WHEEL Tamaqua, PA

125 E Broad St, Tamaqua
(570) 810-2424

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Vanessa Bach

We were visiting family from out of state and The Wheel was on our list of must try. I had been watching their social media for wellover a year and was super excited to try it out when I was able to visit my family. Over all we had a decent experience. We had a large group and the majority enjoyed their custom made grilled cheeses and appetizers. I ordered the Reuben grilled cheese instead of a custom grilled cheese and it was pretty good! I think shaved corned beef would be better than the thick slices as it was a bit tough to eat because of the connective tissue in the meat. Service was okay, we had to ask for refills on all of our drinks every time, so the waitresses could be more attentive. But over all is was a good experience and I’d return again to build my own sandwich if I lived in the area.

Bonnie McGeehan

My friends and I really enjoyed Wheels for lunch today. I had the sweet/spicy chicken sandwich, which was really tasty. I had sweet potato fries as my side -yum. We shared cheese sticks & zucchini apps - both very good. We all (5) agreed we’d be back for more!

David Perry

Was the first time I ordered from there. Very disappointed and I mean very disappointed. I ordered the Philly Dilly and if you can see in the pics there is very little meat and only a few onions. There is no meat in the back of the sandwich on both sides. This was a 13.50 sandwich with soup. The other pic is a Fajita Wrap same thing nothing on the back end everything up front and also this was 9.50 ended up spending over 50$ and won’t get my business again. We moved here a year ago and been wanting to eat there for quite awhile. People work hard for there money and would like something in return. After eating the Philly Dilly it was not as advertised. There was less meat than I thought and very few onions. The most disappointing thing was that the bread was saturated with butter and when I squeezed the bread it dripped off. The soup was just ok and no saltines were offered not a deal breaker but would of been nice. Last the coleslaw was saturated with mayo the taste was also just ok. Overall I will be spending my hard earned somewhere else for take out food maybe the cook was having a bad day not sure but overall a flop… Also the portion served for the Crabby Mac was awful. 9 dollars for a 1// pound container that was not full.


I understand it's a Friday evening and such, but good lord the service was probably the worst I've had in a long time. Not only did it take about about an hour to just get out orders taken, but when we did get our food, half of it was practically cold.It wasn't even busy, I do not understand. Did half of the staff quit? I have no idea.I watched this one table get up several times to look for someone to get their check and staff was just MIA.We are two hours in and I still haven't even seen my grilled cheese. I didn't expect to dedicate most of my evening sitting in a dining room full of disappointed people, but here I am.Please, for the love of God, I just want a grilled cheese.Update: I got my grilled cheese.Thank you to the only competent waitress

Elizabeth Foley

This place was recommended to us, so we decided to try it. Went for lunch, place was relatively empty. Molly, our waitress, greeted us with a smile and we were able to pick our seating. She explained how the menu worked, create your own grilled cheese sandwich, or choose from the "specialty" menu. We started with the tomato bisque and the chili. Both were great. Then, the Crabby Cheese fries. Warning, the 'whole' order is HUGE- if ordering for one, the 1/2 order is plenty! They don't skimp on the crab meat. Our sandwiches arrived. The Philly Dilly, and the 3 Little Piggies. Wow is all I can say. You definitely get your money's worth. The idea of a grilled cheese restaurant was suspect, but Wheel absolutely is worth a try. Friendly and attentive staff, great atmosphere, delicious food...worth giving it a try


10 years ago, if someone would have suggested opening a restaurant offering primarily grilled cheese sandwiches and beer, I would have said they were nuts. Well, WHEEL in Tamaqua is proving that it isn't nuts. I really liked the concept of taking a golf pencil and marking a paper menu and building your own gourmet grilled cheese. You pick the type of bread, cheese, sauce, meat and sides. I'm not sure exactly what I put together but it was quite good. They also have named sandwiches if you don't want to build your own. Combined with a bar with slew of different beers and good service, this place is a winner.


