Mamma Cheez

1042 Green St, Washington
(724) 229-7979

Recent Reviews

Cathy Ringer

Great people , very friendly and you can't beat the food....delishhhh!! And sooooooomuch of it.


This place has good food, relatively quick prep time. Staff is exceptional, they are all super helpful, and talkative. It seems like they genuinely enjoy what they're doing! Highly suggest.

StanKee Gibson

The pizza and hoagies are great!!! but the custom calzone (hot sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella and extra ricotta cheese) we've ordered twice now is AMAZING!!!!

Chris W

Pizza 3/5 but overall 1/5 stars because I don’t appreciate my full credit card information being written on a slip that anyone could see. I only know because the slip was attached to the pizza when it was delivered. So if you don’t want to be part of a breach one day, save yourself the time and find a more responsible/competent establishment.

Debra marshall

Pizza was great also stromboli was excellent but tons of cheese in it so you better love cheese! There good people and they know what they're doing!! Only place that delivers almost to my house way out in the county!! Very reasonable priced for the high quality of food...

Chelsea Dague

The best most reasonable pizza place in town. I'm never disappointed and I get take out here once or twice a month

Alivia Witzgall

Staff is extremely friendly and if you want some good fresh homemade food, come here!!

Anthony Syers

Quick stop for a take out cheesesteak. This place didn’t disappoint at all. Unbelievable value too! Hoagie bread is so soft, steak is tender and delicious.It’s a pizza place with hoagies. I’ll try the pizza next time!

Amber Crawford

The calzones here are huge! I love this pizza shop they always are willing to provide a last minute lunch to our company. Anytime I call they have great workers who are so nice even when I have a long order because everyone wants something different.

Margot S.

Huge disappointment. everything was cold - cheese hardened on pizza - only one thing worse than cold hard cheese would be this - cold, hard and greasy which it was. Even day old pizza tastes better. Salads meh cold hard fries on salads . Meat on salads was hard and over cooked. Zucchini was all breading. The veggie part was just a few steps shy of liquified. I don't know if the driver took a detour or if they made it at 3:00 when I called the order in for a 5:00 delivery. Maybe the order sat for an hour plus at the restaurant. Idk ‍ Not what I wanted for my daughter and her husband - a celebratory meal after 16 hours of labor. I honestly can say it was the worst meal I have ever had - $60 wasted. i don't know how they got such great reviews.

Debi B

One of our go to's! We've had wings, pizza, hoagies, burgers, salads, Stromboli -We've never been disappointed! They definitely deserve a try!

nikki grayson

A little hometown favorite with the best burgers and Stromboli’s around. Nobody can match them. The cheese in the Stromboli if so good. And the burgers are real ground meat not those fake burger Pattie’s most places serve.

Karen Quarture

My associates said the food was good however the place was very dirty. The guy was licking his finger to open the bag then touching the food. I wouldnt eat it.

Ron Earley Sr

The best of everything edible ?Great prices.We love the white pizza.

Gigi Laroux

Ordered pizza, a calzone, and wings. Sooooo delicious!!!! Finally found a great pizza place in the area I love!!!

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