Taco Bell

460 Washington Rd, Washington
(724) 222-2042

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Let thy Taco Gods floweth with cheesiness! Expert craftmanship on the Beefy Melt Burritos. Happy Hour drinks are the way to go!Dietary restrictions: If its wheat don't eat. No soy for the boy. Be wary of dairy. I'll see you in the drive thru buck a boo!

Trent Elliott

Don't trust they'll be open late on the weekends. They'll stop answering at the drive thru way before close.

John Vargo

Best Taco Bell near me. Food is always hot service is polite and quick... Although couple times I have ordered certain items or asked for light ice and did not get what I ordered. This is my goto in WashingtonFood: 5/5

Amanda Berner

I visited this Taco Bell Wednesday night 10-5-22. Best experience I’ve ever had. Me and my friend couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know the employees name who served us but he deserves a raise. Highlight of 2022.

Cathy Ringer

Very fast service and even threw in some sweets for the baby.....Kid-friendliness: They gave the baby some sweets

Some guy

Skanky workers with dirty hands, restaurant is unclean as are most of the staff. Avoid at all costs!


Very disappointed with this Taco Bell. They put a teaspoon of meat along bottom of hard shell that doesn’t even cover entire bottom. Fill it with a very little cheese, then fill it with shredded lettuce. Other Taco Bells do much better.

Melissa T.

This location is my go to Taco Bell, the service is great. Staff is friendly and the wait time for your food is never long. I never really dine in, I'm a drive through gal. My order stays pretty consistent with a cheesy gordita crunch and supreme hard shell taco. Both are always pretty consistent and I've never had any problems. They are almost never too greasy which is a plus for me.

Jim A

It's good when you want fast food. The service is quick. My wife loves the crunch wraps, and anytime I have to go anywhere near Taco Bell, she makes me get her one.

Thad N

Always quick drive thru and inside service. Fast and friendly people. Hot food.

Christopher Konopka

I love Taco Bell.This one, not so much.Watery beef in my taco made it soggy to eat. I mean its named Taco Bell, get it right.

Cody Colburn

This was probably the best tasting Taco Bell I've ever been served, which is notable since I've had many a satisfactory meals from different locations.

Layna Czap

Best taco bell I've ever been at, loved the nacho fries, loved the tacos, loved the baja blast. I am a taco bell conesuiger and this was the best one.

Deborah Worch

Went thru drive thru. Girl was friendly. Ordered soft taco supreme. Shell was hard. Sour cream was pn one end and all over paper

Joseph Rozum

Don't expect too much as it uses ingredients that are bought in bulk and put together fast, however prices are getting high and only select items may be on sale, portions are also shrinking, people nice but will not go back too soon

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