Three Beards Brewing (Under Construction)

109 Carroll Rd, Sunbury
(570) 286-9911

Recent Reviews

Phoebe Williams

The service is very prompt. excellent place.

Trey Kurtz

A beautiful facility to make amazing memories in! We will most definitely be back again sirs! Thank you for your kind hospitality!

Samuel Tarsa

my favorite part of this new brewery is the fact that its not done. the beer is absolutely delicious(even though i do have to just imagine drinking it) and the pizza, dont even get me started on the pizza. the best place ive eaten at in decades

Bob Levkulic

Exceptional location. I'm looking forward to when this opens!

Daniel Brassington

When the hell are they going to open, before I die I hope.

Jason Knott

Very cool

Heather O.

Okay!! So this place is a colab between the winery and local brewers. Set to open (fingers crossed) March 2019! Extensive grounds between them and the spyglass ridge winery. Beautiful! Nice little drive right outside the city. There is a little lake

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Three Beards Brewing (Under Construction)

109 Carroll Rd, Sunbury, PA 17801
(570) 286-9911