Boston Style Pizza

1432 Manoa Rd #3209, Wynnewood
(610) 649-6060

Recent Reviews

Benjamin W.

We have take-out there around 5 times a year. The pizza ROCKS, but the cheesesteak meat is kinda dry. The food is above acceptable though.

Irvin Hopewell

Enjoyed a vegetarian pizza.


Terrible! Made my order for pick up but nothing ready for me. They kept me about 30 mints wating!!!

Chris K.

I preface this review by saying that I never felt compelled to leave negative reviews as things happen for whatever reason and I understand businesses having an off day. In terms of food quality if I don't like it, I simply don't return as a patron. I am writing this review for their terrible customer service and run-around I endured and for future customers to consider if they have to deal with obtaining refunds, particularly through credit card. Order was placed through Grubhub: pizza and fries. Received a call that fries were unavailable. I was offered a substitution but requested a refund instead. On the phone I was told that when I pick up the order, I would be refunded the amount for the fries. Great. Got my order, got a receipt with "refund" written on the receipt as well. Checked my banking statements for follow up a few days later and what do I find but a second charge for the "refunded" amount. Now you've charged me again, the refunded amount, and I am still without original refund. After the discovery from my statements, I disputed the charge in person the following day. The cashier was not understanding despite my explanation, that I was charged twice and still without original refunded amount. She begrudgingly processed my refunds only after a customer waiting in line behind me told her that I was charged twice so I left that day with two "refund" receipts. I assessed my statements again and saw only one has been processed. I applaud the business practices here. I am disappointed how this merchant handled the whole situation. All the while being told that the "manager" will be back "tomorrow" and upon following up in person a few days later, the "manager" is now on vacation and will return next week. That's interesting. Pay with cash to save yourself any headaches. Be careful when using your credit card and needing a refund for whatever reason.

Jared L.

I can only comment on the pizza and wings. The pizza I find very good as an alternative to traditional thinner crust pizza. The wings were good in size and the blue cheese was also good- not sour or watery.

Cayden Morton

This place simply knows how to treat their customers. Regularly with a super nice demeanor. The food is reasonably priced, always fresh and neat.

Ares Bernard

This restaurant is my first choice site. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to that place. when I want to go to a special dinner, this is the place that comes straightaway to my head. best and varied food and a large list of dishes.great staff members, and good vibes. In addition to that, the price is honest. I tell about this spot with no hesitation.

Kelly K.

I've been going here for years and it's consistently delicious. The pizza is fantastic, the hoagies and fresh and delicious and the special mix salad is my go-to.

Chris Nestore

The pricing is much more when you call for the order

J And K Painting

Nice people working there. Clean place to sit inside. Had their 2 slices and a soda special for $5.50 good pizza

Christian Harper

We love Boston Style! Their food and service is great! If you are gluten free, they serve the best gluten free pizza as well. We've been ordering from them for years and will continue to do so...highly recommend! (Harper Family)

M V.

Love the Greek salad and cheesesteak and have the best baklava I've ever tasted! The staff is polite and the food is always fresh and delicious! I've used them for catered events as well and they have an extensive menu full of delicious options!

Charles Howard

Consistantly tasty food. Great pizza, but everything else on the menu is very good too. Def our family go to.

Frank Burns

Pizza was awesome and the staff is awesome. Recommended.

Gloria Munoz

Awesome. Service was amazing.5 stars.

Tiffany Owens

Good Pizza. Good Prices. Good Service. I called ahead to ask if they sold slices, the man in the phone was very kind. When I arrived the two people behind the counter were nice as well. The food was presented hot. Just the right amount of cheese and they had a decent 2 slice 1 soda special. Ample parking as well

Boris Kohler

Great pizza and cheese steaks

Stephanie Ortega

Had a great time here! Once we were in it was excellent. Excellent service. Fantastic food.

