Famous Ernie's Steaks

111 E Beaver Ave, State College
(814) 238-4253

Recent Reviews

Preston Merklinger

Honestly i dont know what these other people are thinking. Ive had cheesesteaks from all around Philadelphia. Id say ernies is bringing south philly to state college.


Love the fries

Peter Marchildon

Horrible experience. No one on line and waited 30 mins for a Cheese steak. None of staff cared.

Peter Marchildon

This place is horrendous. Waited over half hour for a single steak. Was not worth it. Do not go here

Jay Pletcher

Average food. Over priced. It is downtown so its expected

Brendan Plunkett

Literally refused to take my order, told me to “come in and wait” great customer service. Never going here again. The second is lame

mark anderson



Cheesesteaks are just as bad as Bradley’s. For it to be a genuine Philly cheesesteak, you need a GOOD ROLL. This roll I just ate is equivalent to the texture of a hot dog bun. Get good rolls

Tay O.

Great CHICKEN cheese steaks for someone who doesn't eat red meat (or if you're just into a healthier option that still tastes great!) I always get the chicken cheese steak with lettuce and tomato. Also if you order fries, it's a HUUUGEE portion of delicious french fries -- cheap and there's no way you can finish it on your own! Plenty to share!

Zev L.

I don't have too much to say about this place. It came in handy on a late night but - was not really worth it. The sandwiches were pretty pricey for a college town, and not the best i've had. Far from it. My sandwich definitely was 70% bread, with very little cheese or meat to compliment it properly. I definitely felt like my money could have been better spent at Sheetz down the street for the price. There is potential, and the take out people are nice, but I paid for mostly bread...


Closet authentic Philly Cheesesteak at Penn State. Perfect for a quick bite, especially after the nearby bars. Found all the food here to be very tasty. Takeaway only.


We have been to Ernie's several times and have been very happy with the food and service. This is our 'go to' place for special occasions. The ambiance is so beautiful with all the wonderful art work sitting and hanging.

Henry E

Great food, but the rudest people I've dealt with in some time - and that's accounting for the awfulness of State College local service.

Patrick R.

I ordered for delivery, paid over $20 for undercooked soggy stone cold fries, and a soggy garden cheese steak with no garden. Steak was dry and chewy, like eating dust almost. Roll was absolutely soaked through. Looked like it was caked in snot. Beyond disappointed. Simple, well done, honest food is all I look for. Whoever Erinie is, he's rolling over in his grave serving this slop. Lucky for them it's a town full of students, most likely drunk. You'd have to be, not to dump this shit straight in the garbage. Serve's me right expecting a decent meal served above a bar that typically reeks of vomit.

Dante G.

I just ordered a cheesesteak and my life has been changed .I also ordered a side of wings . The wings could have been seasoned more but all round I had a good visit

Rob Pauloski

Arguably the best cheesesteaks ever. Get the Rocko!

Theresa Ottenmiller

The cheesesteak was grisly and hard to chew. The fries came with barely any cheez whiz. I was very disappointed with the meal overall. It was delivery, so sometimes that makes a difference on experience.

Chris P.

Well, just ordered from Famous Ernie's after quite some time debating getting an order in and I have to say it was entirely underwhelming. Not only that, but they decided to send us the order incorrect as we placed one for a small and one for a large and both came small, they def didn't forget to charge for the large though. That being said, the steak, while being real steak, was so chewy and fatty that you could bearly saw thru it with a knife, which is a shame, because the rest of the ingreds were actually decent, even the bread which is generally the place you expect a drop in quality in central pa. All that being said, won't order from here again, nor would I recommend it to anyone looking for a good cheesesteak in town. Given the students aren't here, you'd expect a better experience, but like it's counter part downstairs, you get what you'd expect, why be surprised.

Andrew D.

Nothing too special. Although the steak was good there was nothing outstanding about the sandwich. Save some money and go to Bradley's down the street.

Russell Houtz

Really tasty burgers and cheesesteaks, good prices, and fast service.

Frank L.

Dunno wsup wit all the bad reviews as I think this is the BEST cheesesteak spot in state college. Steak wasnt none of that cheap crap it was real AF steak. This place OWNS bradleys like its not even close. Also the cheese is melty and gooey. You can taste it in every bite. Only con is that a large is ten bux so its roughly 3 bux more than bradleys or any other cheesesteak but its mad worth it cuz of the quality. I wont go anywhere else for cheesesteaks ever again, but if i must im def holdin it to this gold standard.

Whitney L

Pretty darn good! Got the philly with fries and engulfed the whole thing in minutes. Wings were okay.

Whitney W.

Pretty darn good! Got the philly with fries and engulfed the whole thing in minutes. Wings were okay.

KirstenG G

This is primarily a take out place. You can get the same food served for sit down at Local Whisky or they will bring it downstairs if you are enjoying adult beverages at the Phyrst. The tray of fries is a school-lunch-style tray piled high with amazing, deep golden, perfectly salted fries. Make sure you go for the malt vinegar. So yummy!! The steak sandwiches have lots of options for toppings - I'm an onions and American Cheese girl myself. They also have Suzy Wong's eggrolls - a Happy Valley must have!!

