Nicky's Deep Dish Pizza

826 Tricorn Dr, Lansdale
(484) 994-2020

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S Y.

GUYS if you want a good local pizza made to order. Look no further! My wife found this spot and I was skeptical because I have never heard of a pizza spot in this area. You may think you're in the wrong spot when you get there but there is a sign for the business int he front lawn.Now let's get down to the good stuff. I ordered the philly cheesteak pizza, philly Sicilian pizza with pepperoni topping, wings, mozzarella sticks and couple soft drinks. The cheesesteak pizza was rich in flavor and filled with toppings. It definitely did not disappoint. I'm not a big crust guy and Nicky makes the pizza with little crust which is perfect. The slices were cut into square pieces. The philly Sicilian pizza... was wow. The amount of cheese onto of the pizza was awesome as well as having enough sauce underneath. Alot of chain pizza spot lack the sauce underneath the pizza when there us a lot of cheese on top but not Nicky's pizza. And again this pizza was filled with flavor.The wings man even tho it's sauced with Original Frank's sauce. It was still good. The quality of the wings were something you won't get at the chain stores. Every wing was nice and meaty and there was plenty of sauce to go with the wings when alot places just coat it slightly and that passes me off haha.The mozzarella sticks I was expecting just generic store bought tiny mozzarella sticks but they were half as bad. I'm not going to say this side dish was 10/10 but it still did the job. Usually you get sticks that are dry or under/over cook but these were done right. I've tasted better but this would damper my experience here. The owner Nicky was just a friendly and understanding individual. He makes sure that everything is done right and that I got everything with my order.Like I said I don't give much places 10/10 but this surpassed my expectations! I will def be ordering from this spot EVERY time I want a pizza when I go back to the area. No doubt about it. Places like this outbeat chains any day. I just hope it never changes BUT improves because any place can always have room for improvement but alot of good places just either changed up the way they do things or sadly close down.

Yerim Lyn C.

This was just such a pleasant experience for my family. We had few questions when ordering food online and the owner was very responsive and friendly helping us with our questions over the phone. When we picked up the food, he brought out the food to us and was friendly till the end! The food was amazing, and we loved the Philly Sicilian pizza so much :) all the pizza had generous amount of toppings and they all tasted super fresh! Would definitely recommend!

Melissa Gillen

This pizza is absolutely delicious! Came back to visit family from New England & thought Nicky’s deep dish would be a PERFECT way to celebrate national pizza day! Awesome small business, extremely friendly & kind! Next step - buying more take & bakes to bring back to Rhode Island with me ! Thank you Nicky for making delicious pizza !!

Marie G.

Absolutely hands down delicious Pizza. A little more on the pricey side, but the flavor and satisfaction found with each bite is completely worth it. Definitely looking forward to supporting this little family business more often!

Sang Lee

I am glad that I finally found the local pizza place that actually tastes good! Awesome quality! I will try deep dish later and update the review :)

Chad Huff

I ordered the Chicago style pizza. The pizza was very good, it was loaded with a flavorful sauce and had a good crust. I hope to try one of the other style pizzas before I leave the area.I love that this is a true family business that is operated right out of the house. If you are close buy and want good pizza I highly recommend trying Nicky's.

Philip Faustine

A must try recommendation. Such a find; the people, the pizza, the convenience. We got the White, the Buffalo and the Philly Sicilian. All were delicious with ample toppings. The thin crust, nicely toasted, easy to fold and devour. Thick crust was a great base to hold the meal on top. The crust was thick without the under-cooked doughy texture that is too common. We are looking forward to trying the remaining six styles.

Suzanne Power

Was on a mission to find The Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza on challenge from grandson. Found Papa Nicky’s online & liked what I read. Drove 2 hrs. (!) to pick up prebaked Deep Dish pizzas for the freezer (awaiting grandson visit home from college) & a Classic NY for hubby & me to try first. Wow!!! What an experience. NY pizza was best ever, tasty sauce, LOADED, & I mean LOADED, with FRESH toppings/cheese & crust baked to beautiful crispness. It was one Delicious & Hearty pizza. The prebaked directions were spot on & easy to follow. What a feast!!! Half left & we were both full ??. I’m now confident I’ll win the Best Chicago Deep Dish challenge when grandson gets home. Oh, & meeting Papa Nicky is worth an order. Never met the man & left feeling like he was a longtime friend. He stands behind his home- made- with- love pizzas & will make sure you’re happy. Highly recommend trying this place. It’s a treasure!!!

Matt Riley

FANTASTIC!! A real, 100% authentic Mom and Pop business serving up some of the best pizza in the area. The Chicago Deep Dish was incredible; have a knife and fork as well as your appetite ready. You’re getting real artisan pizza here from some of the nicest people you’ll meet! Pappa Nicky himself brought the order out to our car and took some time to chat before headed back to the kitchen. Great pizza, great service, and great value. Can’t wait to order again!

Jason Troy Bari

Once you realize your navigation was right, and you are actually sitting in front of a house, you start to get excited. First thing that ran through my mind is wow! They REALLY do make it from scratch. Great people, great service, and great pizza! We tried them for the first time and got the new york style. Can't wait to try the Chicago deep dish, which they say is their specialty. If you're looking for great pizza and great people, look no further than Nicky's Pizza.

Vicky M.

I had emailed the owner with questions about the ingredients and oil used. I did not receive a call so decided to reach out myself. The owner acknowledged receiving the email as he checked and answered all my questions. I ordered several different pizzas and an order of mozzarella sticks. The Sicilian pizza was liked my the guests and I tried a slice of Sicilian, which was good in taste as well. The pizza crust was a bit over cooked or burned as I was told by some of the guests. The owner was courteous and accommodated my allergy concerns.

Matt H

Ordered the Detroit with pepperoni! It was really good, great crust, tons of cheddar, and lots of herbs in the sauce. Don’t be scared, this is in a residential neighborhood, and there are no signs to tell you you’re in the right place, but you probably are! Call Nick, and he’ll come out and meet you In the driveway of his house. He’s super nice btw. This will be a regular part of our pizza rotation from now on!

James P.

Got the Pizza Bianco...for some reason I was having trouble ordering the Philly Pizza. It was good, REALLY good, but the crust was a trifle overdone the center was blackened, maybe I did something wrong when I ordered it. Anyway it arrived on time and was hot and tasted good in spite of being exuberantly baked. I'll definitely order again!

Jimmy K.

Legit deep dish in the area! Was craving Chicago style pizza and came acorss this spot and placed an order for pickup. When I arrived, i was genuinely confused as it was just a quiet residential area. Turns out the owner bakes the pizzas at home for his customers and mine came out restaurant quality while also having a very homemade taste. The cook was perfect, but the owner called to let me know that because the pizza is indeed a deep dish, it might not be as crispy on the bottom but it was perfectly cooked. That level of attention to customer satisfaction and personap touch is what made the most lasting impression for me. The pizza itself was fantastic as well, cannot recommend this place more. Cant wait to place my next order!

Puneet Tejsinghani

I've eaten from this place a total 3 times. First 2 weren't bad and considering it is one of the few places offering decent Sicilian pizza in the area, I had no complaints. However, I ordered 2 Sicilian pizzas this weekend and one of them was completely burnt as pictured below. The missing pieces were also burnt but I ate the soft portion and discarded the crust. Didn't complain because it was through third party app.I might give this place a chance again in the future hoping it's a one off time, but it has definitely left a burnt taste in my mouth.

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