Merrymead Farm

2222 S Valley Forge Rd, Lansdale
(610) 584-4410

Recent Reviews

Anna Marie P.

Grew up going to Merrymead and have many great memories there! During the month of October though, forget it! Crazy busy, lines for days, and the cost of each little activity adds up quick. Looking forward to venturing back at a less chaotic time of year.

Michael F.

Fantastic Ice Cream. Good environment - perfect for families or for a date night! Corn Maze in the fall is terrific fun for whole family

Pablo DePaulis

Great place for a young family! They let patrons see the animals, cows, goats, chickens, etc.They have a corn maze for kids ready for Halloween.There's a store to buy fresh produce and of course pumpkins of all sizes and gourds for sale, not to mention the ice parlor!Note pets are ok but not allowed in the animal area.

Terri Caramenico

Still the best ice cream in the area. Not the giant crowds like some of the other local fall destinations. Definitely stop by for at least a quick ice cream cone if you’re in the area.


We went to the pop up sunflower field today. It was amazing. We had a great time at the field and had delicious blueberry ice cream afterwards

Jillian B.

I love merry mead farm, I go there for the sunflower events, fall events! I've been going there since I was a little girl! I love the sunflower field, it was only $5 per person and 2$ a stem!! This place is great and I always have fun! The animals are nice to look at too!

Gregory Parker, Realtor

There’s nothing better than watching the cows while enjoying an ice-cream cone on summer evening. They’ve got a great rotation of seasonal flavors. The banana peanut butter chip or peach melba are worth a try. Then there is the peanut butter vanilla. It is the perfect blend of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirled throughout. Also be sure to check out the store and the delicious baked treats!

Meg T.

Don't bring your children here unless you want to teach them about how animals shouldn't be treated. It's bordering the line of animal cruelty to keep animals in such sad living facilities. Please make a change Merrymead. It is advertised as a wholesome farm but in reality it is just a factory farm. The cows I don't have much to say about, but what's the point of having rabbits and peacocks for display in tiny cages? I felt bad for all of the animals there, there is tons of room and I think the animals need upgraded living facilities. Overall this place is depressing but unfortunately common when it comes to factory farming, the ice cream didn't blow my socks off either, the chocolate had minimal flavor.

Deborah B.

Great homemade ice creams. Also have great baked goods, produce, meats and canned goods. A fun place for the family with farm yard animals and in season plants and gifts. Family owned for many years.

Susan P.

Ice cream. Yum. Little food shop. Animals for the kids. Wander the farm. Eat great ice cream. Can't ask for more.

Denise N.

This is our favorite family place. Their ice cream is delicious and the kids love to look at the animals. We enjoy going to the seasonal events and buying their homemade desserts

Letty Domingo

Was at the farm today, we have been going to this place for 2 decades now. I had asked to taste a specific ice cream flavor, the guy unapologetically and rudely ( without eye contact )said, we can’t let you taste cause we’re busy ( does not look like they are). I only asked because the other girl staff just let the other customer behind me.taste a certain flavor.This is poor customer service. Will not return to this place.

Bill Gieske

Wonderful place for the kids, good ice cream for all, and more... One downside: "bathrooms" are porta potties, no inside bathrooms. The potties were nearby full and were disgusting. Given they're the only option, greater attention should be given frequently to their condition.

Lauren G.

Visited today with my family, and we left almost immediately. I felt bad for the animals. They were confined in small areas and the poor calves were without their mothers in tiny areas. They wanted to move and play but couldn't. The pigs had a tiny bit of hay in their cages. Everything looked sad. Not what I was expecting - perhaps more free range experience and grass would have been nice. Would not recommend. I felt sad my child seeing what he did before we left.

Har D.

Use to be my come to place 20 years ago. Ice cream has lost its flavor ( maybe I am older ) and the friendly location has become a thriving business and prices equivalent to a high end resort without high end atmosphere but high end prices. Pee wee ice cream for babies $2.75 and it's basically a tiny scoop of ice cream. Pay a dollar more for 3-4 times the amount. Basically pay more and waste it or pay a lot to get less

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