7520 City Line Ave, Philadelphia
(215) 878-7500

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Raymond Gonzalez

I do agree that the younger employees working here are more courteous and customer service oriented than the elders. Perhaps this was the man wife but she was an elder and she started yelling at me as if I was a child. Baffled and Confused in the most professional manner I looked at her and I said why are you yelling and she made an argument that my order was exactly what I wanted and it was as clear as day that one of the orders was completely burnt and the other order identical sandwich ( sausage egg and cheese) had no cheese. she shouted at me " so what's the problem you want your money back!!?"- no ma'am I would just like equal replacement sandwiches. And because she was yelling I thought for a split-second perhaps she's hard of hearing but when she threw the sandwich on the floor missing the garbage can I realize that she's just upset for some reason. It was 6:38 a.m. if you're that upset at that time that is not a good dayShe began to shout from across the room where they were making the sandwiches and she said that I was being rude when my tone never changed in any shape or fashion because I was raised better than to yell at any Elder. But when a customer comes in and the sandwich is completely burnt and it's visibly burnt then you should offer a remedy and not yell at the customer.The young gentleman at the register was very professional and unfortunately he was not at the register when I returned and that's when I have your unfortunate pleasure of meeting this lady who I believe to be the owner's wife who is equally as rude and unprofessional as he is.

eschool librarian

I usually can't stand when people talk negatively about older people who usually are good at their jobs. At the same time there are plenty of younger people who are great employees. The younger employees are fantastic here but the older man has absolutely been nasty every time I've been to this DD. Tbh, I cant recall anyone who, like him, ALWAYS yells at his customers. In fact, I live nearby and had to change my coffee place because he yells at his customers. Maybe he just yells at women, idk. This has happened with him on weekends and when there's no line at all. I hate to think what it's like to work for him in there. Until he retires, this will be the worst DD in the country, except when you're lucky enough to get one of the other employees.

Center Mass Content

Dunkin is my EDC-Every day coffee, it's handy, dependable, effective it gets the job done. This visit was good too, as expected, nothing special.

Lorraine Duncan

Went there for my free coffee but I was charged price. I made a complaint owner called me and offered me a free coffee if I returned. Not please I wanted my money back

Jared Hutchins

Like any other Dublin donuts. Usually clean, with stale & nasty donuts. Anytime I go to Dunkin I’m jus goin for a Nesquik

Tanya Matthews

This place doesn't even deserve a star. Very unprofessional. Many businesses lack Customer Service( And, do not even know what that means.) and this Fast food restaurant is number one. The drive thru host was very rude, there was a language barrier, he appeared rushed, he addressed my concerns with, "Do you want it or not " Horrible Service or dare I call it that!There was a young Afro-American female workibg at the drive thru collecting the cash that was very poised, calm, and professional.She needs to leave!


A little slow and the language barrier causes unnecessary negative dialog with the customer(s) which holds up the inside line. However, they have been accomodating for me and my pickiness.

LaLa Baha

I love Dunkin. These employees were especially nice. Bravo

Devon Merkle

I arrived around 5:30 this morning and saw a few people in the store. When they saw me they turned the lights off and walked around back. The sign said they opened at 5 but the door was locked. The hours online also say they open at 5. Would appreciate clarification about the store hours. Found it a bit rude to turn the lights off and walk away from me without a word.

Brett G

Pre-ordered in the app. Took 18 minutes in the drive-thru line, then had to wait another 5 min after they tried to give me the wrong order at the window. Never going to this location again


Giving 2 stars only because the lines are quicker . And the food is fresh. But always have to check to see if my ICE TEA is SWEET!!! And not unsweet! Had it happened to me twice.

Hydrangaes anika

This place is so close to my area. But the people that's running the place is terrible, the girl at the window who's taking your cash she's awesome young African American so mannerisms alway's a smile on her face. Those other worker's need training on customer service!!!!!!! ?what an experience

Valerie Mountes

My wife and I planned on going through the drive thru to grab a couple coffees and some breakfast. Our car broke down in the parking lot so we decided to walk in. The chairs are stacked up so there's nowhere to sit, which is fine, but there are tables to eat at. We grabbed our iced coffees, a grilled cheese, and 2 breakfast wraps, all of which were good. However, before we were finished, a lady kicked us out. She told me specifically that I couldn't be there, and she called me sir for some reason(I'm very tall, so maybe that's it?) She didn't give us any reason, even though my wife had her coffee still in her hand. Today is one of the hottest days of the year, and my wife almost passed out from the heat.Thankfully, my in-laws were on the way and scooped us up before she got hurt. That lady seemed to have a personal issue with me, yet I've never been there before. I hate to accuse someone of being homophobic, but I'm a quiet and respectful person, I gave them no reason to remove me from the store. As far as I'm concerned, this Dunkin no longer exists.

Steve Dinella

Drive thru was a mess. Broken equipment and rude people in the other cars in line.

England B Smith

They don't listen to you when you order their just after your money

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