Dairy Queen

99 E Wylie Ave, Washington
(724) 222-9260

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Kassidy D'Alessandro

Was given a straw & 1 spoon for two blizzards.. One blizzard was correct, but not mixed. The other was supposed to be cookie dough. It has chocolate, cookie dough, brownies, oreos & pecans.. Already home with it, they also did not offer a receipt. So I can’t even take the food back.

James J.J. Jackson

The teenagers are very well mannered. The food was pretty fast, and the order was correct.Food: 4/5

Bryon Coffman

Fast service, kind staff, and clean place! Best ever, Chili Dog was great and caramel sunday!Food: 5/5

Rob Ward

The best DQ around I'll pass up one by me because I know they always have better service and selections.Food: 5/5

Robert Wichtermam

Loved the food, service and atmosphere. Even though it was a school fundraiser it all ran like clockwork.Food: 5/5

Peter Nixon

LOVED your New York Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake for my birthday!??????

Tia Bowden

Great place, will miss the footlong Friday's, but love the new access point from the side street. The only other thing is the line is always so long. Which shows how good it is, but bad news if u have to wait in it. LolKid-friendliness: It's ice cream, can't get more kid friendly then that!

James Maxwell

Great milkshake and blizzard my girlfriend and I favorite place

Destro Millovich

Never returning here ever again!!I ordered at the drive thru when I finally got my food I noticed my fries were cold. I told the kid at the window and said can I get new fries he scoffed at me then asked for the old fries back(which is a food safety violation as my hands just touched them) had them put back in the deep fryer handed them back and said “they should be okay now”. Then when I got home my burger wasn’t even warm and it looked like it was sitting around for awhile before it had been served.SCREW THIS PLACE!!

Josh Sheppard

I really didn't even want to give it a star at all Even for the hated it star I spent $33 on two hamburgers or I'm sorry one hamburger three chicken strips that were small two french fries and two blizzards one small one large for 33 bucks and whenever I asked the kid behind the register if I could get another ranch he told me I had to pay for it after I spent $33 on a hamburger three chicken strips two french fries and two ice creams to me that is absolutely ridiculous ... On top of this we went in there on a motorcycle with helmets in our hands they put our food in a bag and to go after we asked them not to then we had to ask for spoons for the small blizzard and a large blizzard I'm not sure but I'm almost positive that I could train a monkey and a week to do that job and the management they have there and training these kids is absolutely horrible I have owned my business for 12 years and personally I would not let someone work like that for me without me saying something and teaching them the right way immediately

Hilary Montesano

They really should fix the parking lot the drive thru comes out into traffic I know they are working on the intersections there but what good will that do if this is still an issue , everything really just isn't as good since covid due to lack of workers mostly I feel.

allie shipley

incredibly rude and condescending staff. whichever woman was on drive through at 9pm today had the worst attitude and was extremely inappropriate in her responses. will not be returning

Rebecca Simmons

I think I am done giving this place chances and it’s sad since I order almost weekly. I continuously put orders in online and it doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m in the drive through or go inside , but you might as well be invisible as a customer here. I place orders online because I want to get in and get out and not stand behind 23 people in line to just pick my online order up. There is usually only one of the two front registers working, and that’s after you stand there for 5-10 minutes without hearing “I will be right with you”. If you are one of the lucky ones, you might be acknowledged. There is a sign at the end of the counter for online order pick ups but I don’t know if that even applies or works really. It’s mostly who’s attention you can catch or who you can grab to just say I have 2 dilly bars or whatever in the freezer. It’s honestly a free for all on busy nights or especially on nights that sports teams of 15 or more stop in with no prior warning. There’s no open communication between the staff, you won’t hear someone calling out an order or letting anyone know what they are prepping, it just seems like a group of 8-10 high school age kids with the exception of a few of the workers. Each time I have been inside, it’s chaos. People are scrambling around and bumping into one another. No one seems to know who made what at times…. It’s just honestly a cluster. I have seen a couple people that appear to be upper management of some kind but they have their heads down and seem to be just as oblivious as everyone else. I even witnessed a shift lead take herself and a new hire off the front lines to restock materials before closing time instead of catering to a line inside or at the drive through. Yikes. There are a few rare exceptions of those that strive to try and make everyone happy and you can tell they are trying and rushing to make items and to do the job…. But unfortunately it just isn’t enough to carry the team.


Very quick. Fresh food. Owner or GM came out looking across the fron as if he had some sort of issue. Very obvious. I’ll make a repeat visit. Overall 4 out of 5.

Chelsea Dague

I can't believe how bad the employees were tonight. Seriously..they were a bunch of immature kids. They were rolling their eyes at the customers, had the worst attitudes, and to top it off I pre ordered a cake online and came for it at the time in my email and it was not made. It wasn't even a special order. Just a simple ice cream cake. I asked the girl when it would be ready and she said I dunno, shrugged, dismissed me, and proceeded with the next customer. I then went to my car to call the store to speak to a manager and no one answered. Called again and spoke with the manager, told her about how rude her staff was and wanted my charge card refunded. I will never again set foot in this DQ or in that drive through ever again in my life. The kids were screaming how they couldn't take it anymore in front of a lobby full of customers. Do better! This is inexcusable

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