The Market Cafe

28 Centre Ave, Topton
(610) 682-0302

Recent Reviews


Cozy, sweet place with great food and service !

Tamera Adolph

Love stopping here for delicious, wholesome food, served with smiles and good cheer. Patrons are friendly too, feels like community

Sandy Gross

Come back each year for 4 years now. The Cafe Corner there is great too!

Angelo DeVito

Absolutely great food and equally great service. The place has history, taste, and a common homely atmosphere. If you're on a bike ride or a drive through Topton in the morning, definitely give the place a try!

Zach Weitzel

I came here a few months ago to give them a try. I remember when this places used to be an Ice Cream parlor. Many years ago!I was happy with the service and the food was great. They do have various things to get that are not offered anyplace else. Types of flavoring for drinks is what I remember. I really liked this place and the overall experience was a great one. :)

Sandy H.

We loved stopping in, grabbing some bagel sandwiches and an amazing special bbq egg sandwich! Got some bagels and homemade veggie cream cheese to go! The iced lattes were great!

Cathy E

My husband and I ordered our breakfast selections from the restaurant’s menu board. After we placed our order and paid our bill I questioned the validity of the bill. We were overcharged by 20%. The owner refused to honor the posted prices. He said, “We didn’t have a chance to change the prices on the menu board”. Apparently, PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE whenever we feel like it. I have eaten in this establishment countless times with my husband and friends. The food was mediocre at best. We will not go back.

Jon Schmidt

Great little stop if you are In the area. Friendly staff and the food was good!

Carolynn Tavoc

I absolutely love this place! I really appreciate they offer healthy options and plenty of vegetarian stuff which are hard to come by in this area!! Very reasonable priced!!

Maxwell Kaye

All the food was delicious and the vibe was cozy and friendly. Loved the location and would definitely make it a regular spot for breakfast if I lived here

Kathy Brensinger

Love their food and coffee. We are lucky to have Market Cafe nearby.

Hollie Nichols

Adorable place, the food and service is great!

April Johnson

Everything I expect. Excellent


The food is good and they're nice to dogs. However, the coffee; I do like my coffee without flavor additives like macadamia nut, vanilla and what-not, but since they use the same grinder without cleaning it out, all the coffee is flavored. When I ask why my coffee tastes like all of that artificial flavor they tell me that the flavor is added to the beans before they even buy them. I guess that means if you usually hate vanilla coffee you have to like it because the flavor was technically added at a different point in the process? None of the staff could even understand why it would matter to me, at all.

Bilal Mannan

Fantastic spot for a Cafe ride.

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