Elizabeth Ward

You will never leave hungry. The food is well cooked. The owners and staff are amazing and make sure you feel like family.

Michael Simpson

Wonderful food and excellent service. Service was outstanding. Can't recommend enough.

tom McGovern

Nice pizzeria varied menu. Nice lunch specials great service

Rick R.

Revisited after a couple months Was go to local quick place for a sandwich Seems to have really slipped Sorry still disappointed in quality of food and the ability to get an order right

Emma S.

Honestly, the food here is really good. especially the veggie pizza. The only thing I don't like here is the french fries.

Hector Santiago

Good pizza and cheesesteaks

Bob R.

Great pizza but lousy customer service. Ate there on a Saturday and was the only customer there. They require you to walk up to the counter to pick up your food, yet no other pizza joint in the area does this. TVs not turned on, topping shakers empty, all while employees discuss personal lives behind counter. My only interaction with them was when I placed my order, but after that it was as if I didn't exist. Won't be going back, as there are literally dozens of other pizza places in the area.

Phillip Hunter

Excellent food and wonderful service. Can't recommend highly enough. Reasonable prices for the highest quality food. Best place to have meals.

Gary Gambino

Great pizza! I moved to North Carolina and miss enjoying their delicious pizza! I wish they would open a restaurant here in Wilmington, NC!

eschool librarian

The feta in their Greek Salad is way above every other pizza restaurant! Their meatball sandwiches are excellent!

Harriet Goldfarb

Cheese steak , pizza sauce & fried onions tuna hoagies , pizza

Harriet Goldfarb

Cheese steak , pizza sauce & fried onions tuna hoagies , pizza

Spencer K.

I made error of not checking the order. They sent me home with the side salad for the souvlaki platter, but there was no souvlaki in the bag. Ugh...

Heidi L. McKay

Absolutely the best, we've been going there for they're bubbly crust pizzas and tuna grinders for decades! We moved 3 hrs away and still come back for all they're good stuff.


Yummy food and they even have whole wheat crusts! Their wings are awesome to!

Zinjin I.

Pizza was pretty decent. I would come back. Definitely not my favorite pizza in the area, but it is truly not all that bad! Prices are comparable to those in the area in terms of the pies. Staff were not the friendliest. Customer service was average to below-average. They seemed like they were ready for us to leave the restaurant after picking up our online order.

Nicki Pech

Family place

D G.

Well, yes this place has been in business for a long time and yes they have lots of good reviews, BUT the 1 Star reviews are piling-up fast! I'm not sure if they're deep in debt or something else but they are definitely SKIMPING ON THE PORTIONS, but still charging well above normal pricing. We live near by for the last 28 years and know a few years ago prices went-up to ridiculous highs so we stopped going. Foods good but not that good and the portions were never more then average. So tonight (1st time in a long time) I ordered the 12" Stromboli cheese and sauce for $10.50 (same price as a 16" plain pie). It was a flat-tire, sad-looking sorry excuse for a Stromboli. There was a small pocket of cheese, maybe equal to two slices and just as weak amount of sauce. Unbelievable! Cheap rip-off portion - let's not forget a 16" plain cheese pie is the same price. Wow! This is truly a Main Line Trap. What a joke! Boston would be embarrassed and ashamed of what "Boston Style" pizza has done to the excellent food and portions sold in Boston but not in Wynnewood.

Brittney Williams

Really great fresh food! I love to eat in when I can with the kids. Just if you order take out sometimes they forget to include all detailed items like sauce for your cheese sticks. But otherwise really great place to eat.

Brittney Wesley

Really great fresh food! I love to eat in when I can with the kids. Just if you order take out sometimes they forget to include all detailed items like sauce for your cheese sticks. But otherwise really great place to eat.

Darren Burris

Boston Style has a quality takeout service and a comfortable dining room as well (two flat screens to boot). They make an excellent grilled chicken ceasar salad and is a favorite spot for my kids.

Therese Steuber

Great food