Kopper Kettle Restaurant

2 Kopper Kettle Rd, Washington
(724) 225-5221

Recent Reviews

Susan Newman

Kopper Kettle was an excellent choice!Thank you for accommodating our large group of 42.Everyone had a pleasant dining experience and enjoyed the versatile menu. Our table recommends the Cod Fish.

Janeen Osselborn

Place was packed when I went in to pick up food for the first time - thought that was a promising sign.I ordered a Buffalo chicken grilled cheese and my daughter got a chicken wrap.Well...both of our meals were made with those mechanically separated, then compressed and formed chicken patties. Some folks may like those, we do not. When we order chicken, we expect real chicken, not processed and reformed patties.We each tried a bite, but the food had no flavor, reminded us of cafeteria food. Those chicken patties have always been dry and tasted a bit like sawdust to me...Both meals went in the trash. We won't likely bother to try again.

Tami Bratich

Hands down the best restaurant in the entire tri-state area that we've been to, and we've been to a lot since my boyfriend works in fracking and work is on the move. All 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️....the food, drinks, the bartenders, waitresses, atmosphere. Kudos to this Team. Everything just awesome!

Tombstone 4

The food was great......however. The server took our drink order and forgot about us. 10 minutes later she walked by and realized she forgot us and fetched the drinks. She then took our food order, and that was the last we seen of her (crossfit looking blonde girl). We sat in silence for a solid 40 minutes when we noticed everyone who came in after us was eating their food. We stopped a passing by server and asked her how long were we going to have to continue to wait. She too realized that we had been there pushing an hour at this point with no food. She said she would see what the hold up was. A few moments later a 3rd server brought out our food. The food was great, which was the only reason we chose to not make a scene. Then when it was time to pay, we asked a fourth server if she would take our check, which she refused to do, stating that she would find our server. No one ever came.. So we then chose to walk to the bar area to try to convince a fifth server to accept our card and check. She refused stating she wasn't allowed to ring up food there. So then my wife went to car, scrounge up enough money to pay the bill and we bailed. My only regret was paying for this experience whatsoever, should have not paid and got back on the road (as we are not from the area and was just passing through).

Megan Vavrick

The drunken sailor pasta is the absolute best pasta dish ever!! Love coming here for music trivia too.

Jason Eden

Oh my goodness - what a find! Just a little off the beaten path, and soooo definitely worth it! Must try their perogies and their seafood pasta dish. Nice patio seating available if you're distancing.

Dana Schumacher

Nice patio and the waitress was beyond sweet and attentive (i didn’t catch her name but she has tattoos). The steak wrap appeared to be burned steakum meat (which is expected given the lower price it was for steak), but the Buffalo chicken wrap was great. Fresh cut fries are a must. First time there and I’ll go back.

Paul Sparkman III

Great atmosphere, Very friendly staff, Excellent food & Reasonable prices. Would highly recommend and will definitely be back!

Janenne G.

We had a horrible experience at the Kopper Kettle. Everyone who lives in the area always raves about their food but we were not impressed. Our waitress told us she was new and we could tell. We ordered the mozzarella wedges that were not bad but I think we were hungry. We were waiting on a few guests and they had already sat down and ordered their food after us and we're almost done eating before we even got the rest of our meal. I ordered the steak hoagie and fries which was just ok. Nothing special. My husband had their wings and was not impressed. He said they were good in the past but not this trip. Our daughter got the cookies and cream cheese cake for dessert and did love it. That's why I gave my rating 2 stars. The waitress also tried to charge us for extra food that was placed on our families bill and when we asked her about it she brought another tables check to us, then proceeded to tell us another waitress would handle the problem. She only came back to our table maybe twice and other tables had even sat down ate and left that she was also helping before we got our food. I believe the owner/manager maybe did ask about our service and the issue, proceeding to apologize but I feel like the damage was already done. I wish I could rave about their food and service but I am not sure I could ever go back here after the service we received and the food was unimpressive.

matthew adams

WORTH EVERY PENNY !!!!! ??Went here for the first time with a group of 6. We all got different orders. Nobody was disappointed! The Marco Polo was phenomenal!!!!

Lisa Kurus

Very poor experience tonight at this restaurant. My son ordered boneless wings and sweet potato fries . It was $11 for the wings and they should be embarrassed at what they served . I’m sorry that I did not take a picture . They were tiny! Sweet potato fries were cold. I ordered the shrimp dinner and had to ask 3 times for cocktail sauce and then was charged .50 cents for it . My coleslaw was warm . My husband had the chicken parm which he said was just okay . We had liked eating here on previous occasions but this time it was REALLY disappointing! We won’t be back anytime soon.

Soni Marasco

We had a superior meal tonite at Kopper Kettle. We had one outstanding server ! Sierra K was the nicest, efficient & a joy to our party. Your new tables & umbrellas are beautiful. We will be visiting a lot this season to enjoy outdoor eating. Thank you for a delicious & enjoyable meal. Soni Marasco

Chrissy Zellie

Hour and 25 minutes on a Sunday wait for 2 club sandwiches and a spaghetti that was on special. They comped us dessert but still don’t think we will be returning. Almost as if the waitress completely forgot about us the entire time we was there. It was a total of 2 hours to sit down, finally get food and pay the bill. If this is a Sunday I would hate to see it on any evening!!!!

Dustin Felix

Kopper Kettle delivers a solid meal every time. We've been there several times and always had a good meal. Also, the desserts are solid. The dessert menu is two sided, so look at both!

Jeffrey W.

"What do you want?" Was how we were greeted by the server, no hello, no smile, came off like she was annoyed we were there. Website notes executive chef?? Chicken finger basket was so soaked with grease you could see through the wax paper. Service was horrible. Chicken wrap had only lettuce on half of it. The "homemade chips were chewy. The food was finally brought to the table by 2 miserable 16 yr olds who were ignorant. They spoke to you like they were accusing you of ordering food. I never received a side that was ordered but was charged for it. Oddest and worst experience I've had in a restaurant in a long time.

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