Tony's Pizza Shop

6 W Franklin St, Topton
(610) 682-2226

Recent Reviews

Scott Ziegler

I've been going there for over 40 years now. Awesome Food!! The Best around !! Excellent Staff always fast and on time service . Family Owned and Operated gets my business every time.

Tony Jarrett

Been a while since I got food from here...still very good. And quick.

Jason Wilson

Tony's is always on point with their food, definitely an excellent place to stop if your in the area!

Naja Collier

I eat from this place all the time. They are the best in town prices are reasonable very friendly. I wished they delivered on Washington St. But they are great

John Turan

Been the same since they opened in 1982. Great pizza and great cheessteaks.

Wayne Edwards

We love there large buffalo cheesesteaks. They do have a small charge for credit versus cash. Great bread on subs. Last for days.

Lori Freese

Holy big cheesesteak. I could not get over the price and size!!! Was very good. Will definitely be getting more food from there.

Jason Schutz

Pizza is good. Cheesesteaks are good. Service is pretty fast. Great little local spot.

Chris Andreoni

Best place to eat in Topton.

Joanne Campbell

Very reasonable for amou t of food I got

Joseph Bauer

Very good food I will be going back

Jim Folk

Food was excellent, but no prices.

David Sheets

Very nice pizza, great crust, good price. Kids all said it was much better than what we had been getting previously. Will most likely go back many times.

John “The Mover” Biltcliffe

Delicious cheese steaks,huge!...

Jason Schutz

Sadly after eating here for years I think we are done. Our last four orders have been one issue after another. We have gone from messed up pizzas, to missing food, to half an order being ready and waiting for the rest to be started and done while waiting, to tonight having only the side salad done when I came in to pick up my food. That’s right just the side salad. Not one of the other items had even been started. Then instead of garlic knots I got bread with cheese that had

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