Really like this place! We stopped in on a whim, we happened to pass by the town as we headed to bald eagle state park.They offer different appetizers and you can either build your own grilled cheese or pick one from their list. Tons of cheese/meat/ bread/ sauce/toppings to choose from. I got the locally made sourdough bread with ham, gouda, caramelized onions, and tomato. Then I got their bacon jam sauce, house sauce, and a sweet one on the side for dipping- THEY WERE ALL SOOOO GOOD!!Portions are good too, I was full after my sandwich w/ coleslaw. Also got the blueberry mule, which was delicious.Our server was really nice and took a lot of time to explain the menu, made jokes, and was very attentive. The interior is clean, and has a fun almost industrial feel.Would definitely go back!

Angela Bartol

Service and Food were excellent,my daughter cant wait to go back again

Laura Harley

I was a BIG fan of the wheel. However, it was very disappointing this time. I understand prices of things are crazy, but this is sad. I order a sandwich with steak and cheese. I swear to you.. I thought they forgot the steak. My Mac and cheese was like a bowl of buttered noodles I had to add my own cheese. My husbands sandwich was also pathetic. I asked around because I was so surprised and a few people said the business went downhill. I honestly don’t think I’ll order again. They taste was great, but the QUALITY was not.

Charlene H

Thanks to the Wheel for providing some children’s gift certificates in a local Easter Egg hunt. Giving back to the community speaks volumes about the restaurant. My kids decided to use the winning certificates right away and traveled to the Tamaqua PA restaurant instead of Pottsville because there was more seating available for 9. The children’s grilled cheese, sides and Guers chocolate milk was a fantastic meal for each of the four grandkids. The adults tried the Grilled cheese with kielbasa, chicken bacon ranch grilled cheese, pierogies and a type of hamburger grilled cheese. (I had the grilled zucchini side which is the highlight of my meal.) We all loved our food. The only negative is the time it took to get our food. Yes, it takes time for freshly prepared meals. We had lots of time to enjoy a leisurely Saturday afternoon. I’m grateful to be able to spend time with the kids. If you would be in a hurry, get a menu and call in your order. Can’t wait to visit again. I’m thinking this is definitely a new family bonding experience I’d recommend to anyone. Great food and family!

Nora K.

Dope af dude. Def recommend ................................................................................................................................................right on

Peggy Mayhue

There food and drinks are good and great service.You get to pick out what you want on your grilled cheese sandwich and the soup was delicious.We will be back.?❤??

Chip A.

Great Sandwiches and it's great that you pick out your own toppings-the staff were gracious and the area very clean--super choice's on the Sandwiches--If your in the Tamaqua area, stop in and grab a delicious sandwich. And remember all you train lovers, come across the street for a great treat at the "Wheel"


Nice atmosphere. Specialty sandwiches and many options for create your own. Staff very friendly and efficient . Reasonably priced!

Michael H.

Message to Business Manager/Owner: Wow! I am in total disbelief!!! Business is really that bad? You have to resort to stealing and lieing? Over a soup? Well, you got me! Keep it, it's yours! Apparently you need it more than I do!!! If it were me, I would scale back on expenses instead of resorting to ripping off loyal customers. I understand we are in a pandemic, but have some scruples, PLEASE!!! Not sure what excuse you gave them, theft is theft. If business is that bad that you have to charge people for items you never gave them, then lie about it in order to keep their money or to cover for stealing it in the first place, then maybe you are in the wrong type of business. Perhaps a used car salesman's position would be better suited to your particular skill set. It was only a soup for goodness sakes! If you really need the money that bad, I would have gladly donated it, but to steal from me and then lie, is a whole other story!!! Also, you had asked that I call you, so then, why did you never return any of my calls? I seriously think you should reevaluate your career choice, or perhaps take a course in Ethics, Customer Service, Business Management, or successful Marketing strategies, instead of resorting to ripping off your customers. Smh...

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