Breakfast Boutique

8630 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia
(215) 621-7796

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Wendy Bolas

Food is always delicious. There is always a wait to get a table because the restaurant is in such demand. It would be great if the hostess would pay more attention to the order of customer arrival, so as to not seat guests who just arrived before those who came in earlier. They can always ask. It takes a while to get waited on and even longer to receive your food. But, I do see the servers running around. I believe they are understaffed. It would be great if they were able to add a second level to their restaurants, plus more staffing. I highly recommend the food, though a bit pricey.

Shelly Kafka

So disappointed. Stood at hostess podium for over 10 min before someone acknowledged us. Another 10 min to clean a table. Another 15 min before someone came to take our order. Another 20 min to get coffee and water served. My husband ordered soup and we figured at least that would come out first. People who came in after us, already well into their meals. Finally our waitress brings us food and starts to put the soup in front of my husband and I say “that’s not tomato soup”, she casually says “oh we ran out of that, so they made this egg drop soup”. She never asked us if the substitution was okay, and we waited for our food for 45 min. She actually got upset because we turned the soup away, no apology for not asking first. I had “oatmeal” pancakes but these are really buckwheat with some oatmeal thrown in, but they were good. She didn’t bring butter or syrup, so asked another server to please bring them. Waitress never checked if I need more coffee for the whole time we were there.Of course she brings the bill and $9 egg drop soup that we never asked about was still on the bill! I love to support hometown businesses but the awful customer service is not worth the average food. There are a lot of reviews about poor service for this place, please don’t ignore them.


Friendly staff. The service is outstanding. Everyone who worked there was busy. They all were helping each other. That's important to like the folks you are working with.Prices were very affordable. Great portions of food. So you get plenty of bang for your buck.I had the Steak and eggs. The potatoes almost stole the show. They were seasoned to perfection.Couldn't ask for anything to be better. They have a great thing going. Keep it up.Mr. National gives this boutique ?? up

Tyé Grays Real Estate

Cozy spot, friendly service and the food is delish. That banana foster waffle was soooo good, you didn't need syrup. Fried chicken and fries were very good. Brian definitely loves his job and talking (alot lol) to the customers. Only reason I gave it 4 stars was because the AC wasn't on and it was pretty warm in there. Definitely gtta go back to taste the red velvet waffle. Well done.Kid-friendliness: It's a restaurant for everyone.

Romeo Cochrane

What a treat? You deserve to allow yourself to have this dining experience. The service is excellent and prompt. I felt as if I went to a close family members' place. Not only did they serve good food... they served it with love. I had a full breakfast with 3 eggs overs easy, two pancakes, bacon, and the to die for grits!!! Sumptuous and lovely

Hey DJSpike

This location is the nicest but the parking is a challenge. First time at this one and the service is top notch. Ordered chicken & waffles and shrimp & grits for my lady, to go. Everything was scrumptious!

Tori L.

Absolutely delicious. They were super busy & I totally understand why! Great atmosphere & even better food. Would 100% recommend

Taylor N.

Customer service is everything. This was the absolutely worst service I've ever received in my life. Waited over 2 hrs for a pickup order and watched them serve multiple guest who were eating in restaurant before they gave me my food. 1 hr in they tell me it's still being made. I ordered 2 platters... I'm now writing this while still waiting listening to the argue in the basement. Did I mention they cook the food downstairs and bring it up? Didn't bother me until now but it's a fact. They've been screaming for 20 minutes .. and of course when I do get my food it's missing bacon, eggs and my two ice teas. The basics!! I love me some black businesses but will not be supporting this one ever again. Solutions: prepare for holidays , keep the attitude to yourself, and be honest. 25 minutes has never translated to 2 hrs. Be honest and let guest make their own choice to wait or not ahead of time. It's great you have this much business on Mother's Day but you gotta keep up I do appreciate the girl who took my order she remained polite despite the argument downstairs Food was good. Cold. But good

John M.