Nicole E.

Amazing cheesesteaks!! Rolls are sooooo fresh and the fries are amazing!! The food is always consistent, and the employees are friendly!

Jimmy S.

Another Lucchesi restaurant, and kind of the black sheep of places he owns. Was recently remodeled, yet is dirty and the staff plain sucks. The cheesesteaks seem to come with less meat since the remodel, but the fries are still amazing. Best hand-cut fries in town and the portion is 2 meals by itself. Just wish it had a better staff that didn't hide in the back. Will often take 2-5 minutes for someone to even come out and take your order. I'm a bigger fan of going next door and just eating at their other restaurant/bar there, Local Whiskey, which is served out of the same kitchen. At least there you can have a drink or two while waiting on your food and you get faster service.


I was in Pennsylvania. Getting a cheese steak was a must. Ernie's was terrific! Hope to get back and try it again!

Bonnie S.

Awful, owner is beyond disgusting! Gross - should be closed. Needed to eat, our daughter was in a car accident and we drive up from NY and they were the only place open. They screamed at us that she could not come in. The police sent us there to eat, owner said no way. He was so disrespectful and crazy like on drugs. Stay away!

Sarah P.

Ernie's is a great place to stop once you've been kicked out of the Phyrst for being too drunk. Nothing subdues an oncoming blackout quite like a greasy chicken cheesesteak and side of fries. You may find yourself wanting to regret it the next day, but you know deep down inside that you regret nothing. And you will be back.

Dave K.

See my tip. Terrible service and ridiculous wait time ( more than 19 mins) is indicative of a place to avoid.

Jake Smith

Worth the wait. Get a cheesesteak with peppers and onions, an order of fries, and then thank God this place is here.

Charlie J.

First off I want to say that yes their cheesesteaks are much better than Bradley's. I gave up on them due to the last 3 orders being skimp on meat and also being wrong. That being said this is the place to go for cheesesteaks in State College. Plenty of meat and not the kind that you find in the freezer aisle of Walmart. I always order with onions and whiz. It's 8 bucks for a large but the sandwich is pretty massive. As others have said the tray of fries is large and cheap. Another gem from this place is the grilled cheese and tomato soup. My friend made me go to the Second just so she could order it. I decided to try it and it is by far the best I have ever had (no others can even compare). The catch is it's 9 bucks so I will only have this delicacy if someone I'm with can't finish their meal.

Yasmine H.

This is the only place i will ever walk to if im sober, drunk, tired, etc. for their steaks are THE BEST...dude with cool beard funny/entertaining as shit while you're waiting. Their beer to go are also priced on the DL, cheaper than most places for 6-packs. Overall, great food & cheap beer.

Monty B.

DO NOT VISIT UNLESS YOU HAVE NO TASTE Update: Famous Ernie's has taken a turn for the worst, thanks to their partnership with "The Phyrst" bar and grill. This used to be a decent place, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. They'll charge you for services not received. Friend got kicked out for NO REASON. He was a grad student minding his own business! Undergrad lowlives complained to the dimwitted waitresses and he was toast. I've never seen anything like it. Someone who actually is charged with teaching classes dragged out (not putting up a fight or anything, mind you) without even being able to wait for the rest of his friends to close their tab), for no reason at all. Absolute dive establishment.


Best late night food around - get the large fries a whole to go box!

Adam M.

The bread makes the cheesesteak, and the bread at Ernie's is mediocre at best. Too soggy for my taste. Maybe Ernie's is great when you're drunk, but it's not for the sober.

Kevin L.

Best cheesesteak in State College without question. I order mine with provolone, onions, and hot sauce.. must've done so upwards of 50 times my senior year in college. Once I tasted it the first time, I couldn't kick the addiction. I would walk miles through the most punishing winters for an Ernie's cheesesteak.. and trust me, I have.

Brian B.

Everyone always says "GET THE STEAK GET THE STEAK". Not to be mean against cheesesteaks, but no, you don't want the steak. Assuming you just started your drunken night, you want the baking sheet o' fries with a side of whiz. Take one of these down into the bar with your drinking buddy to a table and you'll make instant friends. I met numerous people over a lava hot baking sheet of them. Towards the end of the night after you're having trouble standing up straight and find women looking at you funny as you slur your speech, go back up and get exactly TWO Suzie Wongs. No more, no less. Wait for them to cool for a minute or two after getting them, then chow down on the first one. Congratulations, you are now instantly sober enough to at least make it home! Chow down on the second one on the way home, and that grease and asian flavor will keep you going just long enough to hit a bed. Never fails.

Chris R.

Ate here the other evening, it's spring break so the town was dead at night. Got the large cheesesteak WIT onions, sweet peppers and whiz. It WAZ GUD! no place to sit so I just ate it standing up dude working there was cool too. they have a lot of cool beers in the fridge though the prices seem slightly high but what do I know I'm from Florida.