Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard

10016 Molly Pitcher Hwy, Shippensburg
(717) 532-9886

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Frankie Martinez

I went to buy an ice cream and when I look inside the business it was totally disgusting. The floor, the refrigerators and machines are all dirty. How is it possible to run a business like this? I canceled my order and went elsewhere with my family. Clean up your business.Shippensburg

Rachelle Geyer

Greeted rudely by the girl working today. Also don’t want to read a paragraph on a piece of paper on the window just to realize they’re STILL out of custard.

mary madden

SHAME ON YOU RITA'S!!!! This was your opening for the 2023 spring/summer seasons. How can you re-open a popular ice-cream place for the season that sells both vanilla and chocolate custard and not have any vanilla custard, and have problems with the machine where the chocolate custard is coming out mushy? Why did this place not do a thorough inspection of the equipment as well as its product prior to re-opening. I felt horrible for the poor girl working there that didn't know what to do. I could see how frazzled she was and I don't blame her. The few other people that were there besides my kids and myself, turned around and left as well. Nice re-opening Rita's.

Josh Adams

Place just seems poorly run. Lots of people mentioning they close a half hour too early. If your hours say open until 9, that doesn't mean you close and clean up at 8:30, and walk out at 9. It means orders until 9. Seems like this is a common theme across Shippensburg.

Layla Giles

Usually very good but recently very disappointing. Ordered a large vanilla custard with a lid, Instead we received a small cup on top of a big cup, with a lid???

Adaliz Báez

It doesn't look anything like what I ordered, and with that mess??

Angela Chamberlin

They only had one person working which I know it's hard to find help now days, he done a very good job at doing his job very busy while we was there

Armin Zejcirovic

I genuinely enjoy Rita’s but the shop in Shippensburg is absolutely disgusting! Looking inside you can see the floor hasn’t been cleaned in months along with much of the equipment. There was a smell off sour milk coming up to the window as I walked up to order. I can only imagine their ice cream machine and freezers don’t look or smell much better. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere!

Karen D.

If you need sugar free Italian Ice, this is terrible! NO flavor and looks like a chunk of ice you can't get on a spoon. A waste of money!!

Alora Lupo

I love going and trying new ice, Everyone is warm and friendly. Definitely loved going here with my family since I was a kid. So many lasting memories there


Everyone is so friendly, I love going and getting a gelati in all directions flavors. This i one of my favorite ritas, I love it so much. Everyone is warm and friendly

Allfather Wotan

Very racist environment, I tried to get a simple watermelon Gelati and the staff acted super hostile towards me, they acted like they thought I was going to rob the place since I'm black. I heard them snickering behind the counter and even think I heard the N word once or twice. I even heard them say "yeah black people don't tip". They then sloppily threw together my Gelati and threw it on the counter, told me to have a nice day very sarcastically.

William Davies Jr.

Very congenial, friendly folks. Great service!

Dan G

If I could give them no stars I would. They had no water ice but you don't know that until you've waited in line for 15 minutes already. I asked for a medium peanut butter swirl instead, but get this, they were out of medium cups too. No problem I understand that places run out of things, so I get a large, the cashier kindly handed me a cup that was sincerely 1/3rd full and had about 12 old pieces of peanut butter cups at the bottom with just about 3 spoonfuls of only vanilla custard nothing else. I paid $7 for a milk soup with chunks in it, not to mention the time and gas money it took to get there. If there is a manager out there who could give me a refund that would be lovely.

Mike Oxsmall

The employees were amazing, the two girls that were in there were so sweet. They got lines down very fast. I tried the chocolate covered strawberry ice and it was delicious. Definitely recommend going

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