As someone that is always rooting for black businesses, it hurts my heart to write this. I and my wife were looking forward to this as a pre Mother's Day celebration. It was recommended by various people at our church. The service was horrible. I had to send grits back twice and returned once my meal was done. The person cleaning our table was rude. There was only one other couple in the establishment but we were treated as if there was a standing room only. No attention to detail. The waitress presented the check and instead of apologizing for the mishap and late food asked would the tip be 20 or 30%. It was insulting. There is good potential here but really poor delivery. If you want to support black businesses take your money and time elsewhere.

Joanna M.

Ordered take out this weekend it was so good!!!! The boutique sampler was my favorite, we got to sample three of their sweet breakfast dishes like red velvet pancakes and stuffed French toast. Yum! Very affordable, too.


Not even the appearance of quality control in the food they serve. Avoid this establishment. After an 80 minute wait for your meal it should be flawless or close to that, my waffle s arrived cold and rubbery. I'm still finding it incredible that they put that in front of me. By other reviews submitted this is not unusual so take heed.

Kathy Murray

Service took a long time but the food was tasty. My husband and I ordered the seafood omelet with sides of home fries. The omelet could have been tastier, I could detect pancake batter that is sometimes used to fluff omelets. The home fries were dry. Our daughter had the Bananas Foster pancakes which she thoroughly enjoyed! I enjoyed the food at the Mt. Airy Breakfast Boutique more. Will give this place another try, in future.

Robyn Harwood

Have to be real, we have gotten take out here and the food is always good! So we went to dine in as my boyfriend and I both had off today. Happy to see the place busy and we were fine with waiting for our food to come out. The gentleman who greeted us was wonderful, but our server was less than acceptable. Table that came in after us was served first, asked for potatoes, she asked if I wanted onions and peppers, said no got them anyways. Picked them all off to the side and was charged 2.00 for them still. I love to support local privately owned business but if I’m going to feel like I’m the last to be taken care of then I’ll go elsewhere

Na s

This is my first time ordering from here. I ordered at 12 i came to pick my food up at 1:45. My food wasn’t done but i patiently waited because i understand it may have been busy. When i got home toe eat my food everything was wrong. My French toast wasn’t stuffed and my fish was old and smelled bad. I asked for my bacon well done and it was barely cooked.

Shirell D.

This is actually a star minus........ I am a Black Woman, and apparently the saying, "you can take the black people out of the ghetto, but you can't always take the ghetto out of the black people ", is true for the Breakfast Boutique. I planned to take my beautiful 76 year old mother here for a mother, daughter, mother's day brunch. We just happened to be in Chestnut Hill today for a brief errand, and it appeared the Breakfast Boutique was open. I was excited, so I lead my mother to the entrance, and she smiled saying that this was a restaurant featured on her favorite am show, FOX Good Day. As we entered the restaurant, my only intention was to briefly ask if I could make a reservation for Mother's Day. We were abruptly stopped by a dark skinned man, that may have been one of the owners, or staff. He gestured with his hands, in a way to advise they were not open. I and my mother overlooked his obvious rudeness. I proceeded to ask if a reservation could be made for Mother's Day. He gave us both a smirk, and answered in a cynical tone, saying they don't take reservations, the restaurant opens at 8:00 am. I tried asking if I could come and add my name to a wait list. Again, he used that dismissive tone and body language, almost leading us back out the door, as if we were annoying him. My mother continued to use grace with him, despite his rudeness, and told him that she watched a story on FOX Good Day, and asked if he was aware if the co-anchor Mike was as nice in person. He responded dryly, and said sarcastically, "I don't know". When we exited the restaurant, my mother stated that she NEVER wants to go there for any meal. I have been to this location, a few years ago, with a companion, and our entire meal was comped, because of the incredibly poor service. I thought I would give the Breakfast Boutique a do-over, and patronize their establishment again. I see now, they only shine for the cameras, not for potential new guest.

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