Careda's Caribbean Cuisine

51 N 12th St, Philadelphia
(267) 592-1446

Recent Reviews

Jessie Brady

I just enjoy their dishes. I always get good customer service there. The place is well organised and the cashiers are always nice. Will come visit again.

Kim Brown

I’ve tried to give her a chance. Usually when places first open the food is awesome. When they first open I bought 2 large platters. The worse food ever. Then I figured ok now they are asking to support black owned business but how can I when the platter bought today I got 1 piece of meat and 2 pieces of fat. I’m done over them. I pray you do better and stop trying to cheat people that are trying to support you

lydia sykes

8/7/2020 I purchased a OXTAIL platter I was really looking forward to having a wonderful meal.My GOD the food was so SALTY I couldn't even eat the meal that I paid for along with giving a tip?I had to throw away the entire platter.

David Wilson

I like this restaurant! They serve excellent meals, they have a nice menu, The chief cook in that place is very trained, I enjoy a lot eating all their dishes. The dishes are consistently of high class, the service towards the customers is nice. I visit often this place and I was never discontended. Highly recommended.

Tyler Brodniak

Delivered the wrong order and doesn't pick up the phone when you call to fix it.

James W.

This is the best Jamaican food in Philadelphia. I enjoyed the brown stew chicken, the jerk vegetable, and the cabbage. The food is fresh and seasoned. Very high quality. I can not believe that this place has a 3.5 Star rating (The low reviews seems to be due to the oxtail and I have not tried the oxtail). However, I've tried the Jamaican food on South Street, Jamaica D's, and various other places! This is the best. Highly recommended.

Janet Reynolds

Food so good can’t wait to visit again. Friendly and great service.

Anasha K.

Edible but forgettable. I was about to walk out of Reading Terminal hungry because nothing in there appealed to me. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this Jamaican food shop. Excited, I stopped in my tracks and joined the line. While my taste for Jamaican food has been compromised because I am in LOVE with Flames's jerk chicken in Boston, and BK9 in NYC, I thought I'd give this place a shot. The food here was just okay. Edible but forgettable. I paid $27 for small oxtails (4 pieces coated in white, sticky fat), rice, cabbage, and a soda. I gave it three stars because after I removed the fat from the oxtail (a little gross), I found the food somewhat edible. Not the most flavorful, and not something I will eat again. I did not finish the dish and gave the majority of the platter to my doggies. However, I am happy to finally see a Caribbean food spot in Reading Terminal. I am still in search for an unforgettable Jamaican food experience in Philly.

Kevin B.

Careda's is a fun Caribbean eatery in the Reading Terminal Market. Here you can get jerk chicken, plantains, rice and beans, and any Caribbean cuisine you could want. I just came for a snack and got one of the beef patties, which sure hit the spot. Staff is friendly, and prices are in-line for the market (which means a bit high, but not more than other eateries in Reading). Overall a nice place to stop for a snack or a full meal next time you're visiting the market.

Karl A.

This is one of the newer restaurants in Reading Terminal, and I avoided it for a while because I'm a big ol' cheapskate who tries to keep my meals from Market restaurants around the $10 mark. Things more or less start around $12 here, and so I just sent an occasional longing glance at the menu when I'd pass by.But I was in the other day, ravenously hungry, and plans to get brunch at City Winery had just fallen through. I figured I'd have spent considerably more on brunch, so justified finally trying out Careda's. Now that we have the psychology of where I eat out of the way:This was some delicious food. I got a jerk pork platter with beans and rice and cabbage and each part of the meal hit the spot. The pork came in chops rather than shredded, but it was tender and well seasoned, with an excellent spice level. The cabbage was perfect in flavor, as a compliment to the pork, and in portion size. And then the red beans and rice were red beans and rice, but that's not to say they weren't spot on. The meal came with a sauce of my choice - I got the hot sauce, but in retrospect would have tried something that brought a different flavor to the mix since the meal itself had sufficient spice and the sauce didn't stand out a ton, but that was on me.I see that some people had issues with the service or their food's temperatures and little things like that. I didn't have any such issues - I didn't require the most in-depth service, and while what I got wasn't amazing, it was neutral at worst. I don't know how often I'll be going here, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to try their jerk salmon some time.

Laiya S.

I am eating the red snapper as I write, falling more in love with every bite! So excited that Reading Terminal finally has some Caribbean flava!

Bonita Spearman

because it's the best place to get good food and the food is fresh

Tia M.

I ordered food for a party from Careda's. The food was delicious all my guest raved how good the food was. My order was ready to go when I got there and all the staff was pleasant. From my first call to inquire to the end of my transaction everyone was professional and friendly.

Rebecca C.

After walking from Fairmount to Rittenhouse and then over to Reading Terminal Market, I had worked up an appetite. I wasn't sure what I was in the mood for so I perused up and down each aisle zigzagging my way through hoards of tourists. I have been to Reading Terminal Market many times over the years and am pretty familiar with the selection, but then came across a Caribbean restaurant I hadn't noticed before. I have been a big fan of Caribbean food since my trip to Jamaica in 2010. It is where I first had goat, which ha become my favorite protein. So when I saw they had Curried Goat on the menu, I couldn't resist. It didn't hurt that the guy standing next to me in line said they made the best goat. So, I ordered the goat which came with rice, peas, and cabbage. I also love a mixture of sweet and savory so I got a side of sweet plantains. I opted for the $1 add on, rather than the $3.50 side and it was more than enough for one person. The service was great and within minutes I had my meal!The goat was perfectly cooked and tender and falling right off the bone. Everything was well seasoned and the plantains added that perfect touch of sweetness I was looking for. I def want to come back and try some of their other dishes, but I'm not sure I'll be able to pass up on that goat!

Jean Walcott H.

Was very disappointed. Oxtails were not done and the gravy was sweet. First West Indian eatery I have seen since visiting Reading Market so I was really excited and looking forward to my choice of lunch.

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