Nicky's Deep Dish Pizza

826 Tricorn Dr, Upper Gwynedd
(484) 994-2020

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Puneet Tejsinghani

I've eaten from this place a total 3 times. First 2 weren't bad and considering it is one of the few places offering decent Sicilian pizza in the area, I had no complaints. However, I ordered 2 Sicilian pizzas this weekend and one of them was completely burnt as pictured below. The missing pieces were also burnt but I ate the soft portion and discarded the crust. Didn't complain because it was through third party app.I might give this place a chance again in the future hoping it's a one off time, but it has definitely left a burnt taste in my mouth.

Ben M.

Hands down best pizza and owners in the area. Not only the best pizza but the best customer service I have ever encountered. Uber eats messed up some things and the owner personally called me multiple times to make sure the issue was resolved between us! Ended up chatting for about 15 minutes and really got to know about the business and their story. Just an absolute pleasure to be able to support and spread the word about this spot! Exclusively my new pizza spot after today!

Michele Marie

This pizza was delicious. Deep dish was even better than I remember when visiting Chicago. Owner takes pride in his business and called to make sure we were happy with our order. Only problem was we had a hard time deciding which pizza to get cause they all looked SO good!! Deep dish and white pizza this time but next time we will try the cheesesteak one for sure. Support local and let Nicky make you dinner tonight

Rajesh Prabhu

This is one of the finest pizza place I have ever visited. It's a homemade pizza and I was really worried first to pick a pizza from this location because it was not a shop but it's in a safe neighborhood (so don't panic when you go to pick it up and don't see a shop, and its a house) and the owners are really wonderful people. Very friendly couple and great customer service, they gave us plates and other things once they heard we are on business travel. One of the pics shows how he makes the pizza (I asked his permission before I took the pics). Also, please keep calm when you place your order, they have their new system and it took a while to place the order. However, he gave me lot of options and what best suits like meat and cheese with that pizza. Believe me, this is the only pizza I have ever seen with lot of meat and cheese and it was so heavy that my friend (who was visiting USA from Europe) panicked how we are going to finish this large heavy pizza. We both were speaking about this pizza place, owners and the pizza taste all week. I was planning to go again to this place before I left Lansdale, however I wanted to try other local business and give them some business. This will be my favorite place if I'm driving through PA and definitely definitely visit again.

Will Rockwell

All I can say is Wow, wow, wow! My wife and I had their Philly cheesesteak Deep style pizza today and it was excellent! Who knew this gym was near me?!? Will definitely go back and highly recommend!

Kid Midas

Tried Nicky's from Slice app. My wife ordered a deep dish Detroit pizza with sausage and pepperoni. Pizza arrived and looked great, then wife realized that the meat was missing. I tried a slice; tasted great and I suggested she call, or check with Slice for a credit towards another order. She of course never acknowledged my logical solution, but used it just the same. A short while later the Ring goes off and here is a replacement free of charge! There was a slight mix up with the orders (hope the meat version was enjoyed by the folks that ordered plain).In an Era where many of these local businesses struggle to stay afloat I was very pleased at the level of service this establishment provided. When the customer service is as great as the product I will certainly frequent Nicky's in the future.Give them a call!

Forrest Miller

Incredible artisan pizza. We had the Chicago style and it was delicious. The sauce, cheese, and crust are all finely crafted. Can't wait to get another!

Brian Lenart

My wife and I had the Detroit style pizza it was absolutely delicious. We will definitely try the other style pizzas. I will be telling my neighbors about Nicky's. I highly recommend you try there pizza.

Anne Imboden

Amazing version of a cheesesteak pizza. The crust was tasty and tender, just the right amount of chew. The homemade sauce was wonderful, flavorful and not too sweet which perfectly complements the juicy steak and onion topping. The perfect amount and flavors of cheese crown this dynamite choice of pizza at Nicky's!

Stacey Schul

Boston Veggie and Cheesesteak Deluxe were fantastic tonight …. Loads of toppings and crust done perfectly ( thin and soft on the Boston , thick and airy on the Cheesesteak !) Quick delivery on a snowy night. Highly recommend, will definitely be ordering again !??????

Kristy Djuvik Corino

We had the Chicago Deep Dish, & devoured it! It was the best pizza we have had in a long time. The owner delivered it himself, & was very friendly. I highly recommend their pizza. It tastes even better when you support a local business.


I would like to go on record saying that this is by far the greatest pizza on the east coast. A hidden gem in lansdale, PA. If you have yet to try Nicky’s deep dish pizza, you’re doing yourself a great dis-service. Not only to you but to the entire pizza community. The sauce is heavenly, the crust is fresh, made from scratch, which you can tell upon 1st taste. Papa Nicky himself, a saint as he personally hand delivered my pizza and suggested putting my personalized pizza on his menu permanently for others to enjoy. This is the type of guy who would run into a burning building to save the family’s cat. One of the nicest people I have ever met. Do yourself a favor and order Pappa Nickys today and I promise you, it will be the best decision you have ever made.


You can see (and taste!) how much love he puts in the food. I'm a delivery driver and I had to pickup from here a few times so I decided to try for myself and it was totally worth it.

Barry Green

Tried Nicky's for the 1st time tonight. We got a New York thin crust and a Chicago deep dish. The thin crust was very good and the deep dish was the incredible!!! I would recommend highly.

Devin Graves

First of all let me start by saying the pizza was very delicious and hot. I had the Chicago deep dish style and it was amazing. The dough, sauce and cheese were tasty. Also Papa Nick was a very nice and genuine person. Papa Nick’s pizza and personality are both amazing. I am definitely trying the other styles. Keep it up!!!

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