Best Cake Kosher Bakery

7594 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia
(215) 878-1127

Recent Reviews

Rodger J.

This used to be one of the best bakeries in the area. Lately i've noticed the quality of the goods are really going down hill. A lot of the faithful customers are starting to fade away from here. I decided to do the same-sorry!

Andrew Kahn

Old-Fashioned, delicious baked goods, prepared in the Jewish Tradition with love added and only the best ingredients. Bakeries like this are becoming extinct. Enjoy the taste of another era in baking that is vanishing from the landscape. Best Cake Bakery is sooo good!

myrna roach

Went to buy teglach. Wrong time of year

Yvette Gordon

The name says it all

John Fortune

One of the best bakeries in the city.

LaVonne Wells

I have yet to go in, but then I can say.


My go to place for great bake goods and Delicious cakes. Over the many years I’ve been going there. Consistency has been the main focus of Best Cakes! I never had a bad product yet.

north philly

I walked into this store and everyone was in the back. So I waited about 4 minutes to a man yelling from the back door. She will be with you..... So I looked around at the Pastries to see what I would get for my coworkers... I got Cupcakes Chocolate and vanilla that were extremely dry. That I had to throw away

Olga C.

Ran in on our way to a play date with a new friend my son made in camp. Not wanting to show up empty-handed, we wanted to pick up something for the family. We ended up also getting a box of goodies for us and for my parents. Everything looked SO GOOD and tasted even better than it looked! Can't wait to go back for more! Highly recommend the walnut brownies and the chocolate cigars. Delicious!

Sophia Worthington-Kirsch

Highly friendly workers remember my name every time. They make the best challah around!

Meryem Amrani

Best bakery.

Miriam Bates

Arrived late on a Friday afternoon but still had enough items to choose from. Very good breads. Pleasant and helpful staff. Remember frequenting this location many years ago under a different name. Same setup in shop. Might be time for a little update, but did bring back good memories.

Joy T.

c.c orlado bakery went out of business and i was worried, until i got my birthday cake and doughnuts from best cake. the cake was moist and fluffy. the butter cream frosting was different from orlando's, but really good. the boston cream doughnuts, perfection.

Adriana Nocella

One of mine n my dads favorite bakeries. Everyone is top notch friendly. Everything is fresh. Some stuff is order only but thats to ensure the freshness.

orema smith

My son cake was fresh,and moist. Everyone enjoyed this delicious cake!!

Daniel Hirsch

Some of their baked goods are good (cookies and challahs) & friendly service.

Grandpa's Garage

Great local Bakery, with love baked into every bite makes buying local the way to go! Philadelphia the city of Brotherly love.

Nancy H.

If you are looking for delicious apple cake, lattice top cherry pie, or challah bread, this is the place. The owner and her staff are very accommodating. Their assorted cookies are wonderful too.

Jamaine Cash

One of the best bakeries I've ever been to.

Julia C.

It was the 8th snow storm and my office was closed and my roommate was also home from work. During the lulling period, we went for a walk. I had to use the Citizens Bank ATM on Haverford and then my roomie remembered the bakery. She said lets go it. I had never been there and we were the first customers! We each bought goodies separately, I bought all sugar free rogulah, sugar free cookies and some homemade rye bread. They have lots of yummy pastries, pies, cookies and cakes and a nice selection of sugar free products. They will make a cake for all occasion. This is a kosher bakery meaning they are closed Saturdays. The employees were very nice. We both shall come back.

Alan R.

Best Cake Kosher Bakery has been in the same location for at least 50 years. Best Cake is one of the best kosher bakeries in Philadelphia, and I would argue one of the best bakeries in the city kosher or otherwise. Best Kosher Bakery outshines any kosher bakery in Baltimore or Washington DC and I have made a pilgrimage to Philadelphia to pick up pastries for my synagogue once their kosher certification was confirmed. Like most kosher bakeries, they are solid in bread including Challahs, Rye and Pumpernickels. Where they shine are the cakes, cookies and pastries that are staples of kaddishes in synagogues in West Philadelphia and the western suburbs. The raisin babka is probably the best one made anywhere between Boston and Washington DC. The recipe has remained unchanged for 50 years. When I visit, I buy half a dozen and freeze them. They need to sell mail order The other specialty that is unavailable in DC is the mini sticky buns. They are one of my favorites and worth the trip.

Teckla C.

TERRIBLE BAKERY! I ordered my daughters Birthday cake from this place and the cake was so terrible I wanted to cry. I ordered a half chocolate, half vanilla cake with a princess theme on it. I explained that I wanted it young and light since my daughter was turning 4. I went the Friday before her party to pickup the cake and at first look I was like What the heck? The cake had wedding toppers on it as the princess and prince it was embarrassing! Finally when we cut into the cake it was so dry and brittle, the kids all said ewwwww... NEVER again will I go to this bakery!!!!!!

Shanna M.

This was one of the worst experience I have had so far with customer service. When ordering my cake, I got a side eye when I asked what kind of frosting was offered as if there was only one kind to chose from. When picking up the cake, it had the wrong wording on it. Finally, when cutting into the cake, I discovered that half of the cake was a flavor I did not order. I called the next day to complain and the owner acted as if I was bothering her. She said comments such as, "it was a last minute order" "my assistant is new and didn't know that wasn't enough time" "well, I'm sorry, what do you want me to do" and the worst of all,"I didn't think it would be a big deal since chocolate chip and marble taste similar.". Needless to say, I was very disappointed in the owner's lack of taking responsibility for not giving me what I ordered. When going to the bakery to receive my money back, the owner only gave me half at first. She then asked for the uneaten cake I left at home. It wasn't until I returned with the cake that she gave me the remaining refund. Boy, I hope she didn't feed that cake to other customers!! I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Not to mention the cake was dry!