Real Pizza Narberth

100 N Narberth Ave, Narberth
(610) 667-1660

Recent Reviews

Hanley Colleen

An amazing place, delicious food and a must try. Please do visit if you are around and you will not be disappointed.

Richard Breslin

Delicious food. Quick turn around time. From being a walk in order. Impressed!

Diana Rossi

We live the cheese steaks and pizza.

Brandie H.

I went there on Sunday to grab a slice of pizza. They don't allow you in the restaurant due to Covid, so you have to place your orders at the side window. Upon walking to the window, I noticed three ppl working and all of their masks were either off or pulled down. Mind you, they are speaking over uncovered pizzas that are sold for slices. Against my better judgment, I still proceeded to place my order. A woman pullled her mask up and walked up to the window to take my order. She gives the order to a younger boy/man who grabs a slice (ungloved) from one of the pizzas that were sitting out for slices and placed it into the oven. I asked if he could put on gloves and grab another slice. He told a gentleman who was out of my sight what I requested and I overheard him telling him, "no we don't do that." So, I just cancelled my slice and left. Even if Covid didn't exist, food handlers are supposed to wear gloves. Especially if you are touching non-food items, which he was. If you don't mind this, then feel free to eat here, but I won't be coming back. What kind of restaurant doesn't have gloves. No thanks!

Jeffrey Campbell

The best pizza in Philly area

Richard F.

I've ordered from here several times since the pandemic began and have had nothing but great food on time. I pickup so I can't comment on delivery, but everything from pizza to sandwiches to salads have all been great. The people have been very polite and responsive. I wish I could give them 6 *s.

Kevin Henry

This place is the best place to go

Brian Sassaman

Very good! Pizza is tasty


month ago got a cheese steak very little meat so thought it was a bad day today got a hoagie and still no meat very disappointing

Michael Yue

I ordered pizza with cheese along with toppings of chicken, mushroom and spanich. My wife and I liked the taste very much. However, we both got sick afterwards and it took me one day and her half day to get better.

Mike H.

We really love the pizza here.  Honestly the best we've had in the area for a thinner crust pizza. Perfectly cooked and great ingredients.  Recommended!

Jackson Fischer

Just ok pizza

Sory Toure

Best place in town.....sincerely!

Damian Payne

I admire this place! They have marvelous meals, their menu is large, The cook in that spot is a specialist, I like very much trying all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the attitude towards the guests is very good too. I visit often this restaurant and I not even once was disappointed. I recommend this place.


The Real Pizza in Narberth is the best pizza place i've ever been too! Fresh warm baked at order, great customer service, and not only are you getting a delicious slice of pizza, but you are helping support a small business. So why wouldn’t you go to a place where you can get warm, gooey pizza, with the perfect amount of crust, not too much, not too little. With the atmosphere that is so welcoming!

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