Four Star Pizza

860 Jefferson Ave, Washington
(724) 223-0111

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Philip Amaismeier

My daughter rates the cheese pizza here as the best in town! I would say the same about the mushroom pizza. This is also the first place I ever tasted a pineapple and bacon pizza years ago. The owners and managers are local families who have always been very kind and giving towards the community. This is a pizza place I love to support not just because they have great pizza... which they have!

Jeffrey Tokich

My first and only experience with them was terrible I will never order from this place again as they got everything completely wrong nothing was done the way I asked for it I asked for the pizza to be cooked longer they didn't do that I asked for pepperoni bacon and mushrooms somehow they mistaken mushrooms for bell peppers and when I called to complain they didn't do anything to help rectify the situation more so called me a liar than anything so I spent the next hour and a half picking off these peppers that nobody in my family likes I hope this review brings them down to 3.9 Stars so they have to change your name.Save your money don't even bother trying them out if you haven't yetEDITED 12 9 22 FOR RESPONSE TO OWNERI appreciate you taking the time to atleast acknowledge my opinion and concerns I've had with your business. I would love to give you another try. I'm always open to helping out local small businesses as I'm one myself. I'm curious as to how you would like to rectify what happened? Maybe we can work something out?? Reach out to me by searching for my business on Google the same way anyone would do for yours.Diamond Cut Window CleaningMy contact information is listed within. I'll try and find another form of contact for you incase updates/edits don't notify you. Thanks for the response. Hope we talk soon!!Jeff

Kelsey R.

When it's good, it's great. I've had a few bad experiences since covid, but it is a fan favorite in our house so we still get it every once in a while. Love their italian hoagie- not so much a fan of their steak though. I got pizza last week and it was SO GOOD, it was a late week night and there was a gentleman with red hair and another young lady working- thanks for making me the "old" four star pizza i know and love!!


Been eating fourstar since I was 5 years old. One of the best pizzas in town. When I think pizza fourstar has that iconic taste, and presentation. It is the quintessential pizza. 11/10

Melissa T.

Ordered a quick bite to eat after work. Got an 8 slice pepperoni and some breadsticks. Took me about 10 minutes to get there and my food was ready to go. The gentlemen working were very nice. Both the pizza and breadsticks were good, would totally order again if in a pinch.

B M.

The food was fine as usual, however, 2 issues #1 The the cashier was just completely absent of personality. As if her job was the most stressful thing on the planet. Probably new, so I get it to a degree, but she was very short and agitated with people. #2. I honestly don't mind giving up my change, especially when it's 2 penney's. But it's the principle. You should still offer it back to the customer and not just assume that we don't want our change back. Which is what happened here. My order wasn't ready when I got there, so I had a lot of time to sit and listen to the cashier take phone orders and interact with customers.

Tracy Weishner

I ordered dinner from Four Star. Several things happened that were minor. The issue that bothered me the most was I said that I wanted to sign my receipt like I do with other businesses. I should not have to explain my being cautious. The delivery person said a few things that I did not like, so I felt it was warranted that I call the manager.I explained to the manager what happened thinking they would understand. I did not want a refund and told the manager that. I just wanted the manager to be aware of what was said. It seemed as if they just wanted to get off of the phone. I said that I just wanted to let them know what happened so they may improve how they treat customers with complaints. The same response. I am a Minister, try to be as cordial as I can be, but will not be ordering from them again.

Shay Crow

Used to be my favorite pizza shop in town when I moved here a year ago, but something changed in the last 6 months or so and it just doesn't taste the same. The cheese has no flavor of its own anymore. The sauce seems more bland. The only thing that gives this pizza flavor is whatever topping you choose.

Corey Jones

We waited for an hour and my mom has diabetes. We called to let you know that and all you told us was it’s 45-60 min wait! And then hang up the phone . Do better

Troy H.

I thought the prices were better (lower) than other local options. For some reason when I ordered tomatoes, the pizza takes way longer to make....all the employees were super sweaty. The amount of sweat dripping off of these fine ladies and gentleman could fill up my turtle aquarium. it was in the summer.


Waiting over an hour and a half for an order would be fine IF THEY TOLD US there was a massive wait time."Oh sorry" doesn't do much when you fail to inform customers, I'd have just picked the pizza up myself and not bothered to waste time waiting for them.

Hilary Montesano

The only reason I gave it a four stars because I asked every time for light sauce and they never do it and just I love pizza but the red sauce kills my stomach so I just get as little as possible on it but other than that everything is perfect every time!

Gertrude R.

We love there pizza and subs all the time very good!! Thank guys keep up the good work

Brandon 'Bean' Fisher

Great pizza shop. They have great hoagies, wings, appetizers, and of course, pizza ???Staff is friendly and delivery is fast. They are also great at getting the orders done properly and NOT messing things up. I always get exactly what I ordered! Nothing i hate more than getting an order wrong ?

Lori Muhr

Called order in. It was ready when they said it would be. Food was good & staff was friendly.

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