Tony Wang's Chinese Restaurant

2217 Lincoln Hwy, Lancaster
(717) 399-1915

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Greg Cindy E.

The outside is far from appealing but I refuse to go anywhere else for my Chinese food! The best we've had! They rent so little they can do with the building themselves sadly.


I've been here before, and this was equally better food that anywhere nearby. Easy to park, right out front.

Candy Breakfast

Great Chinese cuisine hiding in plain sight! Cheerful, happy staff, great portion sizes and prices too. Beyond pleased! Came from Frederick and was NOT disappointed. Best brown sauce I've had.

Penelope Lazuli

Absolutely wonderful. The service was so friendly and the food came out quickly. Best brown sauce I've ever had.

Donald Wolf

Going here for 19 years best Chinese food in Lancaster and the best egg drop soup i have ever had.

Nina B.

Have been going to Tony's since I was in the womb. I remember growing up and seeing Tony (the owner) walking around making sure every customer is enjoying their food and feels welcomed. Tony also has a wall of photographs of people he has met along the way, next to a window in which you can watch your meal being prepared. Everyone is always very friendly. The last few occasions I have had Vivian (I believe is her name) waiting my table and she is absolutely lovely. The food is also super delicious, always craving it! Thank you, Tony's!


Lunch there today was great. Fresh,flavorful chop suey, very inexpensive but high quality. Excellent service. Really no complaints.

Karla Trout

Great food, and the Tony Wang Family couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating. Despite what you may have read in the news, Tony Wang’s is not closing. They are looking for a new location, but they are open for business! They place doesn’t look like much. The outside of the building is run down, since the landlord is trying to sell the property to a developer, expecting the building to be torn down. But do t let that keep you away. It’s a great lunch stop. I had sweet and sour pork with fried rice, egg drop soup, and Chinese tea, and my whole check was only $7.16!!

Dan Mays

Fast friendly service. Delicious food. Large portions, low price. All three of us enjoyed their lunch meal. We ordered General Tso's Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Chicken and Mushrooms. I will dine here again next time I am in town.

Jeffrey Via

Of all the things I miss about living in Lancaster, Tony Wang's is my most missed. Tony is a Lancaster OG. The restaurant has remained nearly identical to when I can remember eating there as a child in the late 80s and early 90s. Do yourself a favor and stop eating at every other Chinese restaurant you eat at. This is the best. The tops. There is nothing served here that isn't made with attention, detail, flavor, love and warmth. If you're able to catch Tony up front, he's always happy to chat with you and is one of the kindest souls in all of Lancaster. Eat here now!

Jere Murr

Very hard to beat the food...I highly recommend this for lunch or dinner .

Marc Timpone

Wow, I travel for work all over the country and drove past Tony Wangs and decided to try it. It is 1 of my now favs in the country. From the hand rolled won ton soup , fried rice and orange beef it was all amazing. I am a foodie and I'm going to miss this place until I return!

Terrie F

So glad you're having a nice dinner on my restaurant I will keep doing my job to make all my customer have a wonderful dinner see you next time!


I will keep same flavor and good service try when you next time come back. HAPPY new year !

Emily Meola

One of Lancaster's "best kept secrets"

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Tony Wang's Chinese Restaurant

2217 Lincoln Hwy, Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 399-1915