Best Cake Kosher Bakery

7594 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia
(215) 878-1127

Recent Reviews

Lonnie Ravenell

Best Kosher bakery in the city.

Bradley Siegel

This place used to be owned by a woman who made the "best cakes" and incredible challah. This year, we bought 6 challahs for Rosh Hashanah, to find the bakery was sold. These challah were terrible. Tasteless, dense, dry, feh. I'll never but from there again. Sad they didn't keep her recipe (or they just flat out can't bake well). Don't waste you money here after decades of excellence it's a disappointment, to say the least...

Madeline W.

I officially was, am and will be a fan of this bakery. I just ordered another cake from here and it came out absolutely ADORABLE again and I have no doubt that it's delicious just as the last time. Great job!! Please apologize to the delivery guy for me. I didn't have a tip. I'll be ready next time with triple.

Linda O.

Recently taken over by a new owner. I bought two challahs. They were dry and were awful. I do not recommend this bakery. I have been going to that bakery fir many years. I was very sad that their baked goods were bad. They had been the go to place for kosher baked goods.

Madeline Z

I would give this bakery 10 stars if I could. We recently asked for a Blippi cake for my son’s 3rd birthday and not only did it taste great but it looked super cute!! We all really enjoyed it.

Vicki Bear

I have been going to Best Cakes for decades! The best “ChineseCookies” I call them. Friendly and delicious!!

barry summers

Best Cake has excellent Cakes, Cookies, Pastries and Breads/Challahs! They are under new management so it's like brand new in a lot of ways. They have an enormous selection of parve desserts, it's so great to have a kosher bakery in the Delaware Valley / Philly area.

Barry S.

Best is under new management and the cakes, cookies, pastries and challahs are fantastic! There is a very large variety of desserts and a huge selection of Parve desserts.

Jonathan G.

I like this bakery. It is sort of hit and miss but some of their little cakes were delicious and you definitely can't beat their pricing. My biggest issue with them is their hours seem random. The time I really want to go there is on Sunday morning and it says they open at 7am but here I am at 830 and it's closed?!? Seems like they could surely be a little more organized.

fabrice boussel

Do you know where I could find matzot Yehuda and Barkan wine? Sincerely, Fabrice Boussel 92290 Châtenay-Malabry France

Jason Singer

One of the best kosher bakeries out there. The hamentaschen is particularly quality.

Maura Lecates

The Jewish Apple cake reminded me of my husband's grandmother's cake. It's like bringing a piece of home with you.

Swanetta Love

The price was the lowest after my search, but not the best Pound Cake...It was good..

jasper ishaq

these people are so mean..called them if they have gluten free bread one of lady answer rude....

Marc Segal

Fun local bakery. Much rather support the small guy than buy from a super market when possible.

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