because we love Red Lobster...but I am very annoyed/ disappointed with the experience I had...I informed the lady that it was my sister's birthday and if they did anything special...I was informed yes....but towards the end I had to rush to remind the lady that it was my sister's birthday because she was not informed my the previous person.....any way when desert time came the lady placed a candle on someone else's desert at the table causing a whole confusion ......why would you do that..that just doesn't make sense....the original owner of the desert was lucky my sister shared there dessert..what if she hadn't...they would have been waiting for a dessert that never would have came........I hate to pull the race card but if we were a white family the whole thing would have been done perfectly......I notice this every time ...... We are not the type to ever speak up but I was very irritated and said that I was annoyed ....and the waiter laughed/ scoffed rather then saying Im sorry .......I had to chase her down for this birthday dessert....... But then have to whole thing messed up all for a scoop of confusion...... I have had the waitress more then once and she always seemed to be talkative with people around us but not us......and ignored us .....and gave funny looks when we finally got her attention...I'm sorry but I don't know......also why don't they removed dishes ? Is it a vivid thing !?

Shey C

Excellent customer service.One of the waiters overheard me trying to decide what I wanted. She enthusiastically shared her experience with the brussel sprouts which ultimately made me want to try them. Delish!!!Meal: Salmon, shrimp, lobster mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts.

L K.

I would give the place 0 stars if could ad I never got to eat. At 5 pm got on the wait list for 7pm. We got there at 7 and we were told it would still be an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. The place was empty. The manager was rude and basically said tuff sh*t they are short staffed. If they know they are short staffed don't take a wait list or adjust it accordingly. This communist society is getting ridiculous. People getting paid not to work GOD DAMN the USA

Marianely M.

We were there for more than 2hrs and we did not get our food fast and they were not busy at all really bad service I do not recommend it.. And the manager did not have the dignity to show at the table and talk to us when we need her.

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