Sadie's Gourmet Waffles & Smokey Joe's Sandwiches

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118 S Pugh St, State College
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Our family stopped while on vacation. I'm telling you right now, my kids make fresher waffles. Ours tasted very sour and super tough to chew. One bite and I was done. Sat there with a ton of food an we all mostly drank coffee and juice, then left.

Just typed a page on grub hub so I'll keep this short. Worst waffle I've ever had and too sweet for my 6 yr old. Think of a slightly bigger and just as hard.. 'hockey puck' waffle. Doused in the flavored sauce and then doused in even more 'brown sugar sauce'. I could barley cut it, didn't want to eat it, and definitely over paid for it. Will not be ordering here again. How do you mess up a waffle? Looks nice but that's about it.

Tried the place out last week, coffee was ok and bagel sandwich was ok, all microwaved and cheap ingredients...... To top it all off she added her own tip after I signed my receipt and charged my debit card almost twice what I should have been charged...I only found this out when checking my online bank account and noticing the discrepancy. It's not about the little money she stole but the fact that she did it....went back in to get my money back just for principle and full review

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Smokey Joe's Philly Sandwiches

All served with chips on amorosa rolls.
1. Roast Beef$8.95
Provolone, organic green, onion strands and joe's \"horsey sauce\".
2. Ham$8.95
Provolone, organic greens, joe's pesto, crispy bacon and fire roasted peppers.
3. Turkey$8.95
Organic greens, crispy onion strands and joe's \"horsey sauce\".
4. Provolone$8.95
American and sharp cheese, organic greens and dill pickles.
5. Organic Hummus$8.95
Roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts.
6. Scrambled Eggs$8.95
Taylor pork roll and melted provolone.

Lunch Menu

Delicious wholesome gourmet wraps served with chips plus fun pasta selections.
Chicken Pesto Wrap$6.95
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Sadie's Gourmet Waffles & Smokey Joe's Sandwiches

118 S Pugh St, State College, PA 16801
(814) 308-4075