120 Murtland Ave, Washington
(724) 228-8150

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Melissa T.

This location is super close to my apartment which is absolutely great! The staff is always very nice and it's always seamless. Also whenever I go theres not a long drive thru line which is nice. I got their sandwich box...spicy with mac n cheese, fries and cole slaw. And its been a minute since I've had them. Sort of mad at myself for waiting this long to have them again. The sandwich was hot and crunchy which is hard to get. The fries perfectly cooked and love their seasoning. Tbh I have a weak spot for mac n cheese and their cole slaw.

Sherry Sunderland Campbell

Used KFC app first time, will be the last. Order didn't show on app. Went to drive thru and they wouldn't tell me if it went through without going in. Asked if my dog was a Service Dog and was told he could NOT go in with me. Michelle the manager would not refund unavailable items, told to get it from Door dash, which I don't use. Not only discriminated against but the food was cold. Unacceptable.

Debra marshall

Eat there at least once a week. Always get chicken breast which comes with mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuit, cookie & a drink for $6.49.. if you want an extra side it's small & $2.97 which is to much for all you get.Parking: Wheelchair parking.

Jazz Briley

Fast service, clean dining room, and my meal was presented probably the neatest I’ve personally seen (ignore my started eating Mac n cheese and used napkin)

Michael Cridge

Excellent service and great food ! Thank you Sean and your team for making our experience awesome.

Lee Zavislak

Had a 5 piece meal deal last night to go. Was very pleased with the size and quality of the chicken and the sides. The service was good too.

shawna oneal

I didn't get the sides I ordered and e en though they asked me to remind them at the window what sauce I needed I still didn't end up with sauce.

Dougie DeCosta

Way too overpriced and they didn't even have the chicken I ordered. Drive thru was fast though.

Hilary Montesano

I'm so disappointed we only eat here like once a month because it's so expensive and my fiance always gets the spicy mashed potato bowl and I always get chicken strips with coleslaw mac and cheese and let me tell you I don't even think the chicken was cooked all the way both of our meals were cold and the line was too long to even complain about it but then when you call they have an issue we were treated so badly and I spent like $32 between all the extra drinks you have to buy and I'm just upset that the way we were treated cuz as we were walking out the one little short lady was like I don't know why they're complaining now well it's because we understand that everyone's short-staffed did but the least you can do is serve us hot food especially since we love your guys' food and if I could afford it I would eat there more often.

Abhishek Kumar

as I walk in I am greeted by a staff Robert with an attitude which suggests someone beat him up to do his Job. It doesn't hurt to greet Customers with a smile. After my order when I request for some KFC sauce I am being told its 25c each.If something changed at KFC in last few days then I don't know but last I checked KFC sauce was free.

John Gallagher

To the Owner, close the doors before the people working here ruin your reputation. Absolutely the worst service i have ever had the misfortune to experience. Staff were so rude it was like i was interrupting their eavning. Not surprising that there were only two other people in the place. Food was poor to mediocre at best.


Walk in and ordered a bucket to go. Order ready in less than 3 minutes. Hot and tasty. Satisfied.

John G.

The owner should close this place before the employees completely ruin their business reputation. Absolutely the worst service i have ever experienced at a fast food restaurant. Rude and condescending staff who treat customers like they are interrupting their eavning. Food was mediocre at best. Will NEVER return.

Steve Maze

Like kfc eat pot pies there good people good service

John Roebuck

Kind of rude and rushed, but the food was good and ready quickly.

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