787 Sumneytown Pike, Lansdale
(215) 661-1222

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Patrick O'Neil

Not much of a donut place anymore. No donuts displayed. Order through a kiosk, then find out the are out of the donut you selected and have to make another choice.Food: 3/5

Barbara K.

This location used to be my favorite. For at least 15 years, I have bought their ice tea and a breakfast sandwich. Before Covid they sold any size ice tea for $1but now any size is regular price which is understandable with the economy being what it is. But in the last month, the ice tea taste horrible and the sandwich comes out lukewarm. When I brought this to their attention, I was met with anything but friendly courteous service. They now have a kiosk but if you want service from a staff member, you are left waiting even though they know you're standing there. It is rare to find a friendly face among the staff but now that the tea and sandwich are mediocre there's no point in going there again.

Jay Sr

This place is absolute TRASH if I could give it 0 stars I absolutely would. They NEVER get the order right. The only donut place that don't make donuts they never have fkin donuts lol how is this place still running

Google user

I wish I could give a negative star rating. My girlfriend was in Dunkin before work at 6 am. She ordered a coffee and two donuts and unfortunately they did not have the donuts. I guess it was not delivered. What amazes me is that, they did not wanted to give her the money back. When she asked, the owner acted as if she will forget and leave or tell them it is okay.They started talk in Indian and they pointed at the trash can and they made a joke and laughed about it, like they should serve trash to her, what ever they were saying, it is very offensive. It took 10mins for the manager/owner to do something about it. What is happening to customers service and satisfaction? Dunkin headquarters should do something about this immediately.

Mimoza Bajrami

Even one star is too much! I went to get a coffe,and 2 boston cream! I ordered at the kiosk and i was waiting for my order to get ready! First they gave me the coffe,and i was waiting for my donuts, but they never gave me the donuts! So i asked for them! They told me “ oh we don’t have donuts “ i said can i get the refund for the donuts ! The started talking in their language “indian” and no one was coming to assist me! So i had to ask them again,if someone can help me to get the money back because i have to go to work!!So finally someone came to give me the money back,but while he was helping me,the other employees was pointing at the trash then looking at me,and keep laughing and joking in their language! Very rude!This is not how you treat your customers!It’s such a shame and bad image of Dunking Donuts !

Janet Miner

I will NEVER go to this Dunkin again! I was directed to go to the drive through for a gift card and the 3 cars in line never moved for 6 minutes! NOBODY ELSE WAS THERE! Thumbs down

Gabrielle Stacy

Three attempts to make one drink, AFTER having my payment method rudely snatched out of my hand.And to think, this was my attempt to give Dunkin another try from the last poor experience. Thanks for reminding me why I do go to Dunkin anymore.

stephanie castellanos

I asked for 2 turkey sausage wake up wraps. They gave me pork. When I asked if they could check again if it was turkey or not they walked away and ignored me. When they came back to the drive thru he said I don’t remember if it was or not and continued to ignore me after that. Horrible service

Bakes FFF

It was a dunkin. My wife thought the guy at the counter was a bit rude but the breakfast was one of thr best dunkin breakfasts I've had, fresh and very very good!

Mel Pratt

Love the products! However, the tops on the coffee sizes are often missed matched, causing multiple spills on clothing, the car, and burns on the hands or in the lap. Hopefully, these customer service errors can be corrected before someone is seriously injured.

Ny Barber

This location has definitely improved on speed and friendliness.I went there around lunch time which was no it busy. The staff was quicker and nicer. I pulled to the drive through window and was actually greeted.I paid promptly and the staff said have a nice day.DD has basically the same menu everywhere but they don’t carry as much as other spots that have a higher demand.Drive through is easy, entering and exiting is simple turning either way.I haven’t been inside yet to see the cleanliness or layout.Overall it was a positive drive through pick up.

Chris OShea

There's so many Dunkin in the area, but this one seems to have it's act together. The drive through moves quickly, the order is prepared promptly, and service was pleasant.

Marinela Budo

The worst customer service I’ve ever seen. I always use mobile ordering and my order is never ready. Employees are rude and with an arrogant attitude towards the customers. Last time I was there the drive through window employee gave me my drinks one by one without a holder, even though I had 4 drinks to pick up. For me this store don’t deserve even 1 star. Don’t stop here

Olivia Supplee

All of their food, minus the donuts(we all know those get shipped in on a truck regularly), taste like freezer and/or are freezer burnt. Hashbrowns? Bagels? Nasty. Every time without fail. At least their coffee is a solid OK.

Mark W

Went in. The guy made me use a computer to order. I just wanted a coffee and couldn't figure it out. I asked for help. The guy was real testy and said use the drive thru. I walked out like the 2 people in front of me